EasySMX Wireless Gaming Controller for Windows PC/Steam/Steam Deck/PS3/Android TV BOX, Dual Vibration Plug and Play Gamepad Joystick with 4…

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  • 🎮【Universal Compatibility】EasySMX 9110 Wireless Game Controller supports PS3, PC, Steam, Steam Deck, Android phones tablets and TV box, and it is compatible with Windows XP/ 7/8/10/11 and Android 4.0 or above.🍀 Also Work with Nintendo Switch while connect with an OTG adapter
  • 🎮【Wireless & Wired Mode 2 in 1】10m(32.8ft) connectivity range covers the living room and bedroom. No wires, no mess, no hassle. Just wirelessly connect to your device and get to the gaming. Once run out of battery, just plug in the USB cable and keep your gaming going.
  • 🎮【Dual Vibration Feedback】Asymmetrical linear motor put you in the center of the action, giving you immersive gaming experience with multi magnitude of vibration feedback.
  • 🎮【Non-slip Grips & 4 Programmable Keys】 The indentation and textured surface of the joystick fit your fingers snuggly and prevent slips in intense games, giving you full control. The M keys makes you a master manipulator. You can edit any complex operation as an M button.
  • 🎮【Battery Operated】The wireless game controller has an embedded lithium battery and it has a smart sleep function, increasing battery efficiency.
  • 🎮【Plug & Play】You can start playing right after getting the Gamepad to your hands.
Product Dimensions

6.89 x 5.31 x 3.07 inches

Item Weight

7.5 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 17, 2020



13 reviews for EasySMX Wireless Gaming Controller for Windows PC/Steam/Steam Deck/PS3/Android TV BOX, Dual Vibration Plug and Play Gamepad Joystick with 4…

  1. Emily Phillips

    I use this controller to play Elden Ring and Visage. It does have back buttons, and because I have small hands, this isn’t a problem. I have had friends with larger hands that accidentally hit those buttons. Sometimes the controller gives me headache with connecting.

    Overall great controller for the price. Amazing as a first controller or for a backup.

  2. James

    The controller has a snazzy design. It’s light and comfortable to hold, which is great for long gaming sessions.

    The dedicated buttons for the LEDs and the vibration strength on the front are thoughtful features. Not everyone wants to feel like they’re wrestling a disco vibrator while playing their games. Personally, I think the controller looks cool, and the vibration settings give me the perfect pleas-…erm…I mean feedback.

    While the buttons on the rear of the controller can be helpful in some situations, I often found myself doing things in-games I didn’t intend to, like getting back into a car, switching weapon, using nitro. It often reminded me of the touch controls on the back of the vita. Cool feature, but can be annoying when you forget they are there.

    The buttons are fine. The d-pad is good, but not ideal for fighting games. It’s fine for perusing menus and changing weapons/modes etc.

    The sticks are very nice. They spring back to centre quickly. They don’t require too much effort to click down, and have a satisfying click when you do. On many of these inexpensive controllers, the thunbsticks often wobble about a lot when you are just resting your thumbs on them. Gladly, this wasn’t the case here. They are tight and smooth.

    The triggers are a mixed bag. For FPS games, the short travel distance makes it easier to quickly pwn skrubs and get them rekt. But for racing games, where the triggers act like pedals, they are not great. I just about get away with Burnout Paradise and GTAV. The triggers are so shallow, they have about the same travel as the shoulder buttons.

    Connecting it with my PC was easy. Just plug the dongle (I’ll get onto that in a moment) and away you go. Works in games as you would expect. No need to faff about. You may need to switch the mode of the controller (see the manual), but j didn’t have any problem with it. It just worked right out of the gate.

    The biggest issue I have with this controller is the horrible cheap dongle they put it with. It’s straight out of something from 2006-2009. Comically large and has a cheap looking red LED. At least it works, I suppose, but c’mon. It could at least match the controller and have a blue LED?

