DeLUX Seeker Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse with OLED Screen, BT and USB Receiver, Connect with Up to 4 Devices, Thumb Wheel, 4000DPI, Programmable Rechargeable Silent…

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  • [See Through Your Mouse] The world’s 1st vertical mouse with OLED screen, read the essential parameters at a glance. Checking the battery capacity, DPI level, and connection mode instead of via the software
  • [Follow Nature, Get Comforts] with DELUX decades design experiences in vertical mouse and based on human-friendly concept, DELUX SEEKER was designed with ergo snail bionic structure for nature handshake position, magnetic detachable wrist rest for extended comforts and with up to 7200DPI tracking engine for less movement to reduce fatigue
  • [Multi-Devices Workflow] Building the connection in 3 ways, connect with up to 4 devices. There are 3 connection modes: USB-C wired, 2.4G wireless, and BT 5.0(BT1+BT2) interconnecting your devices, building your workflow
  • [4 Ways Navigation] Explore in a new direction-Normal wheel for vertically scrolling, Thumb wheel for horizontally scrolling
  • [Get More Done] via the driver, there are 4 sections for setting, Light section-setting the effects of the light; Button section-programing the mouse button with the function desired; Macro section-creating your automation; Other setting section-adjusting DPI, polling rate and scroll speed, etc. Creating your customization, improving your working efficiency
Product Dimensions

6.54 x 3.82 x 3.23 inches

Item Weight

5.8 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 14, 2021





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8 reviews for DeLUX Seeker Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse with OLED Screen, BT and USB Receiver, Connect with Up to 4 Devices, Thumb Wheel, 4000DPI, Programmable Rechargeable Silent…

  1. Amazon Customer

    Purchased this mouse in white because the mossy green did not seem to be available in a wireless model at the time despite images indicating it was. Of course, the green comes out as a wireless model a few months after my purchase. While I would prefer the green, the white version of this mouse has been mostly fantastic – it has, of course, discolored where my fingers and thumb sit, but otherwise has remained extremely clean despite the white finish. And with that, some basics!

    While I do like the RGB lighting, I’m not quite sure what the point of it is – I’ve messed around with the settings but no matter what I do it always turns off after a few seconds, turning on again when the mouse is first moved and then turning off again because my palm is on the mouse (which is a battery saving feature). I’m glad it turns off when my hand is on the mouse, but I’d like for the light to last longer when it’s not.

    If you have small hands like I do, this mouse runs a little on the large size. It’s still perfectly usable and not necessarily uncomfortable, but does feel a little awkward at times. I haven’t reprogrammed the buttons, and use the back button quite often – however I have to resituate my hand to reach the forward button. I haven’t had much of a chance to use the side scroll ball, but it is still fun to give it a spin every now and then even if I’m not scrolling. The middle scroll wheel is super solid, has also stayed surprisingly very clean and has a nice texture to it. It’s not the smoothest scroll out there, but it works just fine for me. Mouse clicks are very clicky, I was coming from a quieter mouse, and I’ve since gotten used to the noise, but if you need or want a quieter sound, this probably isn’t a good choice.

    Let’s talk about the main draw of this mouse – that OLED screen on the top – honestly, an amazing feature, well worth the $80 with the other aspects of this mouse taken into consideration as well. It’s great being able to see the battery (which lasts a decently long amount of time) and dpi settings at a glance. You do, however, need to actually pick up the mouse to see it. You can somewhat read the screen if you look at the mouse from the side, but it is difficult to see from the top down. It would be a lot of fun to be able to change the font, as I’m not particularly fond of the one used. I haven’t really used the magnetic wrist rest this mouse came with, as it is somewhat large and does not really fit on my current set up (which isn’t terrible ergonomic and will likely change), so I can’t speak much to that, but it is a nice inclusion.

    Overall, I really like this mouse, although I wish it were slightly smaller, and that my older mouse had waited just a few months more to give out so I could’ve gotten it in green.

  2. Omar C.

    O mouse é macio no uso, é de alta qualidade, mas um pouco grande para o tamanho da minha mão. Se fosse um pouco menor seria mais confortável e atenderia melhor a questão da ergonomia.

  3. Mari

    Toma un tiempo el acostumbrarse al cambio de posición, pero una vez que se logra es un excelente mouse. Fácil de programar los botones, los movimientos para presionarlos son bastante naturales al punto en que se vuelve instintivo su manejo.

  4. Mari

    Chegou antes do prazo estabelecido, além de bem cuidado na embalagem. O mouse é muito bom, ainda estou em transição do uso, até por anos de mouse tradicional. Achei demais que dá para configurar os botões e também ajustar a velocidade do mouse em um click. O fio do carregamento dele é de tecido, então preza pelo cuidado de não arrebentar. E por fim, ele tem uma outra tampa, caso não curta de usar as luzes de RGB. Super recomendo!

  5. Duncan M.

    tl;dr: Very premium, very unique, almost perfect ergonomic mouse.

    + Ergonomics
    + High quality fit and finish
    + Satisfying tactility
    + Truly silent click
    + 3 Wireless modes + wired mode
    + Side scroll “ball” is a neat bonus feature and I prefer it to the MMB scroll wheel.

