Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB, Sierra Blue) [Locked] + Carrier Subscription

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8 reviews for Apple iPhone 13 Pro (128GB, Sierra Blue) [Locked] + Carrier Subscription

  1. CDN

    Love this phone!
    1. You can use your own lightning to USB charger and cords if you don’t want to spring for USBc charger and cord. Magnetic charger is not necessary. The phone does charge faster using usbc.
    2. After reading comments about people wishing the phone still had a Touch ID, I was a little concerned. However I transitioned to Face ID I found that the newer technology was very easy to use and seamless. I don’t miss Touch ID at all.
    3. Have no opinion on the phone connecting to apple CarPlay yet, but will know in a few weeks when I get a new car.
    4. Photography is a major upgrade from my 6s. I can even take photos with the sun in my eyes and the photos comes out great.
    5. Connecting to my car’s hands free system was easy, as was connecting to my Bluetooth headphones (an inexpensive pair bought on Amazon, which has pretty good sound for $20)
    6. It is fast!
    7. Taking a screen shot is easy. All you need to do is press the power button and the volume up button at the same time.

  2. Susan B.


  3. N. Ellis

    Since I didn’t buy mine on Amazon, this isn’t a confirmed purchase review, but Apple has released these before they’ve worked out their issues and is expecting customers to pay to be beta testers. When I tried their help people, they told me to try restarting the phone, forgetting the car, all the simple stuff we do first thing. Then they sent a link to reading, expecting me to figure it out on my own. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t buy a $1000 phone to help some billionaires work out their bugs. And the naked greed is getting disgusting. Even when you buy the new magnetic charger, they make you buy a $20 plug separately. What?! A charger that doesn’t actually plug into the wall. Are they kidding with this? Apple should be ashamed for putting out equipment like this. We have an Apple house, but I’m ready to switch after this experience.

  4. Robert

    Not the phone for you if you need to down load work apps, I work for a large corp and the carrier won’t all the download. Returned phone which Amazon can’t find, so now disputing through credit card

  5. Angel Ramos

    I can’t put it in my list and I am sad

  6. Jennifer Bygland

    Update 10/2/2022 – I decided to keep it. It’s been a week. The battery is working better. Seems it just needed a little burn in. The battery still drops faster than my old iPhone. I still miss the Home button if for no other reason than I could easily find the top of the iPhone by feel. Face ID is much faster than fingerprint ID. My frequently used app at work just as often as it did on my old phone, so memory was not an issue.

    Anyway, I grudgingly like the new phone. I’ve raised my rating from 2 to 4 stars.

    Original Review:

    First, I did not buy the iPhone 13 Pro through Amazon, I got it through my carrier. These are my first impressions after a day of use.

    I did all the loading and configuring last night and started this morning with a fully charged battery. This evening there is 50% charge left. I actively used it for maybe 3 hours tops. My previous iPhone 8 Plus would have 80% of its charge left for the same use. Part of the problem seems to be how easy it is to turn on the display. Tap the screen and it comes on. Tip it and the screen turns on. I finally figured out how to defeat the and make the right-side button be the only way to turn on the display. Strike 1.

    Next, I Liked the Home button. It’s easy and fast. I accidentally closed apps by swiping up unintentionally many times today. I learned that there’s an accessibility option to turn on a pseudo home button. But it’s an extra blob on the screen that moves around and can cover buttons on various apps. If I gave it a chance, I’d probably get used to it eventually. I don’t like it. Strike 2.

    Face ID is easy, but I like fingerprint authentication. I could live with this.

    Apple moved the on/off button closer to the middle of the right side. I don’t know how many times I turned it on or off accidentally by just picking up the phone. For me this is too irritating. Strike 3.

    It wasn’t all’s fast and the larger screen is nice. It ha a lot more storage. All good stuff. But all in all, the announces beat the nice stuff. Tomorrow I’m starting the return process and reverting back to the iPhone 8 Plus.

  7. Gislaine

    Entrega rápida, produto bem embalado e vendedor atencioso. Ah e pra quem tem alguma dúvida é original com garantia e tudo direitinho

  8. damien bailey

    Bought this iPhone with a cricket subscription, I ended up on the phone with Amazon for more than 2 hours trying to activate the new SIM card. Amazon would say it’s Cricket’s responsibility and Cricket would say it’s Amazons. I finally ended up canceling the subscription ,fortunately I had a Cricket SIM card from my old phone that I was able to use. The phone is nice and works perfectly but is locked to Cricket carrier. I did end up getting the 55$ back from the SIM card that didn’t work.

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