BLU G91s G0550WW 6.8″ Full HD+ Infinity 128GB Dual-SIM 4G LTE GSM Smartphone, 4GB RAM, 48MP+2MP+5MP Rear + 13MP Front Camera, MediaTek Helio G80,…

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  • Unlocked and ready to use with your preferred GSM Carrier. Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, Metro PCS, and others. Sim card not included. (Not compatible with NEW AT&T or Cricket activations or with CDMA Networks like Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile)
  • Display 6.8” Full HD+ Infinity Dot | 1080 x 2460 Resolution | 396ppi
  • 128GB Internal Memory | 4GB RAM | MicroSD Up To 256GB
  • Fingerprint Sensor | Face Recognition
  • Triple 48MP Main + Depth Sensor + 5MP Wide Angle | 13MP Selfie Camera
Product Dimensions

9.25 x 6.75 x 3.25 inches

Item Weight

7.2 ounces

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Connectivity technologies


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Date First Available

February 3, 2022

8 reviews for BLU G91s G0550WW 6.8″ Full HD+ Infinity 128GB Dual-SIM 4G LTE GSM Smartphone, 4GB RAM, 48MP+2MP+5MP Rear + 13MP Front Camera, MediaTek Helio G80,…

  1. BikeWoman

    This is my 3rd or 4th BLU phone and find they’re great value with great features. This one would get 5 stars if the MUTE button was in a different spot; constantly turning this on by accident. Nice size, love the double SIM, camera is grand!

  2. video guy

    When I first pulled it out and fired it up I liked it but it soon started to slow and freeze. I did some web searches and updated all apps and deled a bunch. It works great now.

  3. Beans1975

    If you’re looking to replace your unsupported BLU phone on the AT&T network, this phone is not on their list of supported BLU phones. I just found this out the hard way. They only support the G91/V91 NOT G91S or G91 Pro or MAX. I hope this helps! For customers on a GSM carrier not Sunsetting their 3G until later this year, this phone should work. Though this phone has a WiFi Calling feature, because BLU failed to certify it with AT&T it will not work on their network now that 3G is dead and gone.

  4. Michael Porter

    When ATT finally shut down their 3g, I needed a new phone fast. My Key2 was unable to make calls now, but the data/texting worked fine. Anyway, this phone was on their infamous “whitelist,” so I ordered it. I wasn’t expecting much for under $200, but I was pleasantly surprised! It’s fast, has a headphone/aux/mic jack on the bottom, comes with 256gb on board storage but expandable with an SD card, dual SIM if you want, no bloatware – almost stock Android 11- really decent cameras, and a huge battery that takes over 2 days of moderate use to kill! And, it comes with a very rugged case and is made in Miami.

    I can’t recommend this inexpensive phone enough. Oh, the screen is HUGE, by the way. Good for older eyeballs.

  5. Michael N

    This device cannot be activated on the T-Mobile network if you are a Sprint customer. The Sprint account would need to be migrated to a T-Mobile account, which is an absolute nightmare and causes many issues.

    Works fine for T-Mobile customers and is a great device with a great value.

  6. mdnorman0001

    For the money, it’s a steal! I bought it simply for the battery but I get so much more. Oh, and the battery will last two days with heavy YouTube and streaming usage, 4 days with just text and talk. Android 11 is perfectly fine and I really can’t even tell you what’s different from 10 or 12. The Mediatek processor is plenty fast for daily usage and doesn’t bog down with multiple apps open HQ video. I’m not a gamer so I can’t comment on play though. It doesn’t have the latest Gorilla glass but I also tend to be very careful with any phone I have so I don’t miss it.

  7. Anime4uAndMay

    Short answer:

    This phone will work on AT&T network if you edit the APN’s “APN type” to be _EXACTLY_ “default,mms,supl,hipri” and make sure that’s the only thing you change.

    Long answer:

    You’ve probably heard all the trouble people have been seeing since AT&T started enforcing their network upgrade. Only 4G phones will work. Some phones are 4G data but 3G voice calls so those phones only internet will work, not voice. Some phones only SMS will work, not voice or internet. If you stay on the line with AT&T tech support eventually you’l be escalated to someone who will give you an AT&T URL to some advanced settings for APN. Only change the “APN type”; if you try to change other values… especially the MNC… the phone will revert the entire APN profile back to whatever it was before.

  8. Terry R.

    I had a Blu Studio Mini 5.5 that quit working last week when AT&T took down 3G. Blu and my wireless provider, who uses AT&T network, assured me the G91S WAS certified recently by AT&T but the AT&T website did not reflect that until 3/9. I have spent 23 hours on the phone with my provider and Blu and still I cannot make or receive calls on this phone. A regular 4G LTE phone uses the LTE for data but voice calls revert back to 3G for voice. A phone with 4GVoLTE uses that same LTE for voice as it does for data and both can be done at the same time. There is nothing in this phone that says VoLTE! I have entered the new APN info, reset, restarted, activated, deactivate, reactivated the SIM, etc. and still no calls in or out. I feel robbed! WORSE I put this phone in my cart on Amazon for $159.99 took a phone call came back 25 minutes later and hit checkout and it went up to $229.99 and Amazon/Blu would not honor the price! At that point I thought well I just need a phone that will WORK. A week later no calls in/out still. It is pathetic when the “experts” don’t understand the technology. Both told me the Studio Mini would be fine cuz it had 4GLTE. They were obviously wrong! But if AT&T really did just certify this phone in the last week or two I wonder how on earth they did that or are only certain “builds” certified? I have spent far too much time begging for service. I will either upgrade this review if it works in the next few days or downgrade it to one star if it doesn’t. I like the phone itself. Nice display, sound and camera far better than my old Blu phone, a lot more storage, etc. It is a little lightweight and the screen cover sticky side got messed up so unusable. Now if only I could make a call on it! Or receive one!

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