Drone with 1080P Camera for Adults and Kids, Foldable FPV Remote Control Quadcopter with Voice Control, Gestures Selfie, Altitude Hold, One Key…

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  • Drone with 1080P Camera: A camera mounted on it can be manually adjusted to see what’s in front of the drone while it’s flying, or it can be aimed down to see what’s directly below it. I’m sure you can take some interesting photos and videos, or even use it to inspect the roof of a house or other hard-to-reach areas. Friends can shoot each other skating and capture really cool videos.
  • Play Longer: The FPV drone has two rechargeable batteries, each providing approximately 12 minutes of flight time. 2 batteries can be swapped and charged in rotation, greatly extending the fun time. Note that more flips and faster speeds will reduce the flight time per battery.
  • Remote Control and App: You can fly the mini drone with remote control or a smart phone. But in order to capture video or images, you must be connected to the drone via WiFi and the “HITURBO FPV” app. If you need to use the voice control, trajectory flight and other functions which under the “control switch” button in the app, you need to disconnect the remote control from the drone, connect the drone with the app individually.
  • Discover new adventures: 2 batteries provide you with up to 24 minutes of flying experience. Features such as altitude hold, 3D flip, headless mode, one key take off/landing, speed adjustment and voice control make it easy and fun for beginners or novices.
  • Perfect for Adults and Kids: This drone is a little easier to operate than other drones (it has fewer steps to fly, no manual pairing required), so it’s perfect for people just starting out. If you’re considering learning how to fly a drone, make this drone your first one. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to take your imagination to the next level with this starter drone!
  • Helpful Tips: Make sure to calibrate the gyroscope every time the drone is turned on (and after a crash). Simply hold both joysticks in the lower right or lower left 45° position until the drone stops flashing, the whole process take only 2 seconds. We found it very helpful for drone control and stability.


Are Batteries Included



2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item Weight

1.5 pounds

Package Dimensions

10.75 x 7.8 x 3.11 inches

Rechargeable Battery Included


Remote Control Included


Video Output Resolution

1920×1080 Pixels

Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Ion

Model Name


Wireless Communication Technology


Media Type


Skill Level


Connectivity Technology


Video Capture Resolution

FHD 1080p


Grey & Blue



3 reviews for Drone with 1080P Camera for Adults and Kids, Foldable FPV Remote Control Quadcopter with Voice Control, Gestures Selfie, Altitude Hold, One Key…

  1. Jeffrey Matthias

    Overall, this drone is a good value for the price. For context, this is the first “real” drone that I owned. I’ve spent a few weeks playing with it and these are my take-aways:

    – It is surprisingly robust. As I mentioned, I’m new to drone operation and that means this thing has crashed. A LOT. And it’s still in good shape. I even forgot to put the guards on it a couple of times and it’s taken the impacts without any damage.
    – Having two batteries is nice. Neither last super long (maybe 10+ minutes each?) but it’s enough to have fun with the thing.
    – My 7 year old was able to fly it. I had to set the trim for it (more on that in the Cons) but once it was steady, my son was able to control it without any issues. It’s stable and robust enough that he had fun. I’m sure he’s too young to operate it, so don’t take this as an endorsement that you should hand the controls of a drone to your child.
    – Doesn’t require the phone. It was nice to be able to operate it without phone when I didn’t want to get images.
    – Customer service is responsive. I had issues with one of the batteries and issues getting it adjusted (trim). They sent me some detailed instructions and I was able to get things resolved.

    – The camera is just not great. Given the cost of the drone, I can understand that, but really, the one reason I would steer someone away from this drone is if they want it for photography. I’ve included a couple of images taken during the day. I think they speak for themselves.
    – Even when following the instructions to calibrate the drone before take off, it requires trim adjustments every time I use it. This isn’t terrible, but it wasn’t clear in the instructions that I would need to do it. The controls to do so are on the controller and are fairly straight forward.

    I’m glad I have this. I had some photo ideas that are not going to work out, but it’s not why I got this, so that’s ok. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an entry level drone and the price is absolutely great for what you get.

  2. gosigns

    I have never owned or operated a drone before and I am really enjoying this one. I could have given it a 4.5, because of the instructions, instead of a 5 but the fun I have had made up the half point difference. Here is what I have found so far:
    1. The drone came as advertised in the product description. Everything you need to fly it and take pictures and videos is included.
    2. The packaging was impressive. It has a semi hard case and all of the components are packed in soft
    foam for protection.
    3. The drone is very easy to assemble, just attach the 4 blade protection rings by snapping them in, charge the battery and go!
    4. Here is my only negative. The original instructions, I am sure, were written in Chinese and translated into English by a Chinese person who knew English. The instructions are very hard to understand because things get lost in translation. I am sure a 14 year old could open the box and fly it without reading the instructions. However and older guy like me needs good clear instructions.
    5. The camera works very well for both pictures and videos. I didn’t spend a lot of time with the camera as it uses quite a bit of the 12+/- minutes of flight time. I spent most of my time learning to fly it.
    6. This little drone is TOUGH! Since I had to learn mostly by trial and error, I crashed it into everything; trees, bushes, the side of the house, the driveway etc. and each time I just picked it up, clicked the propellers back in place and took off again. Very durable.
    In short, this drone is great for a first time user ages 14 to 60 and would make anyone a great Christmas gift. I am really enjoying it and when I get some more flight time I will write a follow up review.
    All in all, I highly recommend this produce. Just please do some work on the instructions.

  3. jr

    The drone, remote, and all other items come inside of their own case which helps to keep all the pieces intact during transport.

    Assembly: The drone assembles incredibly easy. It has 4 propeller guards that fit into the wings of the drone at the propellers which prevent the propellors from snapping against anything you may run up against. There is also one replacement propellor piece should you somehow break one. The case also includes one USB charger, two batteries, remote, instruction manual for both the drone and the camera feature.

    Battery: The batteries reach full charge in approximately 2 hours on the charger. I have found the flight time for each battery to be about 12minutes. If I had one negative thing to say it would be that I wished there were a longer flight time but this is comparable to other lightweight portable drones.

    Flying: I read the manual and followed the instructions which were incredibly easy to follow when flying the drone. Once the drone and remote are synched it is a one button press to get the drone into a hover mode. Flying is incredily easy. The remote has also buttons for an emergency level should you be flying into something and need to hover, one button landing, and it also has a button for “headless operation”. My children have been using the drone and the “headless operation” feature really helps them. This feature means that there is no true front or rear for the drone. If you want the drone to go forward you press forward and itll will move away from you, you want to come toward you then you pull the stick back to you. My kids dont quite grasp the front of the drone to fly so the “headless operation is ideal”.

    The drone itself is lightweight and easy to fly and so far is pretty durable. We have crashed it twice into things but it keeps on kicking.

    The camera feature on the drone is a little laggy but that could just be the connection on my end. You download an app on your phone and sync the drone to the app. It is really cool to fly around and see what is below you. The kids got a kick out of that.

    If you are considering purchasing a drone I would highly recommend this one. My oldest son at age 7 has no issues operating this drone while others were too complicated for him to fly.

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