GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip – Official GoPro Accessory

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  • Easily clip your GoPro to backpack strap, furniture and more to capture unique perspectives
  • Built-in magnet sticks to metal objects-like appliances or gym equipment-to give you clever, convenient camera placement
  • 360 swivel lets you turn the camera to frame the perfect shot
  • Compact design fits in your bag, perfect for on-the-go adventures
  • Works as a kickstand for selfies, group pics or time lapse shots
Product Dimensions

1.22 x 3.23 x 1.42 inches

Item Weight

2.57 ounces

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Date First Available

February 1, 2020



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13 reviews for GoPro Magnetic Swivel Clip – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Dave S

    Really strong clip, making this the best GoPro accessory so far for me, with many many uses.

  2. Jhony Alexander Angel Uribe

    Se adapta muy bien la gopro al soporte.

  3. Amazon Customer

    It’s got a very strong built in spring, the jaws has got large rubber grips, the magnet could be stronger – holds the unit static but would not on a moving vehicle, hard to swivel but keeps its position.

  4. Semi Pro User

    As described but has fewer uses than Zi had hoped.

  5. CatWilder

    I am in a band, and wanted perspectives from the members in our band videos. This is perfect!

  6. Mr B.

    Well made, strong clip, would recommend although not the cheapest out there

  7. Scott Ballard

    Strong magnet, hold very well.

  8. Craig Smith

    It’s a good product that came boxed in original packaging. Unfortunately the rubber plug/stopper is missing off the buckle clip. It seems to have been torn or cut off. I would like a replacement really but I really don’t know if I can be bothered going through the return process.

  9. Customer

    If you have GoPro I highly recommend this item. It allows me to clip my GoPro to my belt, or a bag in order to make an instant body camera out of the GoPro. The magnetic part of the clip also works great, it held onto my car’s trunk lid doing some low speed filming for a project.

  10. Bob Tobias

    This is my first choice for GoPro accessories. The rubber teeth and strong spring allow me to clip my camera just about anywhere, and it will stay where I put it. I can clip it to my belt, my shirt pocket, the strap of my backpack or messenger bag, or the brim of my hat (either facing upward or hanging down). It also does a great job as a mini-tripod.

    The base has a strong magnet to hold this to any STATIONARY piece of metal, and my camera isn’t going anywhere. I can even put it on the roof or door of a slow-moving car, and it will stay in place. What it won’t do is keep your camera attached securely to the hood of a jeep that you’re taking off-road.

    (If I did want to attach my camera to the hood/roof of a fast-moving car then I would use 

    Adhesive Mounts for GoPro Cameras


    Finally, the battery door shown in the accompanying picture was included with my 

    FitStill Silicone Sleeve Case


  11. Drew

    I have purchased and used many different clips and straps to fix my GoPro to my backpack strap for trips. I have a velcro strap that goes over a backpack strap, a generic clip, and the official GoPro clip. This is the best of them all.

    – From the first image, you can see that this is the smallest of all the clips that I have, which I like since it doesn’t get in the way as much when you are taking off and putting on the backpack
    – When you rotate the clip (not even an option on the velcro strap), it doesn’t change the form factor much, unlike the other clip
    – I wrote a review for the Sametop clip and one of the big issues for me was how the spring is located so far back, which means very little leverage for opening the clip. You can see that the GoPro clip gives you a little more leverage which makes opening and closing (i.e. attaching and removing) much easier.
    – Finally, another gripe I had with the Sametop was that the teeth are sharp plastic, and after putting it on and taking it off multiple times, it actually started to rip the threads on my backpack strap. The GoPro teeth are rubber, which means that this will not be a problem.
    – Also, if you are considering the Sametop, the GoPro clip is way easier to swivel, which makes it easier to adjust while it’s on your bag.

    – No real cons come to mind, but if I’m nitpicking, I don’t care for having the magnet on the back. I get a little nervous any time my gear (which will come into contact with thousands of dollars worth of camera gear and electronics) has magnets.

    I have used these straps and clips to affix my GoPro to my backpack for vacation videos, and until now, they have always left something to be desired. I’m glad that GoPro made an official version, and in my opinion, they did it right. No compromises here, and I am excited to use this clip. If you are looking for something to clip your GoPro to your bag, this is it, no need to look elsewhere.

  12. Eduardo Salazar

    No por que tenga un iman, deberían llamarlo magnético, la fuerza del iman es tan débil que estorba, solo aumenta el peso del clip, no sirve para nada, ni siquiera la superficie magnética es plana, la superficie magnética es curva, hace más difícil que se pegue a las superficies metálicas, superficies planas en su mayoría, compre este clip por magnético, por que ya tengo otros normales y ahora solo tengo un clip más, no es lo que esperaba

  13. Peter V.

    Just received my GoPro magnet swivel clip the magnet is so weak on it when you connect your GoPro to it a gust of wind would knock it off I wouldn’t recommend it if you want to stick your GoPro somewhere on metal service you would have to use the clip it’s stronger than the magnet

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