Cat S62 Pro Rugged Smartphone – North America Variant – with FLIR Thermal Imager – Full Warranty Support in US and Canada

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  • Optimized For North America’S Carriers (At&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Boost Gsm, Metro And Ting Mobile).Form_factor : Slate
  • Will Not Work On Verizon, Us Cellular Or Sprint
  • Country Of Origin : China
  • Drop Tested Up To 1.8M (6Ft) Onto Steel
  • 4000mAh non-removable,Non removable Lithium Ion.Up to two days of battery life
Product Dimensions

6.24 x 3.02 x 0.47 inches

Device interface - primary




Included Components

CAT S62 Pro, USB Type C charging cable, Product manual

Battery Power Rating




Form Factor


Other camera features


Other display features


Item Weight

1 pounds

Connectivity technologies


Wireless communication technologies



6 GB


Android 10.0


1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

April 16, 2021

8 reviews for Cat S62 Pro Rugged Smartphone – North America Variant – with FLIR Thermal Imager – Full Warranty Support in US and Canada

  1. Yohann

    Livraison très rapide.. j’ai utilisé les modèles de la série S60 S61 et maintenant le S62 il une coche au dessus des autres belle évolution. Ces téléphones son très solides. Caméra thermique encore de meilleur qualité. La rapidité aussi la durée de la batterie impressionnante.. je le recommande..

  2. tom

    Pretty happy with the phone. The finger print scanner stopped working, but not something I care about too much. The camera app is lacking. The flir camera app is pretty good though.

  3. Alison

    Glitchy phone. Waste of money. Terrible Customer Service. Called cat support to ask how to buy a new battery after months of it draining so fast. Cat rep had me enter a number sequence and the code that came up was that the battery was no good. Asked me when I bought phone and was super happy when he said the battery was covered under warranty. Sent the phone to service centre with cat prepaid label. Emailed receipt etc and thought what great service. I couldn’t have been MORE WRONG.
    Fast forward 10 emails from service centre and cat support saying it was not covered under warranty. And that I had to pay shipping to get the phone sent back. CAT was the one who told me the battery was still under warranty. It’s been a three months headache. Never again.

  4. christian ionita

    brand new phone didn’t even work right. the company made me loose about 6 months of my time before deciding to finally ship it to get fixed. now they won’t pay for the repairs. why buy a rugged phone if it just doesnt serve the basic functions it’s supposed to.
    * ps don’t get excited about the FLIR it isn’t as useful as the FLIR thermal imaging gun it’s more of a toy

  5. Willy

    This phone reviewed very well with exception to two key features. First, a list of what is very good about the phone.

    The fingerprint reader is in the perfect position and works very well. The single 12mp camera is surprisingly good. It is comparable to that of a Note 9 or S10. The battery seems to be unending. The screen resolution is outstanding…and this is coming from am AMOLED user. The speaker is bottom mounted and projects a very decent sound.

    Lastly, the thermal imaging system is the best I’ve every used. Its high resolution Lepton 3.5 system is simply…amazing. This phone is a ridiculous bargain when you realize you get a 3.5 sensor. In testing, the thermal system was able to located water mains below asphalt!!! It could also pick up residual wetness with almost pin point accuracy.

    Overall the handset is very good and as rugged as every review claims. The phone is well sized and easily fits in a pocket. There were a few shortcoming that made using this phone a less than optimal experience. First, if you are accustomed to wireless charging…this phone does not support that and it seems like a chore to have to plug in something that is this advanced. It might seem petty, but it makes a big difference when you actually use the device as intended. In fact, it is strange that for a phone intended for “professional use” that there are no POGO points for cradle charging. That would have been welcomed in the absence of qi charging.

    A second notable shortcoming was phone call quality. It would seem that the both the mic gain is too high and that noise suppression is not used. Every phone call I made with this phone was reported as noisy and poor. Unless you take a call in a quiet room, the phone itself is the weakest feature of this…phone. There appears to be no way to adjust or tweak this setting with ease.

    The review points on amazon request a rating for “Battery Life” “touch screen” and “picture quality”. IN all honesty, these three items are actually very good: 4.5 stars each. However, the phone quality combined with the lack of wireless charging seems like 2 steps backwards coming from any handset made in the last few years. I would say this phone is like a rugged iphone 8 or galaxy 7/8 with an amazing thermal camera.

  6. Amazon Customer

    This is my third Cat phone with FLIR. Very tough phone which is what I need. The photos and videos are good, but not flagship quality. But that’s ok, I have FLIR and a bullet proof phone. Keep up the good work Bullit.

    Keep in mind I am only one week in…..🤗

  7. Q & Ruth

    This would be my second CAT phone.

    I love the thermal and ruggedness of this phone as I carry my phone at work in an industrial environment.

    My older CAT phone worked with my carrier – this one does not.(For reasons the carrier could not provide) so I had to switch carriers.

    Positives: It’s rugged, simple, programmable key, the thermal was useful for me to identify potential issues in the facility and I didn’t have to carry a large imager around. I like the grippiness of it and how hefty it feels. I like that it did not come loaded with too much bloatware.

    Negatives: The CAT/Bullitt software was buggy. There is also input lag, phantom presses, non-responsiveness, although my last CAT was like this too. The software has bugs that have not been addressed for years now. I also did not like the difficulty changing the save path for the cameras. It automatically saves to Google Photos and the software makes it difficult to change this. There is no included gallery (except Photos), the IR software has it’s own library path. The battery life in the phone I received was terrible. My old CAT lasted for days of frequent use. This model barely made it through a day of light use at work. My other complaint is I feel it is overpriced for not being able to support 5G or the newest VoLTE tech. You are really just paying a premium for the IR camera.

    I really wanted to like this phone and I am a fan of CAT/Bullitt products, but this one is being returned.

  8. John Davis

    You know, considering the price tag, it’s a pretty solid phone (CAT S62 Pro). I got a case for it as well, and I’m pretty sure it’s now all but bullet proof. Didn’t work initially with my service provider (Metro PCS, the carrier), but I switched to T-Mobile (keeping my old number), and all is well now. Also, I bought one for my dad (who uses AT&T), and he says it works fine with their service also. The specifications are middle of the road, being neither lightning fast nor super slow, but the battery is slow to discharge, it has plenty of internal storage for photos and videos, AND (compared to most phones on the market) it’s rock solid. I’m not saying you should take it out on the asphalt and play CATCH with it like it was a FOOTBALL, but if you should happen to drop it in the dirt, or into a toilet bowl, or accidentally leave it in your car during the summertime in Vegas, you just let it return to room temperature, rinse it off, fire it back up, and resume your activities. THAT’S why this is a cool phone. WORTH it.

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