GoPro Ball Joint Buckle (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

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  • Make adjustments or completely reverse your capture angle without having to stop and un mount your camera
  • Can be used with all GoPro mounts with a quick release base to create even more immersive POV shots and incredible perspectives
  • The new integrated locking plug provides added mounting security. Includes easier-to-use integrated mounting buckle
Product Dimensions

1.97 x 6.1 x 8.07 inches

Item Weight

3.22 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

October 4, 2015


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13 reviews for GoPro Ball Joint Buckle (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

  1. JM

    I like being able to change my camera angle while SUPing – often by 90 degrees. This used to be obnoxious, now it’s trivial. Combine with an additional joint for maximum flexibility.

    Make sure you apply leverage correctly to target the ball itself. I can see how other reviewers may have cracked plastic.

  2. v.v

    Its always been a pain having to have to take the GoPro off the car mount in order too turn it round to film either inside the car or film through the windscreen the road ahead. This joint buckle solves the problem. Be warned it is very stiff to use but that makes sense as if there it is at all loose, the go pro will prob move around when the car/bike/ skier hits bumpy bits. Wish I had disovered this joint buckle ages ago!

  3. Brandon Hotel

    Absolutely incredible mount. I have come back to buy a few more of these, and have also had a lot of my friends buy them. This is the cheapest place to get the mount. A lot of motorcycle helmets have very few mounting options. After a LOT of trial and error with a LOT of different mounts and setups, I discovered that using this mount is hands down the best way to go. It swivels in any direction and if you look closely at the attached picture (FRONT view), you’ll see that I used a dremel to make it so that the GoPro could angle up a little better. So even though the bottom part of the helmet faces slightly down, the part that I rounded out allows the GoPro to angle up to see the road. Feel free to comment or message me and I’ll get back to you with any other details.

    P.S. – Although I’ve never had a mishap, make sure to always use a tether as a backup just in case it falls off! And always use authentic GoPro gear. Don’t trust that knockoff Chinese crap.

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  4. Localsiding

    The idea behind this mount is versatility. That it is for the most part. The down side is it is made of plastic. Like ALL Go Pro mounts, the plastic breaks and you are constantly buying them so you can use your camera. Go Pros excuse is that it is better the plastic breaks than your camera. Yes, I don’t want my camera to break, but if the mount fails, it still could break the camera depending on the fall. I would rather have a metal mount and the base mount stay plastic. Over all it does its job and it is nice to be able to rotate the camera for a specific view.

  5. WD

    Bought this to mount my GoPro Hero Session to the seat post of my bicycle.
    I am using it in conjunction with a GoPro Handlebar / Seatpost mount.
    This buckle joint allows a bit of extra movement to make sure that the camera is level.
    I use the camera, rear facing, to record traffic coming from behind me and overtaking – just in case of an accident.

  6. Scott O.

    Keeps gopro in same position during boat ride

  7. Takeshi Nakai

    Good stuff

  8. Daddio

    So while I am a life long ADV rider (practically), I am fairly new to “MotoVLogging” my riding adventures – previously I used a TomTom Bandit Action Camera mounted very tightly to my white ADV helmet and that worked and looked really good – were it not for TomTom’s terrible long term support of this thoroughly Excellent Action Camera – I would Not be posting this review at all – have to wonder about that company… Anyway, I have had an awful lot of frustration with my new GoPro 7 “white” (actually it is gray!) in part having to do with mounting – I found this nicely designed ball mount that added the much-needed flexibility for mounting the GoPro 7 – Not only helped mounting flexibility on the helmet but also in all my other locations around my R1200GS Adventure – so far, the mount has held up nicely even under much off-road vibration! I am using an aluminum arm mount on this to further stiffen and ensure camera stays put during hard riding action… the shiny plastic makes me a little nervous but IS holding up, if Only the GoPro 7 would just work right for a change – just warrantied the first one and the replacement is barely working better… Ugh

  9. Jules

    Good build quality, love how the screw extends enough so I can get my fingers round it easily, the cheapo i had before this was very difficult to grip as it was too close to the body of the camera. The only down is the stiffness of the ball movement, i couldn’t move it at all and was ready to return it as i thought it must have seized up, when my stronger partner came and he managed to move it, I’m just hoping it gets a bit looser over time, I think its unnecessarily stiff

  10. Olley

    This buckle is probably THE easiest way to have your GoPro chin-mounted. It is very compact, yet provides enough range of motion to have a good angle even for a lean-forward helmet position. The trick is to mount the sticky pad horizontally and on the RIGHT side of the chin. That will place the lens more to the centerline of the helmet. This also keeps the chin vents functional on many helmets without blocking them permanently in a closed state.

    Keep in mind that this buckle is VERY tight, as it should be to eliminate all wiggle and rattle. To rotate it you have to find a way to grab the whole plastic mount. I wrap a piece of cloth or grab it with my motorcycle glove. I rotated and adjusted it many times without any issues. However, I think that it is meant to stay in one position, not constantly tweaking the angle.

  11. Victor

    This allows rotation and tilt in any direction. It’s a ball. I wish it had a detent to let the user know when the camera is straight and level. You can never know if your camera is level or pointing forward, unless you check the picture, of course. I use it while I’m biking. It sits on my head, so I can’t check the picture, just to align after a quick rotation.

  12. Veloshooter

    With the GoPro brand, its expensive for what it is – a tripod mount I bought was cheaper and better quality and had more features. There are no adjusters on it as with most ball joint mounts, just a very stiff ball joint. Do wonder if it gets ‘lose’ over time but for now very stiff and holds camera in place. Would have been nice to have come with a tripod mount so it could be screwed on a mini pod of some sort.

  13. Rich

    These things are fantastic! Every single GoPro mount should be like this! Shame they cost so much and are in a box 10x the size of the mount! C’mon GoPro, learn how to make eco-friendly packaging and ditch the plastic…

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