Cooling Fan Dust Proof for Xbox Series X Console with Colorful Light Strip,MENEEA Dust Cover Filter,Rubber Plugs,Low Noise Top Fan with 3 Gears,Cooler&Light Independent Touch…

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  • 【Necessary for Xbox Series X】—- This product integrates many functions, such as top cooling fan, dust-proof, light strip, USB interface for data transmission and USB port for charging. It helps to prevent for Xbox Series X console from over-heating and dust to extend the life of your console. (NOTE:When the console is working, the dust cover of the fan can be removed to speed up the heat dissipation effect. Alige the two holes under the dust cover first, then cover the dust cover.)
  • 【Efficient Fan System】—- A high-speed large fan are built in the colorful dust-proof cooling fan,which can accelerate the hot air exhausted from the top of the console and reduce the temperature for Xbox series X console. The cooling fan stand with 3 gears and is a touch switch. The low gear is orange, the second gear is blue, and the high gear is green.The heat dissipation effect is more obvious, and the noise is very low, which you can hardly feel.
  • 【Colorful Light Strip】—- The cooling bracket for Xbox seris X supports colorful lights and can change the light color with an independent touch switch. The light strip contains 6 monochromes and 1 mixed color. You can use the independent touch switch to change your favorite colors and own a more atmosphere in the process of the game.
  • 【3.0 USB & USB Charge Port】—- There are 2 USB interfaces in total, one blue 3.0 USB interface supports 3.0 data transmission, another white 2.0 sub interfaces ONLY can charge more products, such as controller, mobile phones, small desk lamps, etc.It is convenient to provide USB interface in the process of your game.
  • 【Dust Cover Filter】—- The cooling top bracket for Xbox seris X supports top dust proof,At the same time, the product contains 2 sets * dust cover compatible with Xbox Series X, 1 set * silicone dust plugs,which have accurate size and easy to install and replace without additional tools. Prevent dust from entering the USB and HDMI ports for Xbox Series X, extend the life of your console.
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6.38 x 6.22 x 2.91 inches

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14.9 ounces

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Date First Available

May 5, 2022



13 reviews for Cooling Fan Dust Proof for Xbox Series X Console with Colorful Light Strip,MENEEA Dust Cover Filter,Rubber Plugs,Low Noise Top Fan with 3 Gears,Cooler&Light Independent Touch…

  1. Freidl Matthias

    Très bon produit

  2. Axel

    Me encantó, ciertamente he conseguido otros dos enfriadores para complementar, pero este por su cuenta ya debe ser indispensable para enfriar la consola, pues ciertamente ayuda a extraer el aire caliente del interior. Ojo, no esperes que el aparato no se sienta caliente al tacto o se comporte como un refrigerador, pero dios, la diferencia de temperatura se nota de forma considerable. (Ah si, retiren la tapa para mejores resultados, yo la dejé para la foto porque admitamoslo, se ve perron)

  3. leonfirehawk

    great cooling and dust prevention easy to install and lights are a great touch

  4. Axel

    Value for money. Very good.

  5. Don W. Merwin

    I can’t speak to it’s longevity yet, but it’s a very quiet fan that pulls a lot of heat off the Series X, and includes sticky ‘filters’ that go over the air vents to catch more dust. The lights are just a bonus, looks pretty cool though kinda bright, but you can turn them off. Take off the top during play to get the best cooling effect, drop it back on top afterwards to avoid dust falling in. Easy!

  6. matt cioci

    Works well can feel the air being moved through the xbox

  7. Jason canham

    Der Lüfter ist mega und erledigt seine Aufgabe recht gut habe noch die sockel Lüfter dabei ubd auch der ist unschlagbar. Die Box wird nicht zu heiß

  8. Kindle Customer

    The top cover fits perfect. Lights up and fan runs just fine. I need to see if the screens are still on but last I did check they were and secured well. My only issue is the USB port covers were too big to have two in. The one that was in the cat popped out and stole.

  9. Jesse

    It has been working well so far. The lights are nice. The fan is not as loud as people made it seem. All in all a good buy.

  10. Jennifer Nala Ferris

    It’s a very quiet fan and it sorta works, it doesn’t exactly move a whole lotta air in fact the cooling for the series X just outright sux so u do need this or an alternative, since I have superior fans as soon as the warranty is up im gon install far better fans in the Xbox and probably going to use a better fan that I have spares of on top of the Xbox series x in place of it

  11. GhostHack

    This device keeps my Xbox Series X nice and cool, exactly as I need. The LED color change function is great for matching the color changing motifs of what lives on my desk. The three fan speed settings are great for anticipating heavy gaming sessions with Triple-A games in addition to keeping the console breezy for casual play. The fan is a little loud, and as someone who works in data centers and server rooms, that’s hardly a problem for me personally, though it may matter to you. Easy to install, took but a few seconds. The included dust grates are “okay” – they leave a little too much residue on the console’s plastic case if they’re removed, so I’ve elected not to use them, which is fine, as I mostly wanted the fan and top dust cover. I can always find another product to suit my needs there. The top dust cover is removable, though I would recommend leaving it on unless cleaning the fan. The silicone dust covers are great for keeping dust and detritus out of unused ports on the front and back of the console. They were a little hard to pop out and remove from the silicone sheet they came in, but once they’re out, it’s hardly an issue. None of them tore while removing them, though I could see them tearing if the wrong amount of force is applied in the wrong place – be careful! Otherwise, great buy, highly recommended.

  12. AmazonBuyer

    Works perfect. Keeps my xbox cool during those longs streams and play! Must have!

  13. ActionT

    I really like the concept of this device. It’s sleek looking, and it functions as advertised (in terms of cooling my Xbox Series X). However, there are a couple of downsides which (hopefully) will be addressed by the manufacturer in the future. 1) There is no on/off switch. It’s powered by plugging the USB cable into the Xbox port. The problem is that the fan remains on even when you turn off the Xbox. I often play while in bed and when it’s time to go to sleep, and I’m already under the covers, I simply turn off my system remotely and go to sleep. But now I have to get up out of bed and manually remove the USB cable from the system. Not good! 2) The fan unit doesn’t have a memory. I like the light bar on the unit and like to change the color to solid red. I also like to set the fan to high. However, when you plug the unit back in, it defaults to the factory setting and I have to re-adjust everything. Not the end of the world but still a nuisance.

    Fix these issues and there is a 5-star rating just waiting in the wings.

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