    – Back/Forward buttons (M3 and M4) are very inconvenient for me to reach
    – OLED screen fails in practice to increase convenience of checking DPI or connection setting due to placement

    Detailed review below:

    I just received this mouse and started using it today, so I can’t speak for longevity or reliability, but I have purchased a different DeLUX mouse, the M629BU, and thought it was a decent buy. I had no issues with the M629BU for ~6 months before the MMB gave up the ghost; this was definitely unfortunate but not completely unexpected for a very very inexpensive mouse, and I don’t know whether this was an issue with that mouse or just an unfortunate happenstance.

    This mouse costs 3.5x as much as the M629BU so comparing the two isn’t really fair to either product.

    I have used one other ergonomic mouse – though I am not sure of the brand or model – about 4 years ago in my workplace and was not happy with the design, layout, or wireless feature. It frequently disconnected, would often stutter across the screen and ignore inputs. This may have been due to the poor battery life, 2.4ghz connection, or some sort of overzealous power-saving feature.

    As far as similarly-priced mice, I have used the Razer Basilisk Hyperspeed V2 (for which the wireless dongle stopped working entirely after 13 months and, to my chagrin, for which Razer does not sell replacement dongles), and a Logitech G502, which began to have issues with ghost-double-clicking and for which the scroll wheel stopped working after about a year. These issues I have described with these two mice from well-known manufacturers are commonplace and well documented, despite the rave reviews (trust me, google it).

    First impressions: The unboxing experience leaves much to be desired. I am really not a snob about that stuff, but it does generally show that the manufacturer has a desire to present the product in a manner that shows some care put into every aspect of the product experience, even presentation. This isn’t a big deal to me but just something to note.

    The packaging was a sleeve with some typical info about the product printed on the outside. Upon removal of the sleeve there is encased a plain rectangular black cardboard box with the mouse inside as well as some accessories. The contents of the box were as follows:

    1. The mouse
    2. The magnetic base which attaches to the back of the mouse
    3. A solid back-plate to replace the “aerated” one attached by the manufacturer
    4. A very soft, braided USB A to USB C cord.
    5. A small booklet containing basic information about the mouse, including the functionality of all of the buttons, locations of indicator lights, etc. and a link to the DeLUX website where you can download the driver software.

    The Fit and finish of the mouse is extremely nice, maybe the best I’ve ever seen. All of the seams where the parts of the outer shell meet are consistent and have tight tolerances. The click of all of the buttons is tactile and satisfying, as is the magnetic attachment of the base. The texture of the material is… satiny? It’s difficult to describe; almost silky, but not glossy, and not quite matte either. My favorite part about this mouse, besides the excellent ergonomics (it is very comfortable, far more so than any non-ergo mouse I’ve used), is the silent click; It is basically inaudible to me with my desktop computer fans running a few feet away from me.

    I only have two gripes with this mouse:
    1. The placement of the back/forward buttons is a little too low and forward for me to reach easily with my thumb. If they were each maybe 3mm higher and 2mm back, that would be perfect for me. (Maybe in V2?)

    2. The OLED screen is very cool, but the placement of the screen is on the top in front of the DPI switching button and angled sloping downwards, making it basically impossible to see at a glance without lifting the mouse and just looking right at it. Overall, it is significantly less convenient than it would seem conceptually.

    Other notes: I have large hands (7.5″ from wrist to the tip of my middle finger) and use a palm grip. This mouse fits perfectly in my hands. I am not sure if this mouse would be comfortable for someone with small hands or a claw grip.

    I try to return and edit my reviews after a few months to comment on reliability, but after my first day of use I am impressed and I look forward to seeing how it holds up.

  6. Cristiane Gonçalves

    The media could not be loaded.

     Llegó antes de tiempo y en buen estado.
    Se vé coqueto!
    Tiene Luz de colores pero detecta cuando lo agarras y se apaga.
    Pedes cambiar la carcasa ya que se une con imanes y viene junio con el paquete una pieza extra sin orificios.
    El cable es delgado pero solo lo usaré para cargar.
    Puedes usarlo de forma alámbrica o inalámbrica con su receptor.
    Tiene pantalla led.
    Tiene lector óptico.
    Puedes descargar software del la página para ajustar colores y programar botones entre otras cosas.
    El click es suave.

    La resolución de la bolita lateral es baja.
    No trae cargador, solo el cable.
    La base parece limitar el espacio del dedo meñique pero espero acostumbrarme.

  7. Saul Maldonado

    Al principio se percibe como un poco grande o tosco, pero después de emepzar a utilizarlo se puede sentir la adaptabilidad al mouse. Se siente ligero de usar, los botones programables son una maravilla y hasta estéticamente las luces led lo hacen ver bonito en la noche. Funciona bien y cumple su función. La verdad me ha sorprendido bastante y cumplió hasta un poco más de mis expectativas. Hoy en día, no lo cambiaría. Es un buen producto.

  8. Trev

    Just got the mouse a couple days ago. I am very happy with the quality of the mouse. The ergo feel is great. Hopefully I don’t have battery issues soon like some of the other reviews.

    The software is kind of a pile of garbage. It is only good for changing the color. I haven’t been able to figure out how to change buttons, but when the software app is open, every time i use the thumb scroll it closes the app. Fortunately that isn’t really a big deal at all, so overall I am happy with the purchase!

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