GoPro HERO9 Black – Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam,…

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  • 5K Video – Shoot stunning video with up to 5K resolution, perfect for maintaining detail even when zooming in
  • 20MP Photo with SuperPhoto – Capture crisp, pro-quality photos with 20MP clarity. And with SuperPhoto, HERO 9 Black can automatically pick all the best image processing for you
  • Front Display plus Rear Touch Screen – A new, larger rear touch screen with touch zoom on HERO9 Black and a dazzling new front display makes for easy framing and intuitive camera control.Included components:HERO9 Black Camera,Rechargeable Battery,Curved Adhesive Mount,Mounting Buckle,USB-C Cable,Thumb Screw ,Camera Case
  • Live Streaming plus Webcam – Live stream in 1080p on social, get HyperSmooth stabilization as you broadcast
  • HyperSmooth 3.0 – Experience the ultimate smoothness with our most advanced video stabilization ever
  • TimeWarp 3.0 – Record mesmerizing time lapse scenes as you move on the road, on foot or anywhere else
  • Rugged plus Waterproof – Shoot in the gnarliest conditions imaginable. HERO9 Black can take it. It’s tough as nails, and waterproof down to 33ft right out of the box
Product Dimensions

9.08 x 5.42 x 3.25 inches

Item Weight

11.2 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

September 15, 2020


GoPro Camera

12 reviews for GoPro HERO9 Black – Waterproof Action Camera with Front LCD and Touch Rear Screens, 5K Ultra HD Video, 20MP Photos, 1080p Live Streaming, Webcam,…

  1. Avatar of Jeremy


    This is my first Gopro camera and so far I’m pretty impressed with it. I don’t know how to set all of the settings to get fantastic video out of it yet, but just the stock settings, to my eye look fantastic. The videos look realistic. Closer to what you would see with the naked eye than with other cameras I’ve used. The only other camera I have to compare this to is the Insta360 SMO 4K camera, which is a strip down version of the Insta360 1R camera. The stabilization on the Gopro is far better. The video quality is far better. I’m not a photographer. I don’t pretend to be one. I’m just the normal non camera person and this is a non camera person’s impression of the Gopro Hero 9. It’s pricy, but it’s good. If you buy Gopro knock-offs you’ll end up spending more money in the end because the fake ones and copies will break and won’t give you as nice of quality video. My dad for example probably has $500 worth of cheap knock-off Gopro cameras. Most of them don’t work anymore and of the 1 that does still work, it locks up and gives really bad video. He could have spent less to get the genuine article.

  2. Avatar of Cesar Poveda

    Cesar Poveda

    This is my very first action camera, and I cannot be more satisfied.
    I use it to record my vacations, quality is incredible, and it’s fantastic use it under the water.
    Just so much quality in that small size.
    The only bad thing (I don’t know if it was my foult), the first time I used it, removing the tripod I noticed that the “paint” were you put it, was

  3. Avatar of C. L. Messina

    C. L. Messina

    This Hero 9 is my first compact ‘action camera’. After a quick shoot with it, I understand why it’s so popular.

    I can’t imagine feeling so privileged I would complain about the size, considering I used to lug around a conspicuous, heavy and very bulky Canon Rebel T7i. True, the Canon had a wide range of lenses and settings the Hero could be envious, but the picture quality is more than fine for most video creation – especially with the 5k setting.

    What struck me when I opened the box is the size and portability. This little camera is made to travel. It’s unbelievably light, compact and durable. The cost compared with a full-sized DSLR makes it an easy choice to bring anywhere in any conditions.

    My only complaint is how it seems like GoPro accessorize you to death for a little extra money. $50 for a spare charger (which, you’ll likely need), another $20 for a decent tripod mount, another $50 or so for a protective case, and on and on and on. I get they want to be flexible in their offerings (e.g. water sport accessories vs. vlogger accessories), but that charger should be included because who is going to just leave the case open during charging aside from the clearly deranged?

    My only other complaint (and ‘only’ should mean ‘one’, but this isn’t just directed at GoPro, so it’s more like a half-complaint) is the miniSDXC card. It’s so blooming small. I worry about loosing it or damaging it. I genuinely can’t see the value in it being so small by comparison to normal SD cards. Does an SD card take up THAT much space? And you still need an SD adapter to read the miniSD cards. This miniaturization is anarchy against humanity. :-p

    Anyway, I LOVE the Hero 9. I don’t see the point in buying an 8 or 7, given the better features of the 9. Definitely worth every penny, even if they Nickle and dime you with accessories.

