GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver

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  • 4K30 Video: Get stunning 4K video that’s as amazing as the moment itself; you can also shoot time lapse videos to turn longer events into short, shareable moments
  • Rugged plus Waterproof: Share experiences you can’t capture with your phone; HERO7 Silver is tough, tiny, totally waterproof and up for any adventure
  • Intuitive: Touchscreen with a touch screen and simple, streamlined capture modes, it’s easy to jump right in and get great shots; just swipe and tap
  • Voice Control: Stay in the moment; control your HERO7 Silver hands free with voice commands like “GoPro, take a photo” and “GoPro, start recording
  • ​10MP photos with WDR HERO7 Silver takes beautiful, vibrant 10MP photos even in challenging shots that mix bright light and shadows; and with burst mode, you can get 15 photos in one second
  • Video stabilization adios shaky footage; HERO7 Silver records smooth, steady video whether you’re skiing, snorkeling or chasing your dog around the yard
  • Shoot vertically capture photos and videos in portrait orientation, perfect for snapchat and Instagram stories
  • Photo timer jump in there; a photo timer makes it easy to grab a GoPro selfie or group shot with your whole crew in the frame
  • GPS Performance Stickers: Track your speed, distance, and more; add stickers to your videos in the GoPro app to show off how fast, far and high you went as the action unfolds
  • GoPro warranty included
Product Dimensions

1.75 x 2.44 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

4.2 ounces

Item model number



1 LR44 batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 4, 2018


GoPro Camera

12 reviews for GoPro Camera HERO7, Silver

  1. Avatar of Jeff Ross

    Jeff Ross

    This is my third GoPro Silver, I love this camera for what I do in terms of film making. I wish it had image stabilization, but I know that would be additional cost production wise. I love how with the update it will go into portrait mode so I can do my Instagram stories on something other that my phone. I would try the GoPro 8 or 9 but I keep hearing more bad things than good things.

  2. Avatar of Solyhesham


    i got my camera and when i connected it with the app it said it should be updated to i make the update after that ,Camera turned on and off a few times as the app said it would and the go pro logo on screen. App said successful but the camera just had the go pro logo on the screen and is stuck on that. Won’t reset. Screen just goes off and the go pro logo comes back and that’s as far as it goes. Plug charger in and the battery light doesn’t light up, and pc wont pick up when plug in by USB. Like the operating system has gone off the camera.have removed the sd card, but when i hook up usb to wall outlet the red light doesn’t even light up to say is charging. also have hook up to my PC and the pc doesn’t acknowledge that the camera has been plugged in. go pro is always on cant turn off, when i do a reset with the mode button for 8 sec the screen turns off and then comes straight back on again and wont progress past the go pro logo. wont actually stay turned off. i contact the customer service it told me to try to manual update and i tried but it doesn’t work it kept stuck on go pro logo and then they told me to try different compatible sd card and i got one sandisk extreme u3 v30 128 gb which is compatible with the camera and it also doesn’t work i am fed up from this camera and i need an immediate refund or return with a new one because it’s trash

  3. Avatar of JJ


    I’ve been using this camera for a few months and it’s not bad; wish the price would be more reasonable though.
    It has voice commands and is water resistant.
    The camera is a bit too small (especially when trying to program it using the touch screen), and it could be a bit easier to program too.
    NOTE: There are NO instructions included with this kit. If you want operating instructions, warranty info, etc. you’ll need to download it from the GoPro website.
    Also, I highly suggest going to YouTube for more info on how to use or repair this camera.
    (After just a few uses, the battery cover broke off VERY easily. GoPro does NOT include repair info, YouTube saved the day however.
    Additionally, even though the camera does come with image stabilization, it has at least a 1-1.5 second latency when taking pictures. This can cause blurred pictures or missed shots altogether.
    I would also suggest in purchasing a gimbal (a mechanical image stabilizer) if you plan to shoot POV’s, action shots, etc.
    The digital zoom can be adjusted on the fly but it’s very limited.
    Sound quality is not bad if you’re not in swift motion. It you plan to use this camera for running, skydiving, road trips (on a motorcycle), etc. then you’ll need to use a noise filter.
    You’ll need to download the GoPro Kwik app for your phone, or to download (or purchase) a separate video editor as well.
    The camera includes a couple of mounts with sticky tape.
    For action shots (jumping into the pool/ocean, swimming, surfing, running, etc) I would recommend getting the wrist or head band sold separately.
    It may take a while to get used to programming this camera, but the voice command really helps.
    Look for specials from GoPro & Amazon and wait for them. Buy the camera on Amazon!
    BELIEVE me you can save up to 50% of the retail price by doing that.

  4. Avatar of CBreeze


    The video on this is great. The picture is always clear and it stabilizes very well. I many use this on my motorcycle and even when I use a bar mount, there is still no discernible shake, and for reference, there are many instances when the vibration from the motor make my mirrors blurry. The battery, though, is big disappointment. You MIGHT get an hour of video before it dies. You also can’t plug it in and record at the same time so there goes the hardwire power thought. Also, when you plug it into your computer to download videos, it’s also running on battery, not charging. If you need more than an hour at a time for your videos, better get the black as it has replaceable batteries.

  5. Avatar of Aloysius Carl

    Aloysius Carl

    These are pretty simple to operate and capture very good quality videos and images. Would like to be able to have multiple battery packs as we were originally worried about the charge being an issue, but the batteries held a charge for a long time. Having the readily available tools to buy for easy hands off use is very important as it makes working with the camera much easier and more enjoyable – you can set it up, go about your hike and not worry about it.

