E-outstanding 4PCS 2 Pins Single Female to Dual Male Jumper Splitter for PC Motherboard Power Light-Emitting Diode Switch Reset HDD Hard Drive

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  • Made of high-quality materials and has a long service life.
  • Allows you to separate your desktop computer desktop switch/close desktop button, compatible with other external desktop computer chassis switches and dual USB port power reset buttons.
  • Suitable for computer group dual boot, dual reboot line and special purpose.
  • Material: UL1332 high temperature wire, 7 strands / 0.15mm. Colour: Black.
  • Package includes: 1 PC power SW jumper, 1 PC reset SW jumper, 1 PC power Light-Emitting Diode jumper, 1 PC HDD Light-Emitting Diode jumper.
Package Dimensions

4.76 x 4.17 x 0.35 inches

Item Weight

0.317 ounces

Date First Available

October 21, 2020



8 reviews for E-outstanding 4PCS 2 Pins Single Female to Dual Male Jumper Splitter for PC Motherboard Power Light-Emitting Diode Switch Reset HDD Hard Drive

  1. transmitterguy

    I wanted to have the use of the front panel switches and indicators on my special computer, plus, have a remote control unit at my fingertips because my computer sits behind my 42″ monitor. Also, I use them in building computers so I can have a remote control so I don’t have to move the case to access the controls with wires hanging out and the computer on.

  2. Jose De Leon Jr.

    These are a little flimsy, but it for the job done. Used them to add an external button to my PC, everything worked great.

  3. mr t j lowe

    Added an additional power switch and these ensured the existing switch worked along with the new wired switch. Surprised no local suppliers are doing jumper splitters.

  4. Jonathan Medor

    This product was exactly what I needed to be able to split the power buttons on my PC from the front panel to an external/auxiliary button. The connectors are quite delicate and flimsey but I think that’s just the nature of these types of connectors. Just be careful and it will work.

  5. tucker hagge

    A couple years ago I added an external switch to my pc. I like that its more accessable but often I wanted to also use the case button. I couldn’t find the exact right product and after considering breaking out the soldering iron until I found this. Worked for me first try I now can use both power buttons and they both light up!

  6. Jon T.

    If you like to keep your desktop pc a little bit out of reach or in or under your desk, this splitter is for you!
    It’s a simple plug and play splitter that allows you to remove mount your pc’s power and reset buttons somewhere more convenient like right next to your keyboard and mouse!

  7. Matthew Hunnefeld

    Cheap. Works great. I have them hooked up to an external power button and both the external and the original case power button both function.

  8. pepck

    It is a little pricey for a couple of small cables. That is not too bad though. They get the jab done. Biggest complaint I have is that the male ends don’t label polarity. Only the female end is labeled. Sure, you can follow the leads to figure out the polarity but when working with so many cables, I would have appreciated it if they had labeled it for ease of use. If you have a fine color marker that will show on black plastic, I suppose you can label it yourself if you need to.

    Personally, I used it to set up an external power button on my PC. Some kits include these splitters, some dont.

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