Drone with Camera – Foldable Drone for Kids Adults with 1080P FPV Camera, Upgrade Altitude Hold, Gestures Selfie, Waypoint Fly, Headless Mode, 3D Flip, One Key Start, 3 Speed…

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  • Great Drone Toys for Beginners and Kids: JY02 Drone is an ideal choice for beginners to start their first drone flying adventure. One Key Start can help users to start flying easily. The upgraded hover system ensures a stable flight at a certain height, making it easier for beginners to control the drone and capture high-quality footage. Cool light design adds more fun to the flying experience.
  • 1080P HD Pictures and Live Videos: Equipped with an adjustable angle 1080P HD camera, JY02 Drone can take better aerial photos and videos. Using the “Redrie Fly” app and FPV transmission, you can watch live video and control the drone from further distances. Explore the scenery, capture moments, and share the joy with friends.
  • Multiple Interesting Functions: Explore a variety of captivating features including Waypoint fly, gesture selfie, 360° flips, voice control, circle fly, rotation fly, 3 speeds, headless mode, and one-button takeoff/landing. You can take selfies by posture or perform thrilling stunt flights. Whether you’re a beginner or a skilled player, our drone promises an enjoyable flying adventure.
  • Fly Longer and Safer: Enjoy extended flight time with 2 rechargeable batteries, offering up to 25 minutes of fun. Features with over-current protection, Emergency stop, 4 propeller guards, and low power alarm to ensure a safe and reliable flight.
  • Trusted Flying Companion: For your first flight, we recommend an open area. We offer 24-hour technical support, a quality warranty, and a refund guarantee for all customers. If you encounter any issues with the Drone, Remote Control, or App, contact the seller for a prompt solution. With its compact size and included storage case, this mini drone makes an excellent gift for friends and family.


Age Range Description

Adult, Kid



Video Capture Resolution


Control Type

Remote Control

Media Type


Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

Lithium Polymer

Are Batteries Included


Video Output Resolution

1920×1080 Pixels

Remote Control Included


Rechargeable Battery Included


Product Dimensions

12 x 8.86 x 3.12 inches

Item Weight

2.03 pounds


2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



4 reviews for Drone with Camera – Foldable Drone for Kids Adults with 1080P FPV Camera, Upgrade Altitude Hold, Gestures Selfie, Waypoint Fly, Headless Mode, 3D Flip, One Key Start, 3 Speed…

  1. Avatar of D&M.T


    This is the first drone I have bought, so there is nothing to compare this with. As a newbie, I love the fact that this came with everything I need and plenty of spares. The drone is straightforward to pair with your phone to get an excellent aerial view and record video. It pairs using a temporary wifi connection.

    Remote: Remote is the perfect size and has all the buttons nicely laid out. It is nice and sturdy, and you can grip it well in your hands. I love the one-button flying and landing. I have used the one-button landing a lot. When I feel I am losing control, I just press that button, and the drone safely lands. It lands very smoothly. The controls do take some practice to get used to. Maybe it’s just me, as I have never used a drone before. I also liked that there is a space on the control where you can put your phone, making it so convenient to watch the drone footage while flying it. Remote control batteries were included, too.

    Drone: The drone comes with four spare blades (wings) with a screw drive and all parts needed to attach it. This is good in case I end up crashing this somewhere. If I do, I have some spare parts already included. It also comes with two batteries so that I always have a backup. The drone has nice, gentle lights when it turns on and is very stable in the air. I didn’t have heavy wind to test how it could handle the wind. The camera quality is decent as well.

    A case is included where you can store the remote, Drone, and all the spare parts.
    Overall, I am pretty impressed with the quality and all the items included with this drone—an excellent price value.

  2. Avatar of strait111


    I ordered this drone because I wanted something stable enough to take photos and videos, but that was still small enough to be packed easily. This drone kit fits the bill well as everything breaks down nicely and fits inside the (included) small case. The drone uses an app and your phone for the phot and video controlls, making it easy and familiar. The flight stabilizer work great and the unit flies very straight and hovers well. The stunts that the drone can do work great as it throttles up and flips before returning to a stable hover. There are drift corrections, but I found the unit to comensate for wind and such very well. The propellers have guards so a brush against things (including the ground) here and there will not hurt anything. Everything comes apart and goes back together very easily with no screws or thinsg that will break easily to speak of. Overall I am very pleased with this kit and the two batteries that are included as they charge rather fast and offer a long flight time… sorter if doing stunts and directional flying continuously.

