Drones for Kids, ACIXX RC Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners, RC Quadcopter Indoor with Headless Mode, Small Helicopter with 3D Flip, Auto Hovering, Great Birthday Christmas Gift…

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  • 【Easy to Use and More Fun】: The drone for kids has the function that can perform toss to launch, circle fly, Auto Rotation and 3D flips.Besides,one Key Taking-off / Landing and auto-hovering function enables this mini drone to take off easily and hover at its current height. The drone is friendly and easy for kids and beginners to control with the throttle stick.
  • 【User Friendly&More Flight Time】The altitude hold function enables the mini drone to hover at fixed height stably.Using Headless Mode, direction is always relative to where pilots face so that offering care-free fly for kids, beginners, etc.The drone comes with 2 pcs batteries,8mins for each one, which can extend your fun flight time up to 16 minutes.You can replace another battery if the use one is low power.And it can make kids enjoy more fun time with families and friends.
  • 【More Durable and Safer】The drone’s structured style and four sturdy propeller guards ensures a safe flight which protects your kids to avoid body injury from spinning propellers. Made by high quality ABS material,the drones for kids is very durable and reliable for Kids and Beginners.No worry for the security.
  • 【Great Christmas Gifts for Kids】With more fun functions just as one Key Taking – off circle fly, Auto Rotation and 3D flips, remote control and so on, there is no doubt that kids would be enjoy the drone as the Christmas, Birthday gifts.They can play this mini drones at home, party and school,journey and so on.What a toy gifts for your kids!
  • 【What You Will Get】:The package includes 1* Drone & 1* Transmitter, 2* Drone Battery & 1* USB Charging Cable, 4* Extra Propellers, 1* Propeller Screwdriver, 1* User Manual. Perfect gift for your kids and friends, order it now without hesitation! If you have any questions, please contact us at any time.


Model Name


Special Feature

‎360 Degree Flip, One Key Rotation, Rechargeable, Adjustable



Connectivity Technology


Item Weight

‎8 ounces

Battery Capacity

‎100 Amp Hours

Control Type

‎Remote Control

Media Type


Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

‎Lithium Ion

Are Batteries Included


Product Dimensions

‎3.5"L x 1.3"W x 3.5"H



Country of Origin



‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Manufacturer Part Number


Special Features

‎360 Degree Flip, One Key Rotation, Rechargeable, Adjustable

8 reviews for Drones for Kids, ACIXX RC Mini Drone for Kids and Beginners, RC Quadcopter Indoor with Headless Mode, Small Helicopter with 3D Flip, Auto Hovering, Great Birthday Christmas Gift…

  1. Mykn Pearson

    This drone is really kid friendly. It’s a great addition to any kids toy box. I love how the remote is so small that a kid can literally hold it in their hands. The drone is also small enough to fit a kids hand, which helps them feel like they can control the toy. I love it and it’s kid approved.

  2. Dennis Pierri

    This tiny drone is a cinch to fly, easy to startup, and very safe indoors due to the full prop cages. At takeoff it is extremely stable in a hover, and very responsive (even in slow speed). It has 3 speeds, none of which are hard to control.

    It has many features for a drone of this type, including a headless mode and an IR obstacle avoidance. I found the avoidance feature to be quite impressive, as it actually stopped and slightly reversed as I approached solid objects in every direction. Other features include circle, rotation, and of course the flips in any direction.

    One thing that I was disappointed with was the unique charging connector (tiny barrel type). Since it uses a USB source, then the charger connection should be USB micro or USB-C as well. There is only one charger, so both batteries can’t be charged at the same time. Each battery only lasts about 4+ minutes when using the avoidance feature. For this reason alone I take away one star.

    The instruction manual is well written, something that is rare for these foreign toys. Each feature is described pretty well, with only a few translation challenges.

  3. RHM

    It’s quite fun, I like how chaotic it can be when flying, it’s a very cheap drone so the controls are not that precise and that’s part of the fun, there is a trick where it just makes a flip mid air then recovers, it is quite impressive!
    The control and drone feel of good quality, and it’s quite easy to use. Charging the batteries is not a hassle, and they last surprisingly long for a drone this size. Another thing I noticed is that the blades are properly encased so it’s very safe, no worries when crashing it.

  4. Dennis Pierri

    First off, I’ve flown many mini drones over the years, and this is the 6th one I’ve purchased.

    There is one brand for the same price as this that has been a real blast to fly and teach kids how to fly. This drone however doesn’t make it fun for anyone.

    The drone is too heavy for the power expected from the battery. Consequently the drone loses power within just a couple minutes and even if it can power the propellers, there’s not enough power to get airborne. You can toss it to start flying, but even while pushing up on the controller, the drone just sinks and falls to the ground.

    Half the time the controller is paired to the drone, nothing happens or even responds to the controller inputs.

    If you successfully get the drone airborne, most of the time it starts to drift and hit walls or objects rapidly before you even get a chance to recognize the direction and counter it with trim. Trimming is mute if the drone immediately crashes.

    If by some miracle you even get the drone to hover, it’ll start flying pretty erratically doing flips I never commanded or whatever else it just feels like doing before crashing.

    All in all, I detest this drone. It was supposed to be a fun birthday gift, however it’s the biggest mini drones disappointment I’ve encountered. Don’t waste your $$. Get something else. It’s too late for me to return this since it sat for a while in the package until it was gifted.

  5. RHM

    This kid-friendly drone offers a fantastic flying experience with easy toss-to-launch, auto-hovering, and 3D flip functions. Detailed manual lists all the tricks …Its user-friendly design, including one-key take-off/landing and headless mode, makes it ideal for kids and beginners. The altitude hold feature ensures stable flight, while the inclusion of two batteries extends the fun. Safety is a priority with the durable ABS material adds reliability. The comprehensive package includes everything needed for an exciting flying experience including extra rotors and screwdriver. Overall, exciting price for a drone that works well.

  6. DT

    Seems to work good and fun for kids when supervised. Flight time is not very long – maybe 3 minutes but batteries charge quickly and 2 were provided. Controller seems to work well but headless mode did not seem to work correctly but still was able to control drone. Drone was light enough that it should not damage walls or other stuff. Overall, pretty good toy for the price.

  7. Steve S.

    This drone is tons of fun! My favorite thing about it is the flips. There is something so satisfying about making a drone flip. And you can control if it flips forward / backward / left / right. The auto take off a landing is fun as well.

    You can also activate sensors on the sides. This is very useful if you allow a younger child or someone who is new to remote control devices, fly the drone. It will automatically avoid obstacles when you are getting too close to them. This also allows you to fly the drone using your hands instead of touching the controller, guiding the drone where you would like it to go.

    The cages around the blades help protect the blades themselves, and the material the drone is made out of is very forgiving. I accidentally bumped it into a wall, while the sensors were turned off, and it didn’t make any marks on the wall at all.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with this fun toy!

  8. Les A.

    This little drone is very simple to use for people new to using drones, it’s very simple and easy to use

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