GoPro El Grande 38in Extension Pole (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

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  • Extends to 38in (97cm) for new perspectives and to get you closer to the action. Collapses to 15in (38cm), so it’s easily packable for on the go use
  • Includes an integrated ball and socket design at the end of the pole, allowing you to make adjustments or swivel your GoPro 360 Degree without having to stop and un mount your camera
  • Premium oversized grip allows you to comfortably use two hands to hold El Grande for a better overall experience
  • Twist lock design for quick and easy use. Durable and waterproof
  • Awesome for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and biking (handheld or strapped to a backpack)
  • Perfect for riding waverunners or wakeboarding on the lake, or extending your reach for adventure selfies while hiking
  • Compatible with HERO10 Black, HERO9 Black, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO7 Silver, HERO7 White, HERO (2018), HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session
Product Dimensions

14.57 x 1.93 x 1.97 inches

Item Weight

13 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

April 5, 2017


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13 reviews for GoPro El Grande 38in Extension Pole (All GoPro Cameras) – Official GoPro Mount

  1. K. Leonard

    I read quite a few reviews on GoPro Poles. I saw back in the day, this pole came with a Lanyard. And recent reviews state the pole did not come with a lanyard anymore (which would be bad). But mine came today with a nice lanyard already attached (so not sure if I got an old one or new one w/GoPro added it back). The lanyard has a nice adjustable clip so you can cinch it down to your wrist so the lanyard will not fall off. My reason for giving only 4 stars is the pole sections lock/unlock design is slightly awkward. But once locked the pole seemed fine. I wanted a sinking pole for snorkeling. I don’t want to fight the buoyancy while underwater and will rely on the lanyard to do its job so I don’t loose it. I already have a great Floating Pole I use for Fishing etc which is awesome (has better locking design, give it 5 stars)

    Looking forward to trying this one underwater…

  2. Jonathan W.

    Amazing product with great build quality. Problem is, I searched for poles to use with my GoPro max and this is unusable with the GoPro max so I’m sending it back. Don’t buy for GoPro Max.

  3. GoProNeil

    *update* while walking using the pole and it’s out to its biggest size and screwed tight, it will loosen and fall down to the smaller size. Rsther annoyingly**
    *Also can be used in water*
    An absolute bargain when it was on offer at £18 from £50. Extends to a good size with a simple twist, easy to manoeuvre your camera while still catching the action.

  4. Marcus Matthews

    Good product to have for my next project using m the gopro camera

  5. ChasW

    The ultimate selfie-stick for your GoPro. A pleasure to use, adjusts and locks to any length in the available range very smoothly and securely. Not particularly compact at it’s shortest but it has good reach when extended, if for travel consider the collapsed length for packing into a day pack or bag.

    The ball head is an important feature that means you can shoot from any angle rather than just towards or away from the direction you hold the pole, this is an important aspect of this item that not many other poles have. There are a few that have a ball head with a tripod screw that then attaches to a GoPro mount, this would worry me that this mount could come loose in use. Not the case with the El Grande. The ball and socket doesn’t need to be tightened very much to securely lock the camera in place. In fact I would be wary of over-tightening.

    The holes in the base allow air into and out of the pole when extending or shortening and would also help to drain water. There is also a std tripod screw hole in the base. The flat section of the comfortable soft grip rubberised handle provides a suitable surface to mount the GoPro remote. The Velcro strap has to be wrapped around twice covering the start stop button of the remote though given the flexibility of the Velcro you can still press it, just not see it. At the premium price it would have been good to have had a few minor accessories in the box such as a shorter Velcro strap for the remote, a camera mount and screw (it just has the GoPro clip in shoe) as well as a wrist lanyard (see below).

