Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen) – Wire-free smart security camera, two-year battery life, two-way audio, HD live view, enhanced motion detection, Works with Alexa – 5 camera system

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  • Outdoor 4 is our fourth generation wire-free smart security camera that helps you protect your home inside and out right from your smartphone.
  • See and speak from the Blink app — Experience 1080p HD live view, infrared night vision, and crisp two-way audio.
  • Two-year battery life — Set up yourself in minutes and get up to two years of power with the included AA lithium batteries.
  • Enhanced motion detection — Be alerted to motion faster from your smartphone with dual-zone, enhanced motion detection.
  • Person detection — Get alerts when a person is detected with embedded computer vision (CV) as part of an optional Blink Subscription Plan (sold separately).
  • Save and share clips — Choose to store events in the cloud with a free 30-day trial of the Blink Subscription Plan or locally with the Sync Module 2 (included) plus a USB drive (sold separately).
  • Works with Alexa — Connect to an Alexa-enabled device to engage live view, arm and disarm your system, and more using your voice.
  • Includes five Outdoor 4 cameras, one Sync Module 2, ten AA lithium metal batteries, five mounting kits, one USB cable, and one power adapter.
Field of view

143° diagonal

Camera resolution

1080p HD video

Photo resolution

View captured images in 640 x 360

Camera frame rate

Up to 30 fps


2.8 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches (70 x 70 x 41 mm)

Unit weight

5.0 oz (141 g)


Outdoor 4 battery: 2 AA 1.5V lithium metal batteries (non-rechargeable) Sync Module 2 power: 100-220V AC to 5V DC converter included. Battery life of up to two years, based on default settings. Battery life will vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors.

Wifi connectivity

High-speed internet connection (such as broadband, fiber, or DSL). Wi-Fi network: 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n.

Sync module compatibility

Camera compatible with all Blink Sync Modules.

Available colors


Minimum smartphone requirements

iOS 15.0, Android 9.0, or Fire 9.0

Included in the box

Includes five Outdoor 4 cameras, one Sync Module 2, ten AA lithium metal batteries, five mounting kits, one USB cable, and one power adapter.


2-way audio

Warranty and service

1-year limited warranty. Purchase and use of Blink cameras is subject to the terms found here.


Visit the Blink Support page for more information.


4th generation – 2023 release

Operating temperature

4 to 113° F

Software security updates

This device receives guaranteed software security updates until at least four years after the device is last available for purchase as a new unit on our websites.

Cloud video storage

To keep videos beyond your trial, subscribe to a Blink Subscription Plan which allows videos to be stored in the cloud for up to 60 days. See Blink Subscription Plans for more information about your plan’s retention period. To keep important videos beyond this period, download them to your mobile device.

3 reviews for Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen) – Wire-free smart security camera, two-year battery life, two-way audio, HD live view, enhanced motion detection, Works with Alexa – 5 camera system

  1. Amazon Customer

    Update: Patches applied automatically have corrected both issues – system works great now.
    Great concept, great price point, but sadly the software (and maybe the hardware) is buggy. The Synch module goes offline intermittently requiring a reboot to come back on line. There is also an apparently known issue with live view recording despite the settings. It just does not record, or not, per the settings. I am a networking expert and will say support is nice and available, but not technical. Their explanations include “move the synch module to within 6 feet but not too close to the router”. That is simply technically illogical, but I did try it anyway (by the way blink would be communicating with an access point”, not a “router” – my support guy didn’t understand the difference). They said Mesh networks (which I run) have issues, so I went and setup a completely different dedicated non mesh WIFI network just for Blink – Mesh was and is not the issue in my opinion. (I run commercial grade AP’s and router with a solid fast Cable Internet link at home, because that’s what I do) I went ahead and installed a smart plug to reboot the thing so I can restart it without having to physically unplug it and plug it back in. There is no ability to reboot any of the components without either unplugging (synch) or pulling the batteries out (cameras – which is obviously inconvenient and ridicules). I’m hoping the issues get resolved or I’ll probably end up installing more “real (7×24 recording)” IP cameras. NVR’s are available (no subscription – I run one) but the cameras are comparably expensive compared to Blink and Blink’s ability to run off batteries is very cool making installation (and repositioning) a breeze. In summary, guys, please make the product work as advertised and it would be a 10 for the application and purpose.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I really like this product. The directions were simple. The install was easy. The system is blue tooth. No wires or electricity to the camera. Camera power is via double AA batteries. Pro tip: look around the area where you install the camera. Cobb webs can trigger if the wind blows. The app is easy to use. Customer service is great. I called them twice. The first time for general clarification at install. The second time when the system went off line and did not reset. I needed a new base module within two months of purchase. I received a new module and returned the old module at no cost to me. I am not thrilled about subscription service. It seems that I cannot store the camera videos, even for one day, without the subscription. Otherwise I really do like this system. I have a base module, doorbell, and 8 cameras.

  3. Julian

    My recent purchase of the Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen) System has not only elevated my home security but has also set a new standard for convenience, reliability, and peace of mind. From its user-friendly setup to the advanced features, this security system has exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

    Setting up the Blink Outdoor 4 System was a breeze. The user-friendly app guided me through the process, and within minutes, I had all the cameras strategically placed around my property. The wireless design eliminated the need for complex wiring, making it a hassle-free experience even for those without technical expertise.

    The video quality is outstanding, capturing crisp and clear footage both day and night. The 1080p HD resolution ensures that every detail is captured with precision, providing a sense of security that is unmatched. The night vision capability is impressive, offering visibility even in low-light conditions, and the motion detection technology is highly responsive without being overly sensitive.

    The Blink Outdoor 4 cameras are weather-resistant, making them suitable for any outdoor environment. This durability ensures year-round protection, regardless of the weather conditions. The sleek design of the cameras seamlessly blends into the surroundings, avoiding an intrusive appearance while still acting as a powerful deterrent.

    One of the standout features is the extended battery life. The efficiency of the Blink Outdoor 4 cameras is remarkable, requiring minimal battery changes and providing long-term reliability. The convenience of not constantly worrying about power sources adds to the overall ease of maintenance.

    The integration with the Blink app allows for remote monitoring and control. Whether I’m at home or away, I can easily access the live feed, review recorded footage, and receive real-time alerts for any detected motion. The app’s intuitive interface and customizable settings enhance the user experience, putting control at my fingertips.

    In conclusion, the Blink Outdoor 4 (4th Gen) System is a stellar investment for anyone seeking a top-tier home security solution. Its easy setup, high-quality video, durability, and extended battery life set it apart from the competition. If you value reliability, convenience, and cutting-edge technology in your home security, this system is a must-have. A solid five-star rating for the peace of mind and advanced features it brings to my home.

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