GoPro HERO 3 White Edition – 131’/ 40m Waterproof Housing

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GoPro HERO 3 White

Immersive life capture.

Featuring stunning image quality and built-in Wi-Fi, GoPro HERO 3 White White makes it simple to document and share life’s most memorable moments. It captures 1080p30 video for gorgeous footage of every adventure. A variety of photo modes ensure your best shots yet, choose from 5MP single photos, Time Lapse photos or Burst photos at up to 3 frames per second. Built-in Wi-Fi supports the GoPro App, enabling you to control the camera remotely using your phone or tablet, view the photos and videos you’ve captured, and quickly share content on Facebook, Twitter and more. HERO3 White is compatible with all GoPro mounts, so you can wear it or attach it to your gear for immersive POV footage during your favorite activities. Plus, it’s ultra durable and waterproof to 131 feet (40 meters), so it goes wherever you go to capture life without a worry.

Stunning video quality.

HERO3 White captures gorgeous 1080p30, 960p30 and 720p60 video. Relive your most memorable or incredible moments in stunning quality. Easily create a video using GoPro Studio software, then share it with your friends and family on Facebook, YouTube and more.

Diverse photo capture.

Choose from a variety of photo modes to get the perfect shot. Capture 5MP still photos, or use Burst mode to capture up to 3 frames in one second for a unique photo sequence. Time Lapse mode automatically captures photos at set time intervals from 0.5 to 60 seconds. It’s great for gear-mounted shots when the shutter button is out of reach, or capturing a series of photos so you can pick your favorites.

Control, view + share with built-in Wi-Fi.

GoPro HERO 3 White  features built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to connect to the GoPro App or Smart Remote. The GoPro App transforms your phone or tablet into a live video remote for your camera, offering full control of all functions and settings, easy shot preview and playback, plus sharing via text, email, Facebook and more. The Smart Remote allows you to control multiple GoPro cameras from distances of up to 600 feet (180 meters).

Fit more in every frame thanks to GoPro HERO 3 White ultra wide-a

Fit more in every frame thanks to GoPro HERO 3 White ultra wide-angle glass lens. It’s great for gear-mounted shots and close-range selfies and delivers an immersive perspective for uniquely engaging footage.

Waterproof + durable.

GoPro HERO 3 White rugged housing is waterproof to 131 feet (40 meters), and protects the camera in wet, dirty or sandy environments. Built tough to withstand almost anything you can throw at it, you can take GoPro HERO 3 White nearly anywhere to capture life as it happens.

High-performance audio.

GoPro HERO 3 White features excellent audio performance, capturing even the most subtle of sounds, whether you’re recording voices, music or the roar of your engine on a spirited drive. Advanced wind-noise reduction technology keeps the audio clearer during high-speed activities. The included Skeleton Backdoor enables enhanced audio capture during low-speed activities in dry, dirt-free environments.

Small + lightweight.

Weighing just 2.6 ounces, the GoPro HERO 3 White camera is super small, ultra portable and perfect for low-profile mounting. Its compact design means you can comfortably wear it or mount it to your gear as you capture your favorite activities, or slip it in your pocket or bag to take anywhere.

Add to the experience with BacPac accessories.

GoPro HERO 3 White is compatible with all BacPac accessories, opening up even more options and versatility. The LCD Touch BacPac is a removable touch display that seamlessly attaches to the back of the camera, providing an easy way to preview shots, adjust settings, and play back videos and photos. The Battery BacPac is a removable battery pack that extends the camera’s battery life. It’s perfect for all-day adventures, marathon surf sessions, hiking, biking and more.

GoPro App + software.

Expand your GoPro experience with the free GoPro App and GoPro Studio software. The GoPro App allows you to control your camera remotely using your phone or tablet, view and share your content and watch “best of” videos on the GoPro Channel. Use GoPro Studio to create your own engaging GoPro-style videos to share with the world.

  • Professional quality video capture in 1080p 30fps, 960p 30 fpts, 720p 60 fps, and WVGA 60 fps
  • Built in Wi-Fi compatible with the GoPro app for Smartphones/Tablets; as well as the Wi-Fi remote (available seperatly)
  • Compatible with LCD Touch BacPac, and 2nd generation Battery Bacpac, as well as backward compatible with all older generation bacpacs
  • 5 MP photos with 3 fps burst mode, and time lapse at .5, 2, 5, 10, 30, and 60 second intervals
  • 131’/ 40m Waterproof Housing with integrated flat lense housing
Product Dimensions

2.36 x 2.3 x 1.61 inches

Item Weight

2.57 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

November 30, 2013


unisex (child)