  3. Nichole E.

    The controller is easy to install – just plug in the USB and let it do the work. (It might ask for your permission depending on your PC settings, but it’s far simpler than my last PC game controller.) The button/joystick sensitivity is perfect and easy to use. It’s not super-sensitive like some third-party controllers I’ve used before. But it also doesn’t require button/joystick mashing to work. Response time is instant, no lag. And it stays charged for quite a long time, going to ‘sleep’ when you set it down for a few minutes. I’ve play for the better part of a day, forgotten to charge it overnight and then got back on the next day without it dying. Overall I’m very pleased.

  4. NN N.

    I’m no Pro gamer. I’ll get that out the way.

    Having said that, i bought this to use with my laptop to play metro exodus. In my opinion, using a keyboard and mouse for an RPG shooter / stealth game, with all the additional options for your character’s equipment etc, you’re on a hiding to nothing.

    Buying this controller having weighed it’s attributes against many others, i can say with great confidence that i made the absolute correct choice. Not that i would be able to tell with any degree of minute accuracy, but there is no notable latency between the controller and it’s USBA dongle. Connection following the in-box instructions was fairly straightforward, however, this was only half the battle.

    My game was downloaded via Steam and this is the platform where it is played. As such, you must go through the process of setting up your controller through Steam. There’s plenty of online information on how to do this, but briefly, you open Steam, click on the top left “Steam” options menu. Click on “settings”. Click on “controller” and take it from there. There’s myriad options on how to customise the controller via this menu system. Fill your boots.

    There’s nothing flimsy or cheap about the controller. No rattle. Good weight. Good texture/gnurling on the grip surfaces, good button travel and pressure sensation that will remind you of an official XBox controller if you’ve ever held one. However, this has some features that the official controller does not. A customisable button on each side at the back of the controller that resides beneath your middle finger. It has two sides you can depress, like a pivot. Effectively two buttons in one. Making for four customisable button presses.

    The ABXY buttons light up and there’s a nice little light ring around the right thumb stick. There’s also a rumble engine on each side of the controller that feels pretty tight as well. The bonus is, both rumble and lighting can also be customised by buttons on the controller. Dim the lights and reduce the rumble to your preference.

    Presently, i cannot fault it. I cannot speak to battery life, as i haven’t used it for a prolonged period, however, the comforting thing here is that if it gives up, no stress. It is usbc rechargeable so you can plug it into your machine or usb power source to keep it going while you play.

    There are so many controllers out there… So many. I researched them as best i could and came away thinking that on balance this one was the best for pc gaming. I believe i was right. Only time will tell. I’m confident it will.

  5. Daniel Smith

    I’m a PC player and I needed something to play mxgp the dirt bike game , and we’ll so on it acts like any ordinary remote controller nice grip and fluid nothing ground breaking its does what it needs to do and that’s all

  6. Cwright88

    Works perfectly, has vibration motors built-in, led lights as seen in pictures (yes these can be turned off to prolong battery life). Seems well built and works well. Had for a short while now and no problems with the wireless or any stick drift etc. Would recommend for the price. And is usb-c too so the charge cable lasts forever as opposed to the tiny little usb a ones that are used on like the PS4 control!. Battery life is about 7/8 hours. 10/10 from me.

  7. Balt

    Almost 1 year review

    Don’t think about it, if you have the money and need a controller that feels good, looks cool, and is wireless…Buy it.

    After a year of use, I have loved this control. It connects perfectly to my pc and Nintendo Switch.

    Something that wants to highlight is the customer service (it is incredible). My first order seemed open (missing USB wireless adapter), because it was for a gift, the company did everything possible to solve my problem in the shortest possible time (I have not seen similar customer service on Amazon).

    The lights on the controller are amazing (they can be turned off if you want), it feels incredibly sturdy for being relatively cheap, it has different vibration levels (they can be turned off too), it has additional programmable buttons, and the thumb sticks work without drifting after 1 year.

    I loved the control so much that I decided to buy others (I currently own 3 units). I am not a pro gamer with controller, but they are good for casual gaming.

