GoPro Hero+ LCD, E-Commerce Entry Level Edition, Limited Accessories

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  • Shipped in brown box E Commerce Packaging & does not include Skeleton Backdoor, Touch Backdoor, Flat Adhesive Mount nor Curved Adhesive Mount despite the included Quick Start Guide stating it is in the box
  • Records stunning, immersive 1080p60 and 720p60 video with built in video trimming, SuperView, Auto Low Light, HI Light Tag and Quick Capture
  • Captures 8MP single, Time Lapse and Burst photos up to 5 fps
  • Built In Wi Fi + Bluetooth enables connectivity to the GoPro App or Smart Remote to adjust modes and settings, control the camera remotely, and view and share your content
  • Durable + Waterproof to 131’ (40meter), designed to withstand extreme environments and conditions
Product Dimensions

6.42 x 4.06 x 4.25 inches

Item Weight

4.5 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

December 8, 2016


GoPro Camera

9 reviews for GoPro Hero+ LCD, E-Commerce Entry Level Edition, Limited Accessories

  1. Amazon Customer

    Good quality images and videos!

  2. Anton

    As some of the comments below this is not original packaging, but it is from Go Pro. The camera is very basic but takes good photos and videos despite all of the bad reviews. It did not seem refurbished, rather brand new. I got this on sale here on amazon so I can not give this anything short of 5 stars. I paid $150 CND and worth every dollar in my opinion. I do however recommend a basic Go Pro kit from Costco (~$25) and the remote control to actually enable those selfies as this version does not have timer feature, but it does have burst, wide angle, and time lapse.

  3. arnaud bohnert

    Reçu ce jour, mais pour votre information, dans le pack e-commerce (emballage uniquement par vente internet) les 2 couvercles supplémentaires arrières ne sont pas livrés (normalement en plus : 1 clapet ajouré pour accéder à l’écran tactile hors eau et un clapet surface souple étanche jusqu’à 3 m pour toucher l’écran sous l’eau).
    Version basique de Gopro, pour une utilisation occasionnelle, c’est largement suffisant.
    Attention : cette version est proposée avec une batterie intégrée et ne peut pas être retirée ni changée par une batterie supplémentaire. Autonomie de la batterie intégrée: env. 2h (sans le wifi) temps de charge : 2 h (avec chargeur secteur 230v sortie Usb 5v 1A).
    La caméra est aussi scellée dans le boitier et ne peut être extraite. Ce qui lui offre la possibilité d’être étanche jusqu’à 40 mètres.
    Carte micro Sd : Je vous préconise un modèle minimum 32go ou mieux 64go, mais le plus important en classe 10 U3. C’est le meilleur compromis pour profiter pleinement du 1080P (HD)
    Prenez connaissance de la liste des cartes micro Sd validées par GoPro (allez sur leur site), car certaines cartes peuvent ne pas fonctionner sur votre caméra (pas assez rapide, débit insuffisant, etc.)
    Notice d’utilisation plus complète disponible aussi sur leur site (à consulter et imprimer pour bien assimiler toutes les possibilités de votre GoPro)
    Astuce : Toujours sur le site de la marque, vous pouvez aussi télécharger le logiciel “studio de montage”, très pratique pour assembler et peaufiner vos réalisations.

  4. Joseph T. Page II

    As a GoPro newbie, I only knew the camera was small, did a decent job and could be attached to just about anything. So I bought a low-end one (this model – Hero+). The first uses were the typical “Holy Cr*p! I have a small video camera.” Used it during a bike ride, a jog around the block, attached to my dog. It was fun for the first few hours. Then I wanted to real work with it.

    Pros – if you want to video quickly and cheaply, this is the model to do it. I’ve attached it to a scooter, me (running), a dog, vacuum cleaner, monopod. The possibilities are endless, depending on your mount type.

    Cons – if you want to do *good* video, this is not the model for you. I haven’t spent money on another GoPro yet (lack of funds, not embargo of company), but what I’ve tried with the Hero+ didn’t really excite me enough to get another one just yet.

    Battery life is “meh.” Yeah, if you shoot video, you’ll drain it quickly. But I aimed for 30-sec shots (B-roll), and got in a fair amount before the battery died. I bought a 64-gig card, fastest speed, for my shots and its worked quite well on its recording and closing out files after you stop recording.

