Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 15 ft, Nylon Braided High Speed Heavy Duty Cat8 Network LAN Patch Cord, 40Gbps 2000Mhz SFTP RJ45 Flat Internet Cable Shielded…

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  • 🔌【Higher Speed】Cat 8 Shielded Ethernet Cable provides performance of up to 40000 Mbps (or to 40 Gigabit per second); High bandwidth of up to 2000 MHz, high-speed data transfer for server applications, cloud storage, online HD video streaming, and gaming without any lag or stop. With Orbram Cat8 ultra-fast patch cord, you won’t worry about waste time for waiting.
  • 🔌【Anti-Interference Design】 Orbram professional network cables are made of 4 shielded foiled twisted pair(S/FTP) copper wires with 24K gold-plated RJ45 connectors on each end. Compared to the Cat 7 network Ethernet cable, the additional shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference that can degrade the signal quality. This will increase the reliability and accuracy of the data transfer.
  • 🔌【More Convenient】Cat 8 rj45 cables are in flat design to avoid tangled cords and save space. Flat Lan cable is super flexible to make it easier to hide or run along any surface. You can easily and immediately install the cable run along walls, follow edges or corners when you receive the durable gigabit ethernet cable.
  • 🔌【More Applications】15ft flat Cat 8 Computer Cables are widely compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6A Ethernet cables. Provides universal connectivity for Televisions, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Switches, Routers Modems, PS3, PS4, Computer, Laptop, Printers, Network Printers, Network Attached Storage Device and other networking equipment.
  • 🔌【Incredible Durable】 Double braided nylon exterior make Cat8 Ethernet Cable more durable, flexible and tangle-free. And this sturdy cat 8 patch cord can be bended at least 10 thousands times, so that you can reuse it without any concerns.
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7.87 x 6.73 x 0.59 inches, 7.41 Ounces

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May 28, 2020



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13 reviews for Cat 8 Ethernet Cable 15 ft, Nylon Braided High Speed Heavy Duty Cat8 Network LAN Patch Cord, 40Gbps 2000Mhz SFTP RJ45 Flat Internet Cable Shielded…

  1. LompocTom

    I had been using a cat 5e cord, and was having slowdowns on my video feed for on-line streaming. My manual recommended a minimum Cat 7, but this was reasonably priced, so I kicked it up a Gen. Speed is great, watched a couple of hours of streaming video and had no pauses or slowdowns. The ‘flat shape made it easy to fit into me wiring channel without crowding the space. Seems sturdy

  2. Tracy

    Purchased for my sons ps5 after reading the good reviews and it’s so much better than the one he had

  3. paul herbst

    I have ordered these cables several times from this seller. Delivery was fast & prompt. They do make a big difference from my standard cables. You must buy, you won’t regret it. I did my research and these cables are one of the top CAT 8 Ethernet cables (Orbram) out there without breaking your wallet. Fast when gaming and downloading.

  4. marguerite allred-crawford

    A really good buy. Strong cable with a good head and firm clip. Rather flat so installing it along baseboards and under carpets was a breeze. I prefer wired to wi-fi for many reasons. Not a penny wasted on this one. It’s signal was strong and the test pings at 1T were instantaneous.

  5. Cees 1

    Better WiFi
    Increase is not as much as I hoped for
    I put that down to the router/modem
    Plus the package that I have is FTTC not FTTP

  6. NT77

    These braided cables have excellent connectors. The build quality feels real solid both for the connectors and the cables themselves. They exceeded my expectations.

  7. CYia

    Recently upgraded my internet with virgin from 100MB to 350MB and was not hitting the download speeds I am paying for it stayed around 92MB to 97MB.

    So check my phone and was hitting 250MB on wifi so I decided to buy a Cat8 cable this one seemed to do the job and is out-performing my expectations so far as you can see.

    Would recommend upgrading your ethernet cable if you’re using an old one!

    Plus these have a modern look compared to the stranded rounded cable!

  8. Miss Shazia Malik

    Quality: Top quality cable

    Speedtest: our 500 Mb internet, used to get a 380Mbps speed test on the CAT 5 cables. On this CAT 8 cable getting 470-489Mbps speed. Which is a big improvement.

    Also, 3 ms ping to the nearest UK server for the speed test.

    With a 1Gbit connection from PC to NAS, speed around 650-700 Mbps.

    This CAT 8 cable is compatible with CAT 6 and 7 connection as well.

    It means the cable is top-notch.

  9. Lorelei

    I upgraded my router and my pc recently and felt like I might be leaving some performance on the table, I ordered this and was surprised to learn how accurate my estimate of 30 feet of length was, fits nearly perfectly in the distance between the router and pc. The only issue I had was that the connection header seems to be just a tiny bit bulkier than the one I replaced. This bill does not and any effect on the fit and functionality of the cable itself, but there was a hole I needed to make just a little bit bigger.

    If you are a gamer with a long distance to cover this category of cable is well worth the upgrade to, when I was using a 50 foot cat5e cable my average data speeds were about 300-350mbps with this being a higher grade of cable it obviously will preform better, after all the upgrades I did to my router and pc my average is now 400-500mbps, the cable and my equipment is not the bottleneck for this performance though, my internet service provider is. And I do not care much to pay more for faster internet speeds since this speed and bandwidth is already more than fast enough for everyone in the house to do their own thing.

