GoPro Camera Rechargeable Battery for Hero7 Black/Hero6 Black/Hero5 Black (GoPro Official Accessory)

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Last updated on 07:15 Details
  • 1220mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Use as a spare or replacement battery for your for HERO7 black, HERO6 black, HERO5 black or HERO (2018)
  • Refer to the pdf attached below in the technical specification for user manual
  • Includes 1 year GoPro manufacturer warranty
Product Dimensions

0.43 x 1.4 x 1.24 inches

Item Weight

0.847 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 19, 2016





13 reviews for GoPro Camera Rechargeable Battery for Hero7 Black/Hero6 Black/Hero5 Black (GoPro Official Accessory)

  1. Avatar of Marcelo


    I can say to take my time to give an opinion since I bought it and I must say that these batteries are excellent and still working like day one.

  2. Avatar of Nikhil


    i am sorry to say after using 8 time my go pro battery is darining very fast than original one it seems that it is 2 nd copy of go pro that we codunt figure out…. guyz please buy this @ you own risk or rather buy through go pro website cause it cost you same price…. know it will have a fast dilavery issue but its my viewpoint..

  3. Avatar of Code Red

    Code Red

    It’s really depressing that the GoPro brand cannot make a good battery, and also put a big price tag on it.

    I had a big vacation last month that i knew i was going to use the heck out of my GoPro Hero 6 on. I actually bought a spare that was on sale on Amazon for $16, then bought the GoPro brand Battery Charger and spare battery, giving me 3 total. I’ve got to say, what a pathetic battery these are.

    It takes NO TIME at all to drain these. Just using your GoPro to flip through settings, look at pics, or have On while using the app to download pics or use a a remote, will drain it at an amazingly fast rate. Of course, if you don’t already know this, recording on your GoPro in better qualities at better frame rates will also help drain the batteries fast. Why does this happen? I have no freaking idea and it pisses me off. I’ve read nightmarish reviews about the GoPro’s and their batteries but wanted to find out for myself. According to some reviewers, they recommend that you remove the battery from the GoPro after use because it will overheat the camera and also harm the Micro SD card that is in the same slot as the battery! That’s insane and uncalled for. We spend a TON of money on GoPro’s cameras and accessories, only to buy something for the name. The quality is really quite pathetic. The word pathetic can also stretch out to their poor customer service and App. Might sound like i’m getting off topic, but mediocre technology is the reason why the battery life is poor, and why i had to buy 2 spares. I can tell you that i used every one of these batteries on my vacation, as well.

    GoPro’s website has plenty of hints, tips, tricks, troubleshooting, and recording times versus battery life. In my experience, the actual battery life versus how long GoPro claims the batteries will last, is far less. It’s my belief that they, themselves, don’t really know what’s going on. They also tell you what SD cards work with their cameras, but wouldn’t you think that it should be ANY Micro SD card? Me too.


    – I really don’t know. Maybe that it’s the GoPro brand and history has taught me that same brand accessories with any product pair and work better than third-party.


    -Very short life
    -Will overheat your camera to the point of shutting it off

  4. Avatar of L Shively

    L Shively

    This battery was dead when received, but quickly took a charge, and I needed to use it so I kept it,
    BUT GoPro batteries are dated when manufactured, and this one, new in package, was built in August 2019
    and delivered to me in December 2020 – 1.25 years old

    Amazon deserved one star, but it was not GoPro’s fault, hence the Five Star review

    I am once again very disappointed in Amazon, like last time I paid for 12 sets of gloves, and they delivered 11 in an opened package….. hey Amazon, maybe do a little supervising in the warehouse????

  5. Avatar of MIKE


    La cámara GoPro Hero consume mucha batería, por lo que tuve que comprar 2 baterías adicionales y un cargador doble adicional también. No puedo quedar sin batería a mitad de excursión. (Ahora mejoraron la capacidad de las baterías, y aminoraron en algo el consumo en la Black Hero 9).

  6. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    Works great. Until I dropped it in the colorado river. Oops. But hey could have happened in worse places

  7. Avatar of Tristen


    Obviously this is GoPro brand. This is the battery that comes with your GoPro when you buy it. It is a good battery. The GoPro batteries typically hold an hour or two, so getting an extra battery or two is HIGHLY recommended if you want to film most of your day. This does work for Hero 6. BE WARNED: this product does NOT come fully charged nor at all, so plan to charge it before you need to use it. If anyone is wondering what the tab is there for on the top, it’s so you can pull the battery out of the GoPro easily. If you are going to have multiple batteries i do recommend getting the set with the battery and the 2x battery charger, or else you will have to charge each battery at once in the GoPro making it unable to use. I only gave this 4 stars, because i wish it would have came charged or at least a little juice.

  8. Avatar of Abraham Arturo Meza Marin

    Abraham Arturo Meza Marin

    Realmente es pequeña la batería de la cámara, es necesario tener dos o tres baterías sobre todo si piensas usar tu cámara en un viaje. La batería que adquirí la compré en 399 pesos, en los días de hotsale estuvo en 279 pesos, no entiendo como puede variar tanto de precio de unos días a otros, en fin creo que podrían dejarle todo el año el precio de 279.
    No puedo decir mucho de este producto, viene casi descargado, la probé ya una vez y si cargó y dura lo mismo que la batería que viene con la cámara, les recomiendo comprar alguna base de carga que soporte mínimo dos baterías simultáneamente, esto para no estar estresando la entrada USB C de la cámara.

  9. Avatar of Jeremiah Taylor

    Jeremiah Taylor

    I tried getting off brand replacement batteries but they don’t last nearly as long as the gopro brand, save yourself the trouble and just get the gopro brand batteries.

  10. Avatar of Kunal


    Not sure why so many negative reviews are there for this product. I received original battery for 2050/-. I confirmed this with seller before purchasing here. Battery is performing same as the original one that came with the camera. No complain.

  11. Avatar of Ashkaa


    Got this for a family member who just got a gopro. It’s always a good idea to have a spare. He seems to like it.

  12. Avatar of Followed to death

    Followed to death

    A GoPro battery that held charge pretty good, even though my GoPro camera was hacked as soon as I put the battery in. Once I realized my camera was hacked, I noticed it got very hot and battery was depleted. It was charged100% when I put it in. It was a good battery, that lasted long and held charge allowing hackers to play with it, but for current price two batteries not one should be included.
    I bought it on Aug 10, 2017 for $15.99, today is Sunday, December 18th 2022 and it costs $39.95.

  13. Avatar of Truth speaks

    Truth speaks

    Mfg date manipulation. 11 months old battery sold as 2 months old battery. Be aware you will face battery bulging and draining issues. Already bought blue tip battery it bulged no warranty can be claimed in india, gopro says the battery should be replaced through seller but seller says ask company. I bought it from apparioretail but he is a top seller I really don’t know how he ended up selling these kind of manipulated products.

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