Google Pixel 8 – Unlocked Android Smartphone with Advanced Pixel

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Google Pixel 8

  • Google Pixel 8 is the helpful phone engineered by Google; the new Google Tensor G3 chip is custom-designed with Google AI for cutting-edge photo and video features and smarter ways to help[1]
  • Unlocked Android 5G phone gives you the flexibility to change carriers and choose your own data plan[2]; it works with Google Fi, Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and other major carriers
  • Google Pixel 8 has a fully upgraded camera with advanced image processing to reveal vivid colors and striking details; and now with Macro Focus, even the smallest subjects can become spectacular images
  • The 6.2-inch Pixel 8 Actua display is super sharp, with rich, vivid colors; it’s fast and responsive for smoother gaming, scrolling, and moving between apps[3,4]
  • Pixel’s Adaptive Battery can last over 24 hours; when Extreme Battery Saver is turned on, it can last up to 72 hours[5]; and it charges faster than ever[6]
  • Google Pixel 8 can notify first responders in an emergency and share your location, and can even detect if you’ve been in a severe car crash[7,8]; if you’re unable to respond, your Pixel phone can call emergency services and notify your chosen contacts
  • With powerful security features, your Pixel phone helps keep your info safe; Google Tensor G3, VPN by Google One, and the Titan M2 security chip give your Pixel multiple layers of security[9]
  • Switching to Pixel is easy; just connect your old phone to your new Pixel and transfer contacts, photos, messages, apps, and more in about 30 minutes[16]
  • Please refer to the product description section below for all applicable legal disclaimers denoted by the bracketed numbers in the preceding bullet points (e.g., [1], [2], etc.)
Product Dimensions

5.92 x 2.79 x 0.35 inches

Item Weight

6.6 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)


Android 13.0


128 GB

Wireless communication technologies


Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC



Other display features


Human Interface Input


Scanner Resolution

1080 x 2400

Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor




Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

SIM Tray Ejector, Quick Switch Adapter, 1m USB-C to USB-C cable



Country of Origin


Date First Available

October 4, 2023

Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.2 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

8 GB

Battery Capacity

4575 Milliamp Hours


0.41 Pounds

12 reviews for Google Pixel 8 – Unlocked Android Smartphone with Advanced Pixel

  1. Cristhopher Lopez

    im very happy with the phone it is fast works good and the screen picture quality is very nice to look at and has a beautiful picture worth the money

  2. Edward

    The Pixel 8 I bought is essentially perfect condition, works amazingly and for much cheaper than buying totally new! Hell of a deal 🙂

  3. Ed

    I’ve been very happy with this phone so far. The screen is very clear with vivid color. The speed of the phone seems much more improved than my previous phone. The battery power has lasted well too.

  4. Cristhopher Lopez

    This smartphone feels amazing in hands and coming from a 6.55″ block, it is like a day and night in weight and size. It fits very well my pockets. The screen is pretty smooth, Pixel UI is very clean and minimalistic, without all the nonsense and infinite options that characterize chinese Ui like Miui or ColorOs. Color otherwise is kind of dull, not vivid and there isn’t too much options to change. Camera is Amazing and I see why Pixels compete hand to hand with Iphone; my device basically saved our Christmas diner photo since the Iphone couldn’t so much back lighting while the Pixel got an outstanding photo with just one click. Everything feels smooth, especially at 120 Hz but even at 60, it feels greats. Google photo AI editor, magic eraser and noise eraser are amazing tools, I could even use magic editor to erase some numbers from an image for a University project. Now the bad parts about this phone: Chip isn’t the most efficient, sometimes it even gets hot easily with minimal tasks, and even worse when using LTE (not 5g since in my country that technology isn’t working). I can easily see the difference in battery health when using data instead wifi. without battery saver,this device will lasts like 4 or 5 hours. It is so underwhelming since this is the only way to e joy the 120 Hz refresh rate. With battery saver, things get better and you can accomplish like 6 to 8 hours, but by dimming the phone capabilities.finally the worst part of this phone is the lacking 27w to charge which basically take between 1.5 hours to 2. It is so disappointing that a 2023 Smartphone charges so slowly and with a horrible barrery management your battery depletes like water ins hands. Just to look at the screen You’ve already lost 1%. So I would recommended this device just to people who prioritizes camera over battery and performance and those who can live with a charger 24/7 (charger not included 🥴).