    For the professional using this cable, as for the longevity of this product, I cannot attest to the rigors of frequent maintenance alterations to its position, I have more or less used this as a set it up and forget it cable to be managed away from people walking on it or.. well touching it in general. I may update this later if and/or when the cable fails.

    TLDR: for the average consumer this cable will not be your bottleneck for data speed, your internet connection and hardware will be.

  10. Benoit Morin

    This isn’t your average review from somebody preaching that their WiFi signal is stronger ( I get what you mean, person I won’t mention somewhere in the reviews, but that’s so horribly misleading to anybody that doesn’t know how networks work… ) or from somebody that isn’t certain if 30 is better than 500.

    This is a review from someone that has worked with and programmed network infrastructures on a level where packets have to be captured, modified on the fly and sent in or out.

    I’m running a 1000Mb/s Full duplex connection between my modem and I. I have a 500Mb/s (up/down) FTTH ISP connection. I’ve been using a generic grey CAT6E cable for the past 2 years. Fiber directly into my modem, and CAT6E to the PCs. I’ve never had a disconnection in 2 years. 2 years!!!

    I was skeptical at the product itself because it seemed like an amazing deal, but mostly because the reviews made as much sense as CSI Miami when said they were building a Visual Basic GUI to track down a hacker’s IP address.

    Now, I don’t know how you mess up something that looks so sturdy, short of using really shoddy materials… but even then!

    The RJ45 connectors are a tad too small, so it didn’t feel like it sat in the socket properly, but I figured I’d play with it over the weeks if anything was wrong and that I would see if this was worth the problems it may cause.

    Oh man was I in for a roller coaster. I boot up. Ethernet adapter recognizes a 10Mb/s capped wire… I run some speed tests, 9.64~ Mb/s pretty consistently. I run speed tests from the modem and I get my full 500Mb/s each time and less than 10Mb/s each time on the PC with the CAT8 (CANT) wire.

    I went and forced my modem’s LAN port to 1000Mb/s Full Duplex like I usually have. I unplug and replug the wire to my PC. It’s now detecting 1000Mb/s. Hurray! I fixed it. Yeah right, you can’t fix what never was meant to work.

    I spent the last however long it was, I think 2 weeks ( feels like an eternity of giving this a solid try and trying everything I know to eliminate the fact that this is just a tofu-dreg ( Look it up if you don’t know, you’ll laugh ) CAT8 cable.

    I’d disconnect randomly, network sensitive tests for work would fail and I’d debug code for hours trying to find what went wrong to get a different point of failure every time…….!!!! I’d be the only one to hear voice compression / voice sampling go down and think it was my friends since I always have a steady 4-5ms ( Never higher, even at full bandwidth. ) connection and min maxing is my thing.

    Let me tell you friends, you don’t min-max tofu-dreg. Save yourself the frustration, even if all you do is watch youtube videos, because when youtube throws you auto at 480p or 360p and you’re used to 1080p60FPS, you REALLY notice it. You don’t need to work in IT to get slapped in the face and laughed at by this wire. Nooooo. You just need to want to plug 2 perfectly fine devices together with this cable, and it’ll find ways to make your life hell. Trust me. I would know. I’ve really given this a try. Like… Hundreds of hours. And more hours than I feel comfortable admiting, were spent trying to fix or find out why things were crashing and why it kept getting bumped back down to 10Mb/s or sometimes 100Mb/s.

    I ended up swapping back to my old CAT6E cable and somehow EVERYTHING was faster. This CANT cable manages to show 7ms on a speed test ( Oh yeah, you read it, slower than my CAT6E cable has ever gotten ) but once I swapped back. EVERYTHING responded faster. Applications often wait for online authentication, so if you want to spend more time looking at anything that requires a connection loading or opening, and I’m talking about noticeable delays, then… I can’t say you’ll find a better tool for the job than this one. I sure have never found anything else that can do that this reliably.

    This wire gets an A+(Hell, I’ll give it an S+) for being reliable at ONE thing. Without fail. Every single time, flawlessly, it will succeed at messing up any kind of traffic going through it. Or at messing up services/software on devices that rely on an internet connection in any way shape or form.

    I wish I could give this 0 star.

    Save yourself the trouble and with this money, buy yourself a sex toy. Or at least buy a sex toy too if you still decide to go against your gut feeling you have right now, you’ll need it to vent the frustration this CANT cable will bring you. Just make sure it doesn’t require internet.

    If you thought this review was funny, great! But I’m actually really upset. lol

  11. Michael R.

    Finally went from WiFi to hardwired. Friend gave me the scope on the new stuff. I almost went to the local store and purchased a CAT5 cable! Doh! That would’ve hindered my semi new gaming rig.
    Cable is beefy enough to withstand some walking. I have the CAT8 cable ran along the hallway wall, then across hallway into the gaming room. Cover it up in the hallway and good to go!

  12. Bobby Stubbs

    The fastest response and speed for my gaming experience was all smiles, never had a cable that was soooo quick and I have never,never had the down load speed and the power until now.

  13. Saeed

    I have a 1 GB data plan , I test the speed on both my old CAT 6 and this cable , both give me around 940 MB so it’s the same speed . Not sure if I’d get higher speed with this cable if I’ve gotten speed that’s higher than 1 GB. Others who have may have a different opinion . the difference now this is more durable than my old cable..

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