Case for Steam Deck, SENQAO TPU Protective Cover Case Compatible with Steam Deck, Shock-Absorption, Non-Slip and Anti-Scratch Design Cover…

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  • 【Unique Cool Design】SENQAO protective case is specifically designed for Steam Deck 2022. The newly designed glossy and matte combination of textures shows individuality.
  • 【Perfect Match】 Designed with specially placed cut-outs every port or button will not be blocked by the case, so all Steam Deck features are accessible without interference. Behind the Steam Deck, the opening holes solve the heat dissipation problem excellent.
  • 【High Quality Material】This cover protector made with shock-absorbent and anti-scratch flexible TPU material, protects your device from everyday bumps, drops, falls, scratches, dust. Comfortable touch allows you to enjoy the game easily.
  • 【Ergonomics Design】The ergonomic design for this Steam Deck case made it more comfortable and easy to grip for extended gameplay. Anti-slip design on both sides for better hand feel.
  • 【Easy to Use】 The flexible TPU material made this shell easy to put and remove. Lightweight, easy to carry, dirt resistant, washable and reusable. This steam deck case contains no kickstand.

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Product Dimensions

12.09 x 5 x 1.77 inches, 7.37 Ounces

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Item Weight

7.4 ounces





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Date First Available

May 10, 2022

13 reviews for Case for Steam Deck, SENQAO TPU Protective Cover Case Compatible with Steam Deck, Shock-Absorption, Non-Slip and Anti-Scratch Design Cover…

  1. Jean-François Caron

    Perfect fit

  2. Amazonian

    It fits like a glove with precise cutouts for the vents, protects it well. My deck fell off my bed a couple of times and luckily didn’t fall face first so the cover was able to make sure nothing happened, if the maker ever decides to make a case that full body protection I would definitely buy it as well, never hurts to have a bit of extra security. Especially with kids around who don’t understand when someone tells them no to handling a very expensive piece of equipment.

  3. Man

    I didn’t want to spend money on a d brand after their poor media campaign and bad sportsmanship on Reddit, this is a solid case and I got it on sale for 17 bucks. I just wanted some good protection and this feels really good for the cost.

  4. Coty Lake,MBA

    These are awesome cases very happy with my purchase!! My kids play with my steam deck and this helps keep them safe. The case is comfortable on your hands. They are durable and they look great!! I may eventually get another case for my other child and when I get him a steam deck as well. Definitely good to get to help keep your purchase (steam deck) safe!!

  5. Uziel T Lopez

    It took me a while to decide on what case to get for my steam deck. The amount of options out there was overwhelming, but based of the feedback from other buyers, I went with this product.

    I have multiple hours now using the case while playing Ori and Metal Gear Rising and have zero complaints. No issues with comfort or the protective case feeling unnatural in any way while holding the steam deck for multiple hours.

    I Strongly recommend , 5 out of 5!

  6. aaron

    Best steam deck case. Fell on my face and I’m still handsome. 10/10

  7. Hopesbud

    As soon as I received my steam deck, I started looking for a protective covering that would also supply a little bit of grip without being bulky. I had ordered a different type, and it had a little rubbery nubbles on the edges and was not comfortable and it kind of had a rubbery smell so I didn’t care for it.
    I did a little more research and reading of reviews and decided on this case in black, and it does exactly what I was hoping it would. It will protect the steam deck from scratches from putting it down on a table and provides a little bit of grip while holding. It also doesn’t look too garish and I like that because I think the steam deck looks really good on its own.
    So far, I am completely happy with this, and as long as it lasts, I will have no complaints whatsoever.

  8. Joe

    I really like this case, it’s super tough, makes holding onto the deck a lot more secure and comfortable.
    This will still allow the deck to fit in the original case, although it is snug, but that’s a huge plus.
    Only downside is the case fits so snuggly and must be basically pried over your deck, it will peel up and ruin any skin decals you have on your deck. I only paid 10.00 for my skin so no huge loss, but some skins are around 40.00 to 50.00, so that’s something to consider.
    That said, this case will offer better protection than any skin will, and is a great price.

  9. Motives

    In a day and age where things are getting more complicated, especially body type twos, it was nice to open this and see it is one piece of tough rubber that snapped into place after slowly pushing it onto the deck. It does add a little bulk and thickness, you may find the bumpers covered a small amount but your hand will get used to it quickly. The material is soft and easy to grip, and I don’t feel like it will slip at all. I don’t know if will protect the deck from a 6 foot drop but it will definitely protect it if the deck slipped off the table or fell while you were sitting as long as it lands on its back.

  10. Fred

    Good fit on the deck. Still fits in the carrying case that came with the top model. Feels good in my hands. I would recommend this to friends. I would purchase again if I had the need.

  11. Robert C. Snyder

    Nice case (or skin as I would call it) for protecting the Steam Deck

    Easy to install and still allows me to:

    1. Store it in my case
    2. Dock it in my dock

  12. Steph

    There’s a few sellers selling this item but this one was the only listing that wasn’t photoshopped so they might be the original seller.

    Anyway, fits my Steam Deck perfectly, super comfortable and soft and I absolutely love the feel of it. Perfect cut for the vents. What I don’t like though, is some of the cuts are not smooth (nearer to the triggers), so it’s not perfect quality but it’s close. Maybe if I got sandpaper and sanded the inside edges a bit that would make it better, but it’s so close to perfect. Worth the $30 though, looks great and has the best grip for my tastes. The colour also matches the deck exactly which is cool.

    The case is comfortable while holding and you can easily press all the buttons. It also fits in the original case.

  13. Stan Emilian

    When I first received my Steam Deck I was not impressed with how it felt in the hand because of the cheap plastic it has. The Deck is an amazing device but I guess they had to cut corners somewhere to release it so cheap. Anyway after this case was installed it now feels great in my hands and I know it will also protect for some damage. Recommend it !

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