  6. Avatar of Mike


    As to the camera itself, I honestly cannot complain much. The battery life is short lived, however, that’s more due to the quality of video I’m filming. Aside from that, there are add-ons that I can purchase that will help prolong battery life…in a way.

    My biggest problem?? GoPro, in their less than infinite wisdom, have put out a quality product, yet….here it comes….REQUIRE the user to use a (for Windows-based computers) Windows 10 (ONLY) app to do any kind of video editing.

    SERIOUSLY!?!? GoPro can’t keep the Win 7 version available for those that refuse to downgrade to Win 10!?!?


    I promise, I won’t buy another GoPro product again, for that reason alone!! Eat a fat D!CK GoPro!! Eat a whole bag of d!cks!!!

  7. Avatar of Oscar Esqueda

    Oscar Esqueda

    Es la peor camara de accion que he visto, compre la camara pensando que seria una buena opcion para reemplazar mi GoPro Hero 2, la realidad es que esta camara tiene una capacidad inferior a mi camara vieja.

    Es increible como GoPro va en reversa con estas camaras, mi camara Hero2 es configurable en los modos de videos y de fotos, y cuenta con ProTune, esta la ultima version Hero 7 Silver es menos capaz, los modos no cuentan con opciones para configurarla. En video selecionas 4K o desactivas 4k, en las fotos no hay manera de configurar los MegaPixel a la hora de almacenar la foto, cosa que las camaras anteriores tenian varios parametros configurables.

    La funcion de timer o time lapse en fotografia simplemente no existe, funcion que en este tipo de camaras debe de ser basico.

    En resumen una total porqueria, es mejor una camara de celular que esta camara de accion, digamos que no es mas que un camara mala de un celular en una carcasa de camara de accion.

    Un total robo, espero que GoPro salga pronto del mercado y deje de timar gente con el renombre que crearon en el pasado.

    Las capacidades del hardware estan ahi, simplemente le quitan la funcionalidad en el firmware para forzar a los clientes a comprar la camara mas cara la Hero 7 Black, eso es un insulto a los consumidores.

    Solo espero que mi Hero 2 siga funcionando un tiempo mas y buscar un reemplazo que sea de otra marca. Nunca mas comprare nada que ver con GoPro.

    No pierdan su tiempo y dinero comprando los modelos white o silver de Gopro, y piensenlo muchas veces antes de desembolsar grandes cantidades de dinero para comprar la gama alta o Black, mejor busquen otras alternativas de compra

  8. Avatar of Random Brainwaves

    Random Brainwaves

    The new gopros are like iphones, can’t change the battery. The gopro loses battery life while not turned on. Takes a long time to charge. If it turns on when charging, it uses power faster than its charging.

  9. Avatar of MarGo


    I have spent hours trying to connect this device. All guides state to swipe down on the screen for various options, my screen doesn’t have this option. I assume because it hasn’t been initially connected. It simply stays at “Step 1. Install yatta yatta. I have done so, and completed many different recommendations. I have yet to actually use the device and am incredibly disappointed with the process. I’m quite tech savvy so it isn’t that I’m a clueless twit, the device will
    not connect and every walkthrough is useless. I spent the extra money to get a great camera and can’t even use it. Very irritating.

  10. Avatar of XRAY


    The “image stabilization” we are being told is built into GoPro and Osmo Action is actually 100% in the editing software that you have to install on your smart phone, not in the camera itself – at least that’s my impression so far. I believe that it is a complete manufacturer created myth that any one of these cameras has better stabilization than another – I think it’s all in the software version.

    Why? Because, when creating wireless connection between the camera and the phone became too much of a pain in the rear, I just did that without using the smart phone app. If you’ve uploaded video to YouTube you may know that you can stabilize video there once it is uploaded. Some editing programs have the same capabilities. You don’t need the proprietary smart phone app that tracks your usage and uploads your info and video to the cloud and maybe the FBI. (just joking… or am I? 🙂 )

    So all this hype about which camera has the best image stabilization is crap. If you could figure out how to load your Hero 7 video to your Hero 8 or Osmo Action smart phone app, you’d have the same stabilization. They’re not going to tell you this – they want you to buy a new camera that has “better stabilization” than the old one, when they could just let you use the new software version.

    Here’s the thing: now that we know this, we can stabilize video made on any device. We can take video files from any GoPro or a DJI camera and stabilized them in a more powerful editing suite that we can use on a double monitor desktop instead of a tiny phone screen along with features like key frame animation for zooming and panning, color correction, rotation, text insertion, transitions, etc.

  11. Avatar of Marc Chabot

    Marc Chabot

    The only thing I liked about this camera is the new voice command features and the vibration stabilization is good. Several sports require two hands and using these two feature are great. I have been buying GoPro since the Hero4. This camera has less ability than my old 4. Regardless of the spot meter lock feature it is almost impossible to get the proper exposure straight out requiring way too much post production. The creek has frozen at least once EVERY time I have used the camera. The wifi burns through the battery like fire through dry kindling. I have to hard reboot this thing every time the screen freezes to be able to control any features. Gone are all the ability to modify how this camera captures everything. Even the timelaspe frame capture is hard set. GoPro has decided that if you want anything other than the most basic point and shoot, you need to buy the Black. If customer service can I will be begging for them to replace this first ever bad experience I have had with GoPro with the Black.

  12. Avatar of Chris


    If there was a better option I’d tell you to choose it, the app is unacceptably bad.

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