  4. Avatar of Karina


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     Todo muy bien! Me llegó sin ningún problema y rápido, soy de Mty México 🇲🇽

  5. Avatar of LittleLoveBird


    The iPhone app for this is absolutely appalling. I expect more for the price. It almost never connects to my phone, and if it does, it lags like crazy, shows just a black screen, or just disconnects. Without the phone app, it’s less versatile and a pain to use. It’d be nice to be able to see what is being filmed or photoed without watching the Hero’s screen (ex. taking family photos). This issue persist even when they’re side by side (Hero w/ mobile). I have the latest software/firmware updates, but this doesn’t help. It also drains the hell out of the batteries. I tried adjusting the settings to no avail. When the unit is off, the battery still drains.

  6. Avatar of tintinway


    I bought the GoPro 9 for it’s listed feature of working as a webcam. Unfortunately, I’ve confirmed with their support that audio is not supported when used as a webcam. I’ve returned it for this reason. I’m sure it lives up to other features – but it’s use of webcam, if you need to use the internal mics, is not available.

  7. Avatar of Kevin


    Es una buena cámara de acción para cuando salió al mercado, actualmente hay más actuales con mejoras pero con problemas severos de calentamiento.

  8. Avatar of B. Lalli

    B. Lalli

    I love the quality and clarity of the video this camera produces! Mounted it to my Harley for a trip through Tennessee and I was very impressed with the video quality. I will definitely need to play with the settings, though, because for some reason, the camera would not record 1 long video. Instead, the videos saved in short increments. Also, the battery life is not nearly as good as I was expecting. I have 3 batteries and I figured they would definitely last much longer than they did. Overall, however, I am very happy with the camera!

  9. Avatar of Chris Jung

    Chris Jung

    I got this to give me 4K video quality with a see-thru viewfinder, over my older Canon 1080p camcorder. I LOVE this camera, but there are 4 challenges that I want to discuss:
    1) I had a hard time opening the side door that covers the battery & micro SD card. Had to go to YouTube to find a video to explain how to open the door.
    2) Although the instructions claim 5K resolution, the highest that I could find was 4K. Still – that was a major improvement over the 1080p that I’ve been limited to up until now!
    3) As other reviewers have said – it REQUIRES a micro (not standard) SD card, but does NOT come with one! For a $400 video camera – I believe that they could’ve easily included a $5 16gb card to get you started.
    4) There’s a default screen-saver time-out for the rear screen (viewfinder) that you need to change in order for it to stay on. Otherwise, your viewfinder will go blank in the middle of recording video! Again – there’s a YT video that explains this.
    Last – I got the bundle with extra battery & dual-battery charger, & I’m glad I did. Those of you who’re photo or video buffs know how frustrating it can be to have a dead battery right before recording an important video. This way, I always have a backup.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as long as you’re aware of the challenges that I had.

  10. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

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     So I know everybody’s experience is going to be different but so far it’s been a lot of complaints about having a glitchy GoPro and I’ve had the exact same problem. I’ve lost footage footage won’t play or footage that didn’t record. I’ve had to go pro not turning off until I pull the battery out. I’ve had it a glitch out shake and freeze up. There’s too many bugs for the GoPro to cost as much as it does. The quality of a footage at low light is horrible the microphone sounds cheap and broken up. Noise cancellation horrible. I have videos that have a ticking sound in the background and there’s nothing I can do about it. Overall not happy.

  11. Avatar of Raymond Emerson

    Raymond Emerson

    Great pictures from snorkeling trip. Good battery life. Waterproof.

  12. Avatar of Steve


    I will revise my review if GoPro provides an update that fixes the issue. But for NOW, I’m putting this here so you’re aware of the issue. Google it–mine developed loud audio popping after about 6 months, and it’s useless unless they fix it. This is a known issue and they’re trying to resolve it, but they seem to be selling the units without warning anybody.

    Update: August 4, 2021 – Still no fix, and you won’t get your money back. They’ll just give you a new one, and it will do the same thing. Why people are still buying this boggles the mind, considering that this is a known issue.

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