    I knocked a star off as despite saying in the listing that a wrist lanyard is included (as of early August 2019), disappointingly there wasn’t one in the box. The GoPro website also states that this item is included and YouTube reviews show this pole with one, yet I now see another reviewer here has also complained about the same issue, so not an isolated case. Seems stingy at the premium price for GoPro to exclude it, especially as it was included previously. Almost all of the cheaper competition include a lanyard. Quite probably Amazon were provided with the text from GoPro or copied what is on the website. Interestingly the text on the box itself doesn’t list the lanyard in the contents list and the image on the box has changed from earlier versions that show the lanyard. I did raise this with Amazon. I have now obtained a third party lanyard that will be essential for use whilst surfing. This would have been more down to me had it not been listed on Amazon as included.

  6. Martin

    Super disappointed when I noticed it does not have a tripod bolt built in which means no way to let it stand by itself.

  7. Ian Craig

    The stick is nicely balanced with the fat handle acting as a counterweight, so that the GoPro is pretty stable, even when fully extended. The rubberised build is great for gripping and the stick does look sturdy and the ball joint allows dead easy angled adjustments. What a pity that it’s only a GoPro fit though. With a 1/4 inch screw, it could have been used with other cameras as well. I do love the fact that it’s waterproof and allows you to get the camera closer to fish if you’re diving with it,

    My misgivings about this stick is that there is no packing case, no lanyard and even the screw thread of old on the bottom seems to have disappeared. At this price level, I can’t see why GoPro couldn’t have retained two really useful things. The ability to attach it to your belt or backpack with a lanyard and the ability to use it as a tripod by screwing feet to the bottom.

    The other thing that I don’t trust is the twist locking system. It’s not positive enough for me.

    These changes have happened since the original so I’m afraid at this price, I would go for something else that’s cheaper. This could have been a great item, but GoPro have skimped.

  8. Shon Tamblyn

    I like the build quality of this product. It is certainly heavier than “off-brand” products but seems like a reliable piece of equipment, feeling very sturdy and substantial in the hand, and also adding a few inches or more of reach compared to other extension poles. I attached the Karma Grip to this pole and it held the Grip and camera at many different angles without incident.

    The extension pole allowed for some creative shots that I know I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Combined with the Karma Grip Gimbal, I was able to take some great “jib” shots and create the appearance of “drone” shots, where shooting with a drone may not have been legal or practical. The pole also allowed me to get shots well above the heads of other spectators, giving me a front row seat to the action. The extension pole also allowed me to get shots that would have otherwise been dangerous or impossible to obtain.

    My only complaint about the El Grande Extension Pole, is that I really wish there was a more solid locking function. Due to the weight of the Karma Gimble and Camera, the quarter-turn twist locking mechanism just unlocked too easily when rotating the camera, causing the pole to unexpectedly retract at times. While certainly not a deal breaker, I would prefer a mechanism that stays more easily locked.

    For folks into the Gopro ecosystem, I would recommend this project as a solid accessory.

  9. CallmeMs

    It’s big, bulky and heavy. Definitely not portable in terms of size and weight. Unlike the stock photo, the base of the pole is not equipped with a 1/8″ socket to attach to a tripod, which is quite disappointing.

  10. James

    Recently brought a hero 7blk and heard good things about these poles so went for it. Thought it was a little steep in price but after getting it, it is very good sturdy quality imo worth the money. Only concern is the lock of system on how long it will last. But overall love it good product other people I know have wasted £10-30 on other types of poles and not liked them or they have broken on them so as I said even though it’s pricey you are getting quality plus most of the time you can’t beat buying the added accessories from the manufacturers as they have been built purposely for that product.

  11. lion84

    Lead groups to israel each year. Used this with my hero 9 black and took 3 other sticks/camera grips and never took it off the el Grande. It was just what I needed it all situations.

  12. Mark

    I bought this extension pole after purchasing a GoPro Hero Black 7. My intentions are pretty simple – use it while hiking and snowboarding. I might update this review when I get a chance to use it in the wild. First impressions – it’s made really well. I needed something sturdy enough to survive the occasional drop or wipe out. I like the change in dimensions at the very bottom, it feels comfortable. The most underrated part of this piece is the rubber coating. I can already tell that grip won’t be an issue. I recommend spending the extra money on quality by buying the El Grande.

  13. Alvin

    It’s a good product, but it would be better if it came with a tripod mount. Why would you remove the feature.

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