  5. mk

    The transfer from my Pixel 3 was a smooth process with the exception of WhatsApp where I lost all my history – because I had no backup? Maybe. Anyway, the phone itself seems fine; fast and smooth and unlike some brands not filled with own-brand alternatives. No hardware problems that I have encountered. The device itself seems slightly taller and maybe just a smidge narrower than the Pixel 3.

    The camera takes excellent pictures. Detail is great, including in the shadows and highlights.

    I have decided that I don’t like the gesture based interface and have gone back to the three buttons at the bottom of the screen. Other than that, the latest Android seems a logical continuation of the operating system – no big surprises.

    In sum – it was time to move on from my old P3 and this seems to have been a solid choice. No buyer remorse here, especially given the great Black Friday pricing!

  6. Erickson P.

    Tired of the duo-monopoly of iPhone and Samsung? Try google! It was a surprise to me.
    Top-level camera, and quick response on everything. Great phone for modern use.

  7. joaquinfjf

    Based on the reviews, I thought it was going to be a premium phone. It is very good, comfortable, and once you get used to it, it has one of the best interfaces. The rear camera is incredible, however, the selfie camera is bad, the images do not have very good quality. The AI ​​thing is very interesting and I like it. The battery is perfect, it always lasts me all day and when I go to sleep, by magic, it already needs to be charged. So, after a week, it adapts to your schedule and makes it a 10/10 battery. However, the screen sometimes freezes. This is something I don’t like, since it’s a new phone, I feel like this shouldn’t happen!

  8. craigb

    I did a LOT of research on the latest Android smartphones before settling on one that had the best features for my budget. I REFUSE to pay $1000 or more for a quality smartphone; with that being said, I’ve had my share of cheap, low-budget smartphones, and you literally get what you pay for when you opt for an inexpensive budget smartphone: Hiccups and glitches galore. This time around, I decided to “upgrade” and get a phone that would last for more than two years without making me want to chuck it across the room every time it froze or glitched. I think the Google Pixel 8 phone will be one I will hold on to for a while, provided I don’t drop it hard enough to destroy it as I’ve done a couple of times with my low-budget phones, lol! Not only do I like the look, features, and quality of the Google Pixel 8, I absolutely LOVE the fact that it’s a fairly small phone, as smartphones go. I have small hands and didn’t want a large phone that is more difficult to hold on to while using, AND Pixel 8 fits comfortably in my pockets or a small purse. I also take a LOT of pics, and Google Pixel 8 has one of the best cameras around. Of course, price was indeed an issue for me, and I wanted a high quality phone without the high quality price–the Pixel 8 fits the bill perfectly. Although its cousin, the Pixel 8 Pro, is rated higher and has an even better camera, that extra “high quality” comes with a heftier price tag as well. Even though the Pixel 8 Pro is also priced below $1000, it’s still more than I was willing to pay at this point. I opted for the less expensive Pixel 8 (around $500) and thus far, I am very satisfied with my purchase. With the YEARS of updates promised, the mid-range price, and smaller size, I believe I’ve made a good investment. Hopefully, I will still feel the same beyond two years from now. So far, I recommend!!

  9. Chaf

    Got it on sale for $499. Wife has an iPhone 15, and the Pixel 8 beats it just about everywhere except battery life. Still great battery life, but Apple is just better with that. Photos here are exceptional, in keeping with past Pixels. Great build quality, the super bright display is a joy to behold and the system haptics are about the best I’ve had on a phone. It’s a great size if you’re like me and prefer smaller devices – and it’s lightweight. It looks slick and very smart in Hazel, though sometimes it looks gray or gunmetal or blue which all are quite nice honestly! This is one helluva phone and the best non-Pro they’ve ever made. Great job Google!

  10. Renee Latour

    I like googl

  11. garrett

    After 2 full months of use and plenty of hours enjoying this phone, I can say it has been one of the best purchases I’ve made in my life. I spent almost 5 years with a Xiaomi Mi 8 that unfortunately died on my mid-year vacation in 2023, it drowned in a pool, lol, and after that, I was forced to switch to a Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 (the worst cellphone of my life). When I started looking for options I found out the Pixel had almost all the features I was looking for in a replacement for my Mi 8 (fluid system, good camera, compact, elegant, among many others). The only downside I can say about this phone is maybe the battery, even though gets to complete the day, sometimes it can be a bit short, and also the “quick charge” is not top-notch for the price we paid, and that is disappointing. After that, I’m super super happy with my Pixel 8!

  12. Graham V

    The Google pixel 8 is great. The camera is amazing. So much you can do with pictures on this phone . I have the 7 and the 8 is way cooler. I bought it as a gift. They love this phone so much.

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