  8. Peter Tracy

    I use this controller to play PC games on Steam. It comes with it’s own USB receiver and connects instantly to my WIndows 10 machine with no issue. It worked so well that I bought a second one to play local two player games with friends (btw, best 2 player local co-op: It Take’s Two). The ability to adjust the rumble force, and led light strength (you can turn it completely off as well) with dedicated buttons is super convenient. If I need more controllers, I’ll be buying more of these. Can’t recommend enough.

  9. David

    After one month I gave this product 4 stars, after a year I have reduced it to 2 stars.

    The controller is very light and feels quite cheap compared to official controllers, and even some controllers by the same brand.

    The controller has developed severe drifting issues as time has gone on. For example, if you press left on either analogue stick, it will often “stick” and continue to ‘press’ left well after you have released the stick. In fact it will also frequently continues to send left commands even when you are pressing right, causing the controller to fight you for control of the camera (or character)! It doesn’t happen all the time but happens frequently enough to mess up your game (and happens for all directions, not just left).

    The turbo mode is more annoying than useful, it can be accidentally triggered which will cause a panic as you try to remember how to disable it (which also requires working out which button is being turboed).

    The macro buttons on the back can be useful in specific contexts but you’ll more often find yourself pressing then by accident.

    Other than that the controller is a good size and the other buttons don’t seem to have any issues. The wireless functions well and doesn’t lose connection.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Simply didn’t work on my Tesla as it showed it in the pictures here on Amazon. It paired with the car but didn’t work other then pairing. Luckily I have one that does work just isn’t as comfortable to use as this one.
    Seller reimbersed me and let me keep the controller. They also asked if I could attach it with the cable to see if that worked and it did. Long story short I got the wireless adapter to work too (after trying different games and then going back to the most recent added like sonic). So if it doesn’t work at first go to older games then back to the new ones then it should work.

  11. Jim


    Now I’ve got it fully working I’m really impressed with this controller. It does pretty much everything I wanted it to do. Basically all the positive reviews on here can be trusted. Everything works as expected from the pictures and description, the wireless is great, charging and battery impressive, the range of modes works as they should. The fidelity isn’t as good as a Xbox controller (especially the right stick) but then you’re paying like a third of the price. It installed a darn sight easier than the wireless Xbox controller did though!

    The big thing this pad offers which others don’t is the 4 programmable buttons that are underneath the handles. The key thing to understand is that they don’t seem to be able to operate as just 4 extra buttons. Even though Windows seems to identify that there are extra buttons on the controller it doesn’t read them when pressed, until programmed, AND they can only be programmed to be another button or combination of others buttons on the controller.

    To program the M1-M4 buttons hold one of them and then press the Back (for single button) or Start (for combination of buttons) and the colour of the right thumbstick will change to purple. Let go of the M button and then press the buttons or button you want and then finally press the M button again. That M button will now mirror those buttons/button. I’ve found it very useful for using the controller in one hand whilst using the mouse in the other.

  12. Matt

    I’ve used practically every type of controller from when the NES was relevant to current consoles of today. I’ve been on a long journey, with at least a dozen types of different controllers, to find what I need on pc. This controller is it. It’s wireless, its rechargeable, it has the back buttons (M1-M4 here) and those can be mapped to the R3 and L3 buttons, very easily. It’s comfortable, has varying intensity of rumble, varying intensity for the lights on it. It turns on and off very quick. It’s very responsive. I haven’t tried using multiple at once, probably need a multi-USB adapter? But I play solo 99% of the time, and I am very happy with this controller. Definitely recommend, definitely will buy another one.

  13. cory

    Bought in August, by December I had to leave on charge to use. Battery dies within an hour off charge. Now will not pair with usb at all. Totally useless after 3 months of very intermittent play.

    Editing to 4 stars from 1 simply because they sent me a new one after 3 months at no cost to me. Not many comanies would even acknowledge you after 90 days without a paid, extended warranty. Kudos for customer service.

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