Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X Mviioe Cooling Stand with LED Indicator, Extra Big Turbo Fan, USB 2.0 Ports For Gaming Console (Only Compatible with Xbox Series x)

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  • 【🎃All-in-One Cooling Fan🎃】Mviioe for xbox series x stand perfectly combines heat dissipation, noise killing and RGB atmosphere light, a must-have for xbox series x accessories. Better gaming experience and extend the service time of device.
  • 【🌀Efficient Adjustable Cooling System🌀】Rather than small fans, Mviioe for xbox series x cooler is equipped with one large heavy duty fan, providing more effective air flow distribution with 3 level speeds-1800/ 1900/ 2000 RPM. Mviioe for xbox series x fan cooling system has 3 indicators–orange for regular, blue for medium and green for super.
  • 【🎊Fancy Color LED Gaming Light🎊】Built-in intelligent chip, Mviioe for xbox series x cooling stand has Unique RGB light design including 6 monochromes and 1 mixed color. With an independent touch switch, this cooling fan for xbox series x can give you a extremely cool gaming experience.
  • 【🎇Low Noise for Better Gaming Experience🎇】This Mviioe for xbox series x cooling system use the powerful yet silent cooling fan, expertly engineered to produce little noise that won’t disturb during playing games.
  • 【🎄Charging Support with Dust Fliters🎄】This Mviioe for xbox x cooling stand has 3 USB ports, supporting accessories charging not for data tranmission. Also, this Mviioe for xbox cooling fan for xbox series x comes with dust fliter as a gift for better cooling effect and dust proof.(NOTE: DO NOT connect power more than 5V 1A)
Product Dimensions

7.87"L x 2.36"W x 8.27"H




5 Volts


12 Watt-hours

Cooling Method


Compatible Devices

Gaming Console

Noise Level

20 dB


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Maximum Rotational Speed

2200 RPM

Item Weight

15.5 ounces

Date First Available

April 21, 2022



Country of Origin


13 reviews for Cooling Fan for Xbox Series X Mviioe Cooling Stand with LED Indicator, Extra Big Turbo Fan, USB 2.0 Ports For Gaming Console (Only Compatible with Xbox Series x)

  1. matt cioci

    Needed something to make my console run cooler and found this. Works flawlessly.

  2. Frank Castle

    Works well looks good

  3. Stella36582

    It has a nice lights that glow and cools it right down

  4. Jacob

    Does a great job at venting, especially when extended gaming to keep the console cool, I have purchased this and a top venting unit both work extremely well together.

    No complaints, unit is quiet and performs very well, added splash of led colour for fun. A must have for those long gaming sessions just to help drop that heat down within the console. Recommended

  5. snoop73

    The fan is quiet and works well. The led has many different colors and is very bright!

  6. Dea_Zael

    The manual controls are a pain cuz i have to go to the xbox to turn it off/on. But it works great. Lighting is very cool. Power runs when the xbox is off. Would recommend for the budget gamer looking to extend console life. Only works with xbox “standing vertical.”
    The little dust plugs for the plug ins are awesome too since most of the ports go unused.

  7. Jacob

    Muy bueno el producto hasta el momento no he tenido ningún problema cualquier cosa que pase voy a cambiar mi opinión pero de verdad muy bien su producto

  8. Jaime guzman

    This product sucks. The fans literally stopped working within 3 days. The lights didn’t work from day one which I should of paid attention to the red flag. Had to return it.

    After reviewing the item the company got back to me and let me know that they will be sending me another one for free since the one I originally received stopped working. After a month later the product still works like new. Get a USB-A 3.0 hub and you will love it since the Xbox only has 2 USB ports. The cooling pad helps push the air up which I have other fans that keep it cool on the top. It’s a pretty simple piece but it work better than described. Plus the customer service is great and I will definitely buy again since customer service sucks now a days for most companies.

    5⭐️ for customer service
    5⭐️ for design

  9. Ricardo R

    The media could not be loaded.

     Great for keeping the xbox cool while gaming and the lights make it look nice,
    unfortunately you can’t get it to automatically turn on or off with the xbox unlike the Gstory top fan but still I would recommend.

  10. Braxton C

    The product itsel fworks great and looks fine but theres a few things to consider before purchasing

    1. The hdmi is ridiculously short. It is meant only for the hdmi ports on the xbox itself, however, if you are using both hdmi ports like i am for other things youll need an outlet/hdmi port VERY close. If you have the hdmi ports open though this is a non problem.

    2. Something else to look into if youre getting this product is external fans on top as well. I have them on both top and bottom and while there is some fan noise for sure, it is pretty negligible (especially if you wear headphones while gaming like i do). Only when i have both on high do i really notice it. It keeps the xbox at an extremely cool 100° or below even while playing games like elden ring and call of duty MW2 (2022). Ive also noticed that my download speed for games had doubled. Definitely makes a difference.

  11. Frank Castle

    The picture shows a solid light in reality it looks like cheap LED strip plastic is on the cheap flimsy side the fan does help the cooling and that’s important to me because it gets very hot and that’s why I bought it

  12. Fifth Density

    This product works exactly as described, unfortunately Xboxes lack of selective suspend settings for the USB means this thing is on all the time. Every time Xbox pushes and update it will turn this thing right back on. Even if you’re not home, if you have your Xbox set to automatically update, this thing will be on 24/7. In order for these things to work Xbox like Sony, has to implement selective suspension for its USB ports which it currently does not have. In order for these things to work Xbox like Sony, has to implement selective suspension for its USB ports which it currently does not have.

  13. Sandy B.

    Es muy fácil de instalar, ayuda a enriar la consola y la verdad se ve muy bien cuando esta prendido. Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

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