BLU F91 5G | 2022 | 3-Day Battery | Unlocked | 6.8” Full HD+ Display | 128/8GB | 48MP Quad Camera | NFC Capable | US Version | US Warranty | Sky Blue

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  • Unlocked and ready to use with your preferred GSM Carrier. 5G Compatible with T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and others. Sim card not included. (Not compatible with AT&T, Cricket or with CDMA Networks like Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile)
  • The Power of 5G, F91 5G provides lightning-fast connectivity experience whenever and wherever you are
  • 3-Day Battery to fit your busy lifestyle, a powerful 5,000mAh battery and 18W Quick charging along with 10W Wireless charging for a stress-free experience.
  • Boundless views with 6.8” Full HD+ Infinity dot display. Watch your favorite movies and play your favorite games with stunning color and resolution
  • Capture the best images and take the best selfies, with the Quad A.I 48MP Samsung GM1 sensor camera
  • Use your phone’s NFC to make payments. Built-in Android Pay for quick contactless checkouts.
  • Do more and play more! with the MediaTek Dimensity810|6m, Arm Cortex A76 Octa-Core 2.4GHz processor
  • Operating System: Android 11
  • Box Content: F91 5G, Screen protector, Rugged Case, Quick Guide, Sticker Charger, Type-C Cable, Headset, Sim Key
  • LTE Bands: 2/4/5/12/13/17/25/26/41/66/71 5G Bands: N2,5,25,41,66,71,77
Package Dimensions

7.36 x 3.9 x 2.01 inches

Item Weight

1.15 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


Android 11.0


8 GB

Wireless communication technologies

Cellular, NFC

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC

Other display features


Device interface - primary


Other camera features

Rear, Front


Oceanic Blue

Battery Power Rating

5000 Milliampere Hour (mAh)



Country of Origin


Date First Available

March 25, 2022

7 reviews for BLU F91 5G | 2022 | 3-Day Battery | Unlocked | 6.8” Full HD+ Display | 128/8GB | 48MP Quad Camera | NFC Capable | US Version | US Warranty | Sky Blue

  1. Cliente Amazon

    Me gustó la definición de la pantalla
    El reconoció de huella
    La duración de la pila está regular
    La cámara está regular a buena pero tiene funciones que en mi antiguo teléfono no tenía
    Por el precio se me hace una exelente compra.

  2. Daniel J. Berky

    Not perfect but servicable. It WILL work with AT&T, but only up to 4G LTE. It WILL do 5G with T-Mobile.
    Additional points to be aware of: ⚠️
    ⓵ The documentation is very poor. If you are intending to install a second SIM Card, you must be aware that the second card must be oriented in the reverse direction of the first SIM. Also, the 2nd SIM slot is shared with the TF card. So it’s either or.
    ⓶ Wireless charging is only PARTIALLY enabled. It will recognise an induction charger and report that it is charging, but the battery level will not budge.

  3. TimTime

    I’m coming from a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro which has been a spectacular phone. When I bought the phone it had a beautiful forest green glass back and felt premium all the way. Unpacking the Blu F91 5g with it’s plastic back felt quite a bit cheaper to me. However we all put our phones in cases so maybe the plastic back won’t bother me so much. I’m not a fan of the case that was shipped with this phone as it’s too bulky for me. I prefer the clear and thinner ones that ship with Redmi’s and earlier Blu phones (I had a Blu Vivo XL4 that had a beautiful case).

    That being said, after booting up and turning on the screen I found the screen to be nice and equivelent to my Redmi but larger. Still confortable in the hand. I kinda wanted to go with an Amoled screen this time but for a LCD this one is just fine. Seems to be a bit brighter in sunlight than my Redmi. Overall I find the phone to be pretty fast and smooth. As far as the interface, I don’t know why these companies don’t sell these phones with the stock Android launcher. My biggest gripe with this phone is the Blu launcher. There is not much customization you can do. And while they let you customize individual icons (which nobody will do) why not at least give us the option to change the shape of all the icons. We are stuck with circle icons here. Adding widgetts to the screen don’t fit properly either. Not allowed to make them smaller. Maybe I’m nit picking here but if a company is going to put it’s own launcher on the phone, at least make it a good one. You do have the option to install custom launchers but some of the ones that use google feed are a bit buggy on this phone. Hyperian launcher seems to be the one that works best. It’s better than my Redmi in this way because with my Redmi if I used a 3rd party launcher I wasn’t allowed to use gesture. With this phone you can.

    There’s not much bloatware here which is good. About 4 games, 2 of which I kept cuz they are not bad games (Wordscape and Woodoku). They are easy to uninstall.

    Some reviews said the last security update was December 2021 but when I installed this in early July 2022 I got two updates, the March 2022 update and then the May 2022 update. Good on you Blu. I highly doubt this phone will ever get Android 12 but if we get security updates for two years consider yourself lucky as Blu has a poor reputation for updates. Its the reason the phone is cheap. A trade off I’m ok with.

    Just one speaker on this phone at the bottom. It’s Ok. It’s loud enough. You can enable a loudness switch in the enhanced sound setting. Doing this will make it louder but can tend to distort sometimes with this setting on. Call volume seems fine and people can here me just fine. Fingerprint reader works ok and is fast though with the case on it will sometimes miss it. I don’t do face recognition.

