Cables Direct Online 5ft Black Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch Cable Internet Wire for Modem, Router, Pc, TV, Consoles

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  • Compliance Standards: EIA/TIA-568B Category 5E
  • Works Best For Your Desktop, Laptop, Router, Modem, Switch, Hub, DSL, xBox, PS4, PS3, And More
  • Connector(s) (Both Sides): 1 x RJ-45 – Male
  • 4 Pairs Stranded Twisted Pair Network Cable Used For Carrying Data Signals At Speeds Of Up To 350MHz Of Bandwidth.
  • CCA – Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors, gold plated connectors to insure a clean and clear transmission.

‎Cables Direct Online

Connector Type


Cable Type


Compatible Devices

‎Laptop, Television, Router, Personal Computer, Modem



Connector Gender


Unit Count

‎1 Count

Specification Met


Item Weight

‎1.13 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎4.96 x 4.72 x 0.71 inches


‎Cables Direct Online

Date First Available

‎July 31, 2019

12 reviews for Cables Direct Online 5ft Black Cat5e Ethernet Network Patch Cable Internet Wire for Modem, Router, Pc, TV, Consoles

  1. Leila

    I was very much excited to receive the cable but it doesn’t work. Too bad

  2. Kathleen

    The cable arrived in good shape and we were able to push it under the carpet and thru a thick wall without problems. Long store put real short, this is how we had to run the cable to hook up to the computer.

  3. EMB

    Came quick and does the job.

  4. Sam Smith

    This cord is hands down the best item I’ve ever bought on Amazon. It’s saved me from possible jail time- let me explain. I live with an insane, narcissistic, and immature roommate who I go out of my way to avoid. Unfortunately, outright avoidance has been more difficult with the pandemic. I started working from home in March while my roommate, whose in banking, continued going to her office. This worked for us because we barely saw one another, until she came home one evening with a work computer and informed me she’d be staying home with me until the pandemic was over. When she said this I immediately fought the urge to scream, while thinking of the countless hours in therapy I was going to need after the pandemic was over due to the amount of abuse I would certainly endure from being under quarantine with her. Well that’s if I didn’t end up in jail first when my sanity snapped.

    To my horror she started setting up her workstation in the common area, saying she needed to plug the computer into the router directly. That’s when I jumped into action and asked her “if it were possible for her to work in her room, would she?” She thank god said yes. I opened Amazon and began my frantic search for a cord long enough to keep the resident narcissist far away from me as possible. I found this cord and after reading the reviews ordered it with 1 day shipping. When it arrived, I immediately helped my roommate move her work station. It works amazingly well for the price I paid for it. It’s a bit fragile so I’ve tapped it down and covered it in many places in order to protect it. With my roomate safely tucked out of sight out of mind I can honestly say this cord saved my sanity and me from serving possible jail time. I would highly recommend it to anyone who can’t escape their ghastly roommates because of cord restrictions.

  5. Chris Vos

    Does not look or feel like a cat5e cable. but works fine.

  6. L H C

    They work great they just look cheap but they are cheap (price) so hey

  7. Alex Arroyo

    I assumed that since I had 1 gig internet capability that my xbox would run faster and I’d have a more pleasurable gaming experience. Wrong! You need a cable that can support that information and this cable did just that. I went from 78-80 mps download speed to the 350-400mps download speed. gaming has been exponentially better.

  8. Samantha Steier

    garbage real thin cheap cable dont evwn work very disatisfide

  9. as pilette

    I purchased this 100ft Cat5 cable and it works great for my Playstation. Having a wired connection for PVP is way better than WiFi. Can’t beat the price!

  10. Amazon Customer

    Good cables.

  11. Mr.Satisfaction

    Get it if you need it. Good product.

  12. James Allen

    I ran it under my house from my computer room up to my den and hooked up my laptop directly to my router. No longer have to use wi-fi.

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