Google Pixel 7 Pro – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with Telephoto , Wide Angle Lens, and 24-Hour Battery – 128GB – Snow

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  • Google Pixel 7 Pro is Google’s best-of-everything phone; powered by Google Tensor G2, it’s faster, more efficient, and more secure, with the best photo and video quality yet on Pixel[1]
  • Unlocked Android 5G phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan[2]; works with Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other major carriers
  • Pixel’s Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours; when Extreme Battery Saver is turned on, it can last up to 72 hours[3]
  • The Google Pixel 7 Pro 6.7-inch Smooth Display makes everything stunning and immersive[4]; it intelligently adjusts up to 120Hz for smoother, more responsive performance[4]
  • Google Pixel 7 Pro has a 5x telephoto lens with 30x Super Res Zoom[5]; the upgraded ultrawide lens powers Macro Focus to capture the smallest details
  • With Google Tensor G2 and the Titan M2 security chip, your Pixel is built with multiple layers of security to help keep your personal info safe
  • VPN by Google One (coming soon) is built into Pixel 7 Pro to help protect your online activity, no matter what app or web browser you use[6]
  • Get hands-free help with Google Assistant, pair devices easily, and use Find My Device to locate your Pixel phone, Google Pixel Watch, or Pixel Buds[7]
  • With its durable design and IP68 protection, your phone can handle water and dust[8]; it’s also scratch-resistant, with Corning[R] Gorilla[R] Glass Victus[TM]
  • Please refer to the product description section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g., [1], [2], etc.)
Product Dimensions

6.42 x 3.02 x 0.34 inches

Item Weight

7.4 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


Android 13.0


128 GB

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC

Other display features


Human Interface Input


Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor




Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

SIM Tool, Quick Switch Adapter, Cell Phone, USB-C to USB-C Cable, Quick Start Guide



Date First Available

October 6, 2022

7 reviews for Google Pixel 7 Pro – 5G Android Phone – Unlocked Smartphone with Telephoto , Wide Angle Lens, and 24-Hour Battery – 128GB – Snow

  1. Adrian Escamilla

    Aun cuando toma muy buena fotos (las versiones .dng son muy buenas, pero las .jpg dejan muchísimo que desear), este teléfono tiene mucho que mejorar. Por otra parte, no tiene la posibilidad de conectarse vía bluetooth o wifi a las smart-tv’s, lo cual es otra desventaja.

    Además, hay que comprar un cargador especial.

    Tampoco tiene una salida jack de 3.5 mm para audífonos; hay que comprar un adaptador especial. Ya se están pareciendo a los abusivos de apple.

    Su aplicación nativa para editar fotos es Google fotos, que es bastante mala.

    El teléfono es demasiado grande, produce acalambraniento en las manos.

    En general, aunque es bueno, su fama no se corresponde con su desempeño y ergonomía. Tiene mucho que mejorar.

  2. Carlos Sanchez-Trujillo

    It doesn’t catch the network. My previous mobile works perfectly fine and shows good network. I am disappointed with pixel 2nd time. I think Google is just charging because of its brand. Product has nothing worth 75k…

  3. G. Ross

    I have only truly loved one cell phone. That was my Samsung Galaxy S4. My Galaxy S1 was so cheap it didn’t even have a flashlight. My S7 annoyed my so much I literally threw it out the window. I upgraded to the Pixel 3XL.

    That was a (mostly) good phone. From day 1, the internal GPS was messed up so it never told my Nest thermostat I was home, and the thermostat would always change to away mode while I was still in the house. Using store apps was also difficult as it would think I wasn’t in Walmart, or Home Depot, and not allow me to search for items in the stores.

    C’est la vie, I lived with it for 4 years, until it’s quirks and foibles had me to the point where I smacked it with my fist and cracked the screen. So much for Gorilla Glass. No bother, I scored the 7 Pro on sale.

    The 7 Pro keeps some great and useful features from the 3Xl, such as double tap the screen when it’s off to bring up the lock screen. Love that. I’m a troglodyte and basically use my phone to talk, text, browse, and take the (very) occasional picture. I could easily get away with a midrange phone, but I like big screens, and fast processors. The sale price was a good deal, so I bought this.