    I use US Mobile which uses TMobile towers. After sim card insertion the phone set it up properly. Something my Redmi doesn’t do. 5G Reception is good and fast throughout town. I notice during peak times when there is a lot of network congestion it will slow to a crawl. If I swtich it over to 4Glte it will be fast again. You would think it would automatically switch over to the fastest connection but it doesn’t. I won’t blame this on the phone as it may just be US mobile throttling 5G at peak times. I can’t seem to get Wifi calling to work. No setting for it anywhere. I did get a notification to turn it on but when I tapped on the notification nothing happened. Then I would get the notification again minutes later. The only way to get rid of the notification was to swipe it away. Not sure whats up with that. I don’t really care about wifi calling. Volte is better quality anyway.

    Which brings me to my biggest gripe on this phone. The NFC persistant notification. If you have NFC on which I always do, there is an NFC notification that stays there. I have found no way to get rid of it. The only way to get rid of this is to turn NFC off. This is a MAJOR annoyance and Blu if you read this, please let us turn this off in the next update. What the heck was your thinking here?

    I happened to have a 5 watt wireless charging pad. The wireless charging works though it is slower than the included wired 18 watt charger of course. A 10 watt charging pad would be twice as fast I would think. Phone does get warm while charging but nothing out of the ordinary.

    I’m not a photographer but the camera seems fine to me. People wondering where the wide angle camera is don’t realize that you just have to zoom out to a negative value for it to show up. It takes good pictures and color looks decent. My biggest gripe is I like to take my photos at 16:9 aspect ratio and this isn’t included in the camera app. Only 4:3 and full (20:9). Another design blunder. Using another camera app from the play store and you can take 16:9.

    I have no problem with the battery life. Gets me through the day and then some with heavy use. 3 days might be an overstatment.

    I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep this phone or not. I had to replace the battery of my Vivo XL 4 after 14 months. So not sure of the longevity here. Redmi phones feel way more premium than this phone. That being said, it’s not a bad phone for the money. Blu phones are getting much better. Upgrading to this phone gets me 5G, a bigger screen, wireless charging and a google discovery feed. It’s got it’s quirks but all phones do and you really can’t beat the price.

    Side note. If you plan on using this overseas like Europe, you may want to check the bands. Europe’s most common lte bands are 1,3,7, and 8. None of these bands are on this phone. And I don’t see any of the 5G bands used in Europe on this phone either. Seems to be made strictly for the US.

    Edit: Unfortunately I’m going to have to return the phone. I started getting the same problem I saw someone else have where automatic select network slider just keeps turning on and off non stop. No network at all. I need a dependable phone at work and I can’t have things like that happening. If you need something reliable I suggest another brand.

    Edit 2. I ended up buying the Moto one 5g Ace which I find to be a way more dependable and solid phone.

  4. Long Chee Teck Daniel

    I liked it. Screen is big, phone feels good in the hand, no complaints about Android 11.

    A big one is compatibility. Make sure the specific bands of GSM are supported where you live.

    It doesn’t work on the Singtel network, or on TPG’s SIM card so it’s now just a large home remote for me. A good one, but I won’t be able to use is with the mobile network.

    Was a little disappointed.

    Works with Singtel with manual APN configuration.

    I’ve also found the SIM/Microsd tray quite finicky. Doesn’t come out easily. Used a paper clip as a last resort.

  5. Chatologic

    First i will say I am not a user of graphics intensive games so I may not push the phone to the limits

    Having said here are the pros, I found this phone to be a very capable product. The exterior feels very good quality. It came with everything… The case, a glass protector (I already cracked it), charger, cable and even buds. The large screen is a definite plus. It is nice and bright. The reception is great. I get 5g on T-Mobile almost all the time. Hotspot is much faster than my old phone.

    The cons are the blacks are not as good as my old phone. The camera is not as good either. If you are a pixel watcher you might not like it. On launch it kept installing games. I uninstalled an app called “mobile services” and the unwanted installations stopped. Lastly there are a lot of misses on the finger print unlock. I will try yo register my print.

    My conclusion, I went from a pixel 2XL to this phone. I also decided to write this review after some use to be more accurate. I have to say the phone is an impressive phone and I do recommend it. The areas where it lacks, like the black color rendering, the camera quality and the bloatware was more that offset by the price, snappy performance, larger screen, battery life, the faster internet, finger reader along with the feel and look.

    If you are a typical user like me you are going to like this phone. One thing I should mention is that because of the unwanted automatic installations I don’t fully trust this phone. I still do my banking on my old phone but it was not a big deal for me.

  6. Familia Arreola

    I Love the phone BUT the calls drop not sure if it’s because of Metro PCS ‘s But love the phone just wish it didn’t drop my calls

  7. Tiago

    I am not a fancy phone person. I’m the guy who has Mint mobile and never wants to buy a phone with a monthly payment plan or sign a multi year contract . I upgrade my phones every couple of years, when the battery starts to not hold a charge for at least an entire day or some new bell or whistle entices me to click the purchase button here at Amazon. I bought this Blu phone in May. This time around I wanted 5G, wireless charging, along with a battery that I can depend on. The battery life is very good on this phone and the display is crisp and vivid. I find the wireless charging is hit or miss and it doesn’t seem to have a turbo charge function when plugged into a usb-c cable and a high watt charger. I was fine with these minor critiques. After about three months of ownership, my phone would randomly become unresponsive and I would have to restart it. At first this would happen once or twice a week. Now this happens daily and I am restarting my phone two or three times a day just to keep it operational. When I send a text message with photos, it either won’t send them at all or sends the same post five or six times when I only tried sending it once. I’ve had my phone checked for malware and done a factory reset twice. I uninstalled and reinstalled the sim card. I am now shopping for a new phone. I see the good reviews, so maybe my phone is an outlier. When it worked, it worked well and this phone seems to work well for a lot of other reviewers, but just not me.

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