  3. Avatar of J.T.M


    This drone is very easy to operate but has features like an advanced drone. T the flight time really amazed me, on first flight I was able to get 27 mins. But, a strong point is it comes with 2 batteries. My first flight was outdoors, slow wind and it handled great I was really amazed that this drone would be this responsive for the price. App is easy to use and connects smooth I had no problems with the app. Camera and video quality was sharp and study coming from a moving object wasn’t even delayed the camera kept up with recording. You can change speeds, definitely a plus not to mention the camera will move up and down with a simple remote control thumb wheel. If you are a beginner or even advanced user this drone is awesome with all the features and easy on the wallet. I recommend this drone to anyone looking for a great quality drone.

  4. Avatar of D&M.T


    I recently got this drone to upgrade from a $20 one I had a while back.
    I’m new to drone usage so I wasn’t able to fully test all the features, but with enough practice and space, this looks really great for the money.

    Instruction Booklet:
    It is pretty well laid out and designed, there are a few typos but nothing that’s difficult to understand.
    Just as a beginner some of the features could have used a little more explanation or examples.
    There’s a drone operation video I didn’t watch yet so I’m not sure if that clarifies things further.

    The phone grip fit my Pixel 6 Pro, it almost fit with my case but it was just a few millimeters too large, but most things don’t fit it with a case anyway.
    The hold felt sturdy and I didn’t fear it falling with normal usage and I was risking it over concrete.
    The controller overall was easy to hold and use, my only complaint is that some of the helper buttons have a beep when used;
    I’m not sure if there’s a way to turn it off for some of them, and I believe it beeps repeatedly when the battery is low as I noticed that towards the end of my testing session.
    If I’m not wrong, I believe you can use just your phone to control the drone so you don’t even need the controller, but I didn’t test this as I had limited space to do everything and felt the controller would be a more stable connection just in case.

    The app installed without issue on my phone, but the registration/login process is a little wonky. I got password issues but it wasn’t clear what was wrong though it did log me in.
    Some of the error messages are not in English, but it wasn’t a show-stopper. I think it’s the toast messages of when you’re not connected to the drone, all HUD/UI elements were in English or had a picture representation.
    I did get things connected and working and for the most part, everything was good.
    I didn’t get to record any video from the drone because I’m a terrible pilot right now so you’d just get like a 2-second clip of me crashing.
    The live video looked good from the phone and I unfortunately didn’t get to test what seems to be a VR feature, but once I’m done crashing into things I can’t wait to try that.
    There seem to be several ways to fly the drone, like a follow mode (I didn’t get to try it), phone tilt (similar to the PlayStation 3 axis tilt — only reference I have in mind), and on-screen controls.

    At certain points, if you crash and the drone gets stuck it does (or did for me) disconnect from the app, but if you have the network setup well (I didn’t) then reconnection is smooth (even when handled manually).
    It does take some getting used to in terms of flying and I think once I get better at calibrating it’ll be a much smoother experience.
    Sometimes I got a nice control over it but then adjusted things in the wrong direction and messed up the trajectory.
    Compared to the $20 one I had, this one is so much easier to handle and use, plus all of the features it provides are well worth the price difference.
    I didn’t fully get to test the battery life yet, but in my testing session it was running for a good 10-15 minutes or so and it’s great that it comes with two battery packs that easily swap from the drone.
    The drone seemed sturdy enough: I crashed into concrete, house siding, grass (make sure to clean it from the propellers), and a wooden fence. Barely any scuffs. The worst is the little caps on the screws popped off, but they’re snap in.
    The camera can also be adjusted to either look straight ahead or down at a certain angle.

    It comes with a wonderful case neatly packed. I was surprised at how well everything was put inside and it feels protective for the drone.
    It comes with a few instruction pieces like the booklet mentioned above and a cardstock that’s on the controller with button mappings and the QR code for the video.

    Overall, a great drone for under $100, and the app “issues” can easily be fixed with an update so I’m not too worried there especially since it’s optional for normal flight, everything that I tested still worked.
    Definitely have a large area if you’re new to drone flying, oh and add the propeller guards to keep those protected if you don’t fly too well.
    I look forward to playing with the other features once I get more familiar with it, there seem to be a few options that make flight easier or more automatic but that’s through the app.

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