8 reviews for GoPro HERO 3 White Edition – 131’/ 40m Waterproof Housing

  1. Allan C.

    This Hero3 White is the low end of the three Hero3 editions but it’s more than adequate for how I intend to use it. I went with the Hero3 instead of the Hero3+ because according to the reviews, it has better (clearer) distance capabilities. Getting it off the stand on the box can be a bit of a challenge as it’s really tight. Push in the tabs as shown on the side of the box then pull backwards. I didn’t quite get that from the picture on the box and spent several minutes trying to pull it upwards. Good manual although the print is quite small so us older folks may need our reading magnifier glasses. All the functionality I was looking for plus it has free editing software from the GoPro site where you’ll need to go to register the camera and get the latest update. The link is in the manual. Note that when you register, you’ll enter a username and password and that those will then become part of the update download (if you get one) and will become your wireless SSID and password respectively. You need to know that in case you want to use remote control or the tablet/smartphone app. Speaking of which, I used the Gopro Camera Control app from the Kindle Appstore on my Fire HDX 8.9 and it’s OK although not as fully functional as the app from the GoPro site in that the HDX app doesn’t give you the record/stop controls on the same page as the Preview. You have to “back-arrow” to them when you’re ready to start shooting. Pretty jittery too when moving the camera but if you’re mainly shooting from a tripod or fixed mount like I plan to do, it should be fine. Only thing I think could be improved is for someone to come up with an extended life battery pack that has a BacPac LCD pass-thru.

    Update: I have learned that the GoPro cameras have a design characteristic that purposely write-protects the Micro SD card when connecting to your computer via USB. You won’t be able to delete/drag/drop files via the USB/camera connection. Info on the forums say this is intentional in order to preclude any possibility of outside corruption of the camera OS/software. There are 2 options for deleting files. The first is to use the built-in Trash function on the camera and the second is to remove the card, place it in an adapter, then connect the adapter to your PC/laptop. Now you’ll be able to work with the files as traditionally expected. I personally find this irritating but I can live with it. I had a defective adapter on my 64GB card so you might consider trying a different adapter first if you get the “write protected” error before going through the hassle of a return.

  2. Narut Ujnat

    I have seen these cameras for a long time, but not purchased one. However, after seeing some of the videos possible with this camera I purchased the Hero 3: White edition with the new housing.

    After using this for some weeks, I can say I love this camera and the possibilities.

    1.: What’s in the box?: You receive the camera with the waterproof housing, plus an instruction booklet and a quick start guide. In addition, you receive a micro-USB cable, plus some mounts and assorted ‘thingies.’

    2. Aesthetic?: Well, who really cares how this looks since the point is to capture your desired personal aesthetics! But, compared to some of the other cameras I have seen, this is a small package, and is cleverly designed.

    3. Use?: The point of the camera is to get it working. The waterproof casing has been redesigned from the previous model. It does seem very well-done and is supposedly able to survive to 130 feet. I have not tested it to any depth with the camera inside. However, I have taken the housing and placed it under water without a problem. (I will update this when I get the chance for some waterproof filming).

    The camera itself has basically three buttons. One for the power/mode, one for the camera to start taking video or pictures (at the top) and a side button which powers wireless. The wireless function works in conjunction with the App, which I used with an Iphone. The app is fantastic! You can control the camera remotely and change the desired function (video, burst, lapse and single pictures, plus whatever function suite the users purposes). The best thing is the ability to see a preview (except in certain modes like a time-lapse) and the ability to see the pictures and video on the app. Fantastic.

    The pictures with the edition I purchased are good, not great, given the 5 MP capability and the close-in build for pictures (I didn’t but this to take long-range pictures). However, the video in HD (and this should be changes to 1080 as the default is a bit less) is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning is the word. The sound is also great, even with the waterproof housing on. I could still hear myself, others and the sounds of the activity clearly.

    The wireless function relies on setting up an internal network between your mobile device and the camera, though I did not find this difficult at all. The only time I had difficulty getting the camera connection was during some very cold weather, and once the camera was warm this went away. The battery lasts about 2 hours with consistent use, which is pretty good, although I could nurse the camera by turning things on and off when the opportunity present itself.

    At first, I did not like having to use a micro-SD card, but this is actually okay with an adapter for actual use and allows makes the camera smaller than the previous model.

    Overall, so far, I am very pleased with the camera and what it allows me to accomplish without too much difficulty. I suggest that a buyer purchase the grabbag of extra mounts and the lens caps as well. Great item. Hopefully I do not encounter some of the difficulty that others have had with the camera. Except for the above, this has not happened!


    GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts


    GoPro Protective Lens


    GoPro Headstrap Mount + Quick Clip

  3. WiLLtorD

    Great camera, great quality. when going to the beach i can just bring this camera with me so that my phone don’t get damaged. Also very handy when going for a skiing session. A bit expensive but what can we do.

  4. Virginie Clarke

    Brilliant little thing. I bought an amazon warehouse refurb which came without a user manual and I still managed to use it, it’s so simple. There is no going back to holiday snaps after this. Only high octane action videos of jumping into the sea, driving off road and dancing on fortresses will do from now on .

  5. Mr. Naysses L. Fontes

    Great Product

  6. Paolo Malerba

    I ordered this product but switched to Hero4 so please refer to the review I made for that product

  7. Mrs. E. Macia

    Loads of fun to use this, but only really gets outings for novelty value…bit of a faff to set up etc compared to just point and shoot with an iPhone, but good results when you can be bothered, and of course great shots with everyone included!

  8. Alastair

    Great camera. Have used it during extreme sports, including scuba diving and it has performed very well every time.

    The only suggestion I would have is that if you want to use this scuba diving, then buy a red filter to go over the lense because in deep water everything just looks green. It also doesn’t perform fantastically in low-lighting conditions

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