EKSA E900 Gaming Headset with Microphone – PS4 Headset with Detachable Noise Canceling Mic, 3D Surround Sound, Comfort Sturdy, Wired Headphones for…

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  • 【Detachable Noise-Cancelling Microphone】E900 gaming headset has a highly sensitive microphone with omnidirectional noise reduction technology, which can minimize the background noise to capture your voices clearly, and guarantee loud and high-quality voice transmissions during games or chats. The volume adjustment and one key mic mute switch are easy to be accessed during gaming. The E900 wired headset is perfect for gaming, working, studying, chatting, and skype, etc.
  • 【Humanized & Comfortable Design】This gaming headphone comes with thick memory foam cushion pads, soft and large earmuffs that optimize comfort even when you wear it for a long period. In addition, it is sturdy with an adjustable metal headband so that you can find the perfect fit without constraint, no matter the head size.
  • 【3D Game Audio】The upgraded 50mm large-size driver unit is equipped with OFC copper voice coil, which has a wide dynamic range of sound, and the sense of space and positioning are well reflected, giving you an immersive feeling.
  • 【Lightweight and Convenient】The gaming headset for PS4 is lightweight, hence suitable for work or travel. You can carry it around or wear it for a prolonged period without feeling its weight. Furthermore, the in-line mic mute switch and volume adjustment are easily accessed and very convenient to use.
  • 【24-Month Warranty】EKSA gaming headsets are produced under strict quality inspection. The customer service is available 24/7 to answer questions and give you any required assistance. We try our best to take responsibility for your shopping experience by offering a two-year warranty.
Product Dimensions

7.08 x 3.93 x 6.88 inches

Item Weight

15.8 ounces

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Date First Available

August 16, 2020



13 reviews for EKSA E900 Gaming Headset with Microphone – PS4 Headset with Detachable Noise Canceling Mic, 3D Surround Sound, Comfort Sturdy, Wired Headphones for…

  1. Amanda Stobbe

    These headphones are nice. The only reason I didnt give it five stars is because it arrived with the cable already being falty already.. I have to move it sometimes to hear again. Other than that I havent gotten pain around my ears which is great as I wear glasses too. The noise cancellation works well, I cant hear my roommates tv which she cranks so Im happy. Just have a cable that I have to be cautious with.

  2. D. L. Hammett

    Bought these to use on my laptop/desktop when listening to pod casts etc. fairly comfortable to wear. As far as noise cancelation, not great but ok for me. Need to hear my wife lol. A bit larger than I thought. Other than that they’re fine for what I use them for. Recommend.

  3. StarrKd

    Owen, my Grandson, actually sent me a link to buy these headphones. So I’m pretty sure he knows they’re good quality.

  4. The Old Guy

    Gaming Headset with Microphone and you can unplug the microphone and just use the head set Great

  5. Sarah

    So I originally bought these with my online D&D games in mind. The microphone is not the best, but it functions and my friends haven’t complained despite the fact that to them I sound a bit low in volume no matter what I do to try to fix that. However, they are the best headphones sound wise that I’ve owned. The sound quality in them is excellent, they’re very lightweight and comfortable (so I don’t get headaches after awhile, as that’s an issue I run into with heavier headsets). Overall I’ve found the purchase to be worth it.

  6. Carla K.

    Very clear sounding and cuts out a lot of surrounding noise

  7. Tara

    I love the colour and was very excited to get my head set! But when I did receive my order I tried it on my controller and it didn’t work, so I checked the instructions and it said a headset adapter piece is required for the older Xbox one controllers, it never said that when I was ordering so I assumed it would be alright, but this is very misleading and very upsetting, I would’ve bought something else that would actually work!! The headset adapter piece is the same amount as the head set, if not more, so it’s all a waste of my money! 4/10 not happy at all. The least the seller could’ve done was mention that in the ad, otherwise like I said I wouldn’t of wasted my money or time buying this.

  8. giroro

    I really like the look and design of these headphones in purple. I like the anodized aluminum yoke that connects the drivers to the headband. I wish they lit up, but that just isn’t going to happen in a 3.5mm headset.
    For $30 these are not bad if you absolutely have to have a mic attached to your headset. The mic is removable but the cord is not. The cord is at least decent, It has a soft silicone-y feel but I doubt it is real silicone. It comes with a bag and a Y-splitter if you need to use separate the mic and headset connections. The inline volume control feels hollow and cheap; It’s bigger than it needs to be.
    Overall the build quality is pretty good, for the price.

    The mic is pretty good for a headset mic, but don’t expect it to come anywhere close to the quality of your favorite streamer using a dedicated $150+ condenser mic.

    My biggest problem with the headset is the sound. The first quick impression is that they are bassy, but that isn’t quite the right way of describing it. The punchy low end you would want from bass isn’t actually there. What instead you get is cranked-up lower mids. Instead of the deep depths of the ocean, you get a muddy swamp. It’s more like, the bass is “wrong” in a way that stops the headphones from having any real clarity. Instead of an dynamic, rich, wide explosion, you’re closer to a condensed splat.

    Are these better than a typical $30 pair of 2.0 computer speakers? Yes, for the most part.
    Are these the best $30 headphones you can buy? Not really.

    If you plan on removing the microphone, you can do a lot better for sound quality in the $30-$50 range. Granted the nicer sounding headphones will not look as good or may need different earpads to be as comfortable. You may want to check out Monoprice 8323, Monoprice 116150 Retros, Superlux HD668B with Cosmos Velvet pads or Koss KPH30i with Grado GS1000i pads (Grado GS100i is a different style of headphones with much bigger pads). But trust me, the sound quality is worth it. Even without the pad upgrade, I prefer the KPH30i.

    I use the Eska E900 when I want to look like a gamer, but I use my Superlux when I want to be lost in a world of total immersion.

  9. Tracie Winn

    I bought these for a podcast interview. They worked great! The sound was very clear.

  10. Anonymouscustomer

    I am not a fan over over the ear headphones because I ALWAYS get headaches. But I recently got a job where I needed a set and this is perfect! I wear them 8 hours a day and they don’t feel uncomfortable. I don’t get headaches and I’ve not had anyone complain about background noises. And anytime my kids talk to me I have to take them off to hear them.
    Great product and great price!

  11. Alexis Mauricio

    Overall really good headset with mic, only down side is, mic stopped working after a week of use. If mic didnt stop working would of been super great and 5/5.

  12. Kendal Richardson

    Using for calls in the office – great sound and clear audio

  13. Client d’Amazon

    My really good headset had broken down and I needed a new headset quickly and decided to try these ones.

    -The mic does not work, at all. (I tried everything and either it’s just dead or it doesn’t pick my voice)
    -The headphones work but the sound coming through is super canny, it’s strange.
    -The plastic seems rather cheap

    +Light on the head, doesn’t compress my ears.
    +Pleasing looking design and color

    Realistically, I don’t think it was worth the money. If you are a gamer, familiar with very good and comfortable headsets (stuff at 100$+) I wouldn’t recommend this one to you.

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