    Features I love that were not on my 3XL; double tap the back to perform a preset command. You can use it to take a screenshot or pause the media you’re playing, etc. Very handy! The lock screen gives the option to have the clock in one grid, as opposed to the 3XL, once it was updated to Android 10, wherein the clock was split into top and bottom for hours and minutes.

    The phone seems a good deal faster than the 3XL. The upgrade to Gorilla Glass Victus from GG5 should hopefully help prevent damage. I don’t know whether it’s the GGV, or the liquid glass I had applied to the screen for protection, but the glass attracts a lot of dust! I must clean it regularly. I also don’t really care for the curved glass on the screen edges. I’m not really sure what the point of that is, but it can make reading text difficult, and it can cut off letters on the edges.

    It is a big phone, which is what I wanted, but it will be difficult to perform one-handed operations unless you have big hands like myself. Even then, it can be a chore. The one thing I don’t like, is the sensitivity of the screen. Holding it one-handed, I use my thumb to scroll up and down. This will easily cause the screen to think you’re long-pressing, and highlight the text to allow you to copy/paste/google search, etc. It’s the single most annoying quirk I’ve discovered.

    I’ve tried adjusting the screen sensitivity level to no avail. My 3XL never did this, and the screen size is virtually identical to the 7 Pro. The only fix, is to adjust how I hold the phone so that my thumb is more perpendicular to the screen and not as much of my thumb is touching. This means that it’s not as secure in my palm so I have to take great care not to drop it.

    Overall, I like this phone. Samsung has a lot going for it, but I’m happy with my purchase. It’s also very easy to use and set up. While I’m certainly not a noob, I’m not as tech savvy as I could be. Yet, I had the phone up and running within an hour or so with all my configurations locked in, and adjusted. And no GPS issues either!

  4. Susheel Singh

    Received the phone with old box and phone is scratched on back camera section.

  5. Susheel Singh

    Siempre he usado teléfonos Samsung de gama alta.
    Antes de comprar el pixel 7 pro tenía el note 20 ultra, la verdad es que no veo diferencia en el rendimiento, la pila es una brutalidad, le dura todo el día, pero en lo que es un gigante es en la foto … Lo único malo es que no viene con cargador, te recomiendo usar el cargador ugreen de 30w de carga rápida que venden aquí en Amazo, así que también pídelo cuando lo comprs.

  6. A. Antonio

    It seems like everyone gave this phone the “phone of the year” honor. I’m not sure why. I used it for a while and then went back to my S22 Ultra. Granted, each phone has it’s issues, but S22 Ultra is works better.

    Works better? Yes. The Pixel 7 Pro has too many bugs. The fingerprint reader, although they say it’s better, doesn’t work half the time. I can’t imagine how bad it was before. Want to use Chrome to surf the web? Sometimes it just refuses to load. You have to jump through hoops to get it working. Want to use face unlock for your banking apps, like on an iPhone – too bad. It doesn’t really work. Want to use that camera they brag about? It crashes more than a drunk, elderly, American driving in London.

    Want the latest updates on your unlocked, non-carrier locked phone? Too bad, there is a good chance that won’t happen, if you have certain carriers. I’m not kidding. Somehow your network restricts the updates you can get by MONTHS. My S22 Ultra is more up to date than my Pixel. That’s just wrong.

    If you ignore the bugs, the raw android is mostly okay. It is annoying that you can’t add more than 4 quick apps to your home page. I also wish you could organize your app tray, instead of having a big list. Those are minor things though. The thing that gets me the most is your short cuts. The big bubbles seem awkward at times and having to double swipe to get to the settings shortcut is annoying.

    The hardware seems fast enough, but it did take nearly two hours to install a security update. That seems excessive. At least everything was done in the background until the reboot prompted.

    This phone weighs less than the S22 Ultra. It’s noticeable. If you light a lighter weight phone, this is a better option.

    Now for the biggest plus for this phone – the price. I got this phone in brand new condition for under $600. That’s a lot less than the S22 Ultra. That brings the value you get to almost that of the S22 Ultra. It’s almost good enough to put up with the bugs.

  7. Shiv Gupta

    Es un celular maravilloso, muy completo y con una cámara más que excelente. Google corrige rápido los bugs y hasta ahora todo me ha funcionado de maravilla, vale la pena cada peso. Lástima que no exista distribución oficial en México.

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