    The buttons (x3) are confusing based on all being the same color (silver), but in different positions. I always lose about 5-seconds recording, and 10-seconds post-recording trying to figure out which one lets me change the frame rate, or stop the video. Yeah, I can fix that in post… but different colored buttons, or texturing, would allow an operator tactile sense while recording.

    I’ve used this camera during a recent trip to the National Museum of the Air Force for B-roll shots of static displays. The wide-angle lens worked well in some instances (very large rocket displays), but poorly in others. The ability to shift from wide to narrow view would have been a boon. But instead, I had to restart the shoot with a DSLR.

    Just know what you need to film before you go out and buy this. It may be great for your needs, or it may be a fad device.

  5. Riccardo Bertini

    Ho testato altre action cam di brand cinesi ma la differenza con questa c’è. La qualità dell’immagine e la facilità d’uso sicuramente sono dettagli importanti che alzano il costo dell’oggetto. Lascia un pò desiderare la scatola con cui è arrivata e la mancanza di supporti a corredo. Non è chiaro se il prodotto fosse nuovo (in quanto perfetto alla vista e nel funzionamento) oppure un ricondizionato a nuovo dalla mancanza di supporti e dall’imballo in cui è arrivato.

  6. JH

    I got this camera as an Xmas gift last year. The first one I got was defective so I had to return it, exchanging from Amazon was easy, I got the replacement in two days. Anyway, I’ve been using this one for the last nine months & haven’t had no issues whatsoever. I’ve used it underwater in my pool & anywhere else I can. Please cure quality is very good. Sound not so much tho, but that’s what you can expect from one of these & at this price. The LCD display is very responsive & is a nice feature. The couple of things that I don’t like about it is: the housing is attached to the camera, unlike the other GoPro’s, it only came with one backdoor (the waterproof one). The manual says it is supposed to come with three but I read that’s the way these come and you can’t buy these particular backdoors from anywhere, I will be calling GoPro to see how I can get the other two. And you can’t install an external mic on this particular one like you can on the more expensive ones. You get what you pay for & for the price it’s a great camera. I’m happy with it.

  7. ishaan

    I bought this camera after using my friend’s HERO + without the LCD screen in it. After I used this camera for a while I have realized how much better it is to have the LCD in it. It is so simpler and easier to use the touch screen to toggle through modes and settings rather than fidget around with the buttons. Although it was unclear in the description, the GoPro DOES have the WiFi feature and is compatible with the app, so you can also use your phone as a remote or use it to download all the photos and videos from the GoPro to your phone. The important specs for the camera are an 8MP sensor, Waterproof for 131′ (40m), and an integrated camera + housing design, meaning the camera does not come out of the case. The recording quality specs for this camera are 1080P at 60 FPS, 1080P at 30FPS, 720P at 60FPS, and 720P with SuperView, which just increases your wide angle video even more. The video quality for this camera is very good for a starter camera. It provides crisp, clear video in most lighting and great stabilization even though it doesn’t have a stabilization motor. The reason the price for the camera is so low, is because it does NOT come with the skeleton backdoor, touch backdoor or any of the adhesive mounts. The camera will come in a different box because this is the ecommerce packaging model. In conclusion, This camera is a great camera for a first time user because it is very user friendly, It has great quality for the price you are getting it for, and the built in touch display is a must have for this type of camera.

  8. r conway


  9. Rob-n-TX

    This is the first GoPro that I have purchased and/or used. I was disappointed that the camera does not come out of the waterproof case. I should have done my homework before jumping onto that lightning deal. OK, I can work around the case. I discovered that I will need to remember to open or remove the back cover of the housing so that the microphone can hear more than a couple of feet. The microphone is a huge disappointment. It’s like the mic is laying against the waterproof housing because every thing you do while holding the camera is picked up by the mic and amplified one hundred times. I tried using a tripod that doubles as a grip, and tried using a selfie stick to give me something to hold on to and keep my fingers away from the lens. I could not make any adjustment to my grip else it would amplify into loud pops and scratching noises which would heard on the video. Wind noise at 30 mph with the case closed is bad, but tolerable. I can imagine how bad it could get if this were mounted on a motorcycle helmet. Between the wind noise and the popping noise of the mount flexing or vibrating, I would think the audio would be quite bad. I have not tried it under water yet. Perhaps, that is the only place where this model can be at home. I plan to give the Hero+ LCD a test soon just sitting alone on a tripod. GoPros weren’t meant to be tied down to a tripod. I used it on a tripod to record a lecture and it did OK, but it could really use an external microphone to improve the sound reception.

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