GoPro Max Lens Mod (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

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  • Max HyperSmooth for unbreakable video stabilization up to 2.7K60
  • Ultra-wide angle 155° FOV for enhanced perspective and improved depth of field
  • Horizon lock keeps your videos on the horizontal axis, even if your camera rotates a full 360°
  • Max Timewarp for our smoothest TimeWarp video yet.
  • Waterproof to 5M when installed on your GoPro [1]
  • Easy, tool-free installation and removal.
Product Dimensions

6.81 x 6.77 x 2.28 inches

Item Weight

4.6 ounces

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Date First Available

January 8, 2021


GoPro Camera

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13 reviews for GoPro Max Lens Mod (HERO11 Black/HERO10 Black/HERO9 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Daniel

    Instead of the gopro 9 max lens, i recieved an outdoor bark control. So waiting on amazon to refund me or send me thw correct item out

  2. Dean L

    Amazing, usually the more stabilisation you want the tighter the crop on the image you gave to live with, not with the max lens mod you can have super wide and stable, easy to fit and the results are amazing, hands down the best GoPro accessory I’ve purchased yet, using orientation and horizon lock is incredible, once I’ve hit record I can move the camera even upside down and the video stays the same, absolutely brilliant.

  3. Bryson Harold Kim

    I own a Go Pro 10 and there are times when I need a little larger frame when shooting video. I have tested the Max Lens several times now. I shoot dance and want to incorporate the entire group when shooting. This lens does the trick. Quality is good despite not having 4k. It shoots at 2.7 K but has a clear crisp video. I would recommend it as something nice to have as an accessory in your bag.

  4. C. J. Elliott

    Shame on me for not doing more research
    This is an unintelligent, expensive lens
    It adds no functionality to the GoPro – it doesn’t enable anything
    Read what it does and how to use it before purchase

  5. JaguarXT

    Not easy to put on and off the camera, yet the lens and its features are very good.

    Usually, I do not review this early in ownership.

    Yet, this is something to mention now.

    For me, both the default lens cover (on my GoPro Hero 9) and this Max lens are both extremely hard to get off and on with first few usages.

    It was to the point I had to use a cloth (to protect the lenses) and an adjustable slip joint channel lock piers to get both lenses on and off.

    A tip is to use the Max lens case to hold the Max lens as much as possible when taking the Max lens on and off.

    After a few of uses of taking on and off, both lenses were a little bit easier to take on and off. Yet, still very hard to take both lenses off and on.

    Hopefully within time of taking both lenses off and on will make it easier to take on and off in the future.

    I believe this is due to the lens mount on the camera (GoPro Hero 9) itself and not the mount on the lenses. Which would explain why some do not have this problem, while others do have this problem.

    If this does not work for you in time, then the Max lens has its Lifetime warranty, and the GoPro Hero 9 has one year warranty.

    Also, with the yearly subscription with GoPro online services they will also give you complete replacements of your camera as well (two replacements per year I believe).

    I will try to work it out to loosen it a bit. To see if that works.

    Otherwise, the Max lens for the GoPro Hero 9 is well worth it

  6. Aly3naa

    I purchased a GoPro for when walking and taking transit. I’ve had too many close calls to not have a camera with me at all times. This lens is perfect for that task! The FOV is worth the price alone. The bonus is the extra image stabilization it provides. The lens went on as easy as my DSLR cameras. So whatever issue there was with the lens not attaching properly, it seems to have been fixed now.

    A glaring ‘con’ though is it’s limited resolution, With the lens attached, you can shoot max 2.7k 60fps. Good news is that it can easily be upscaled to 4k. The image quality is what you would come to expect from GoPro.

  7. Claudz

    It is a bit hard to install on the GoPro 10 but it is nice quality. I wish they made a filter/protector case for it.

  8. Travis W.

    So I just ordered this yesterday. I know there’s a huge Amazon facility in Utah so that’s probably how it got delivered so fast. I was easily able to remove the lens on my hero 10 and swap this lens onto it (tool free). Not sure if they’ve changed something with tolerances. I’m giving 4 stars for now until I actually utilize the lens for it’s intended purpose. Right off the get go, the first video had some strange shaky distortion even being set to max lens mode. It did keep the video horizontal though no matter how far I tilted the camera.

  9. Paul O’Brien

    The Max lens mod is a great addition to the Hero 9 or 10. As well as adding new modes, it takes horizon levelling to, er, the next level – allowing you to completely spin the camera 360 degrees and still have the video stay level. Amazing! Not cheap, but well made and has a protective case included too.

  10. A Stiles

    It is nice to have the ability to replace a lens on an action camera. Most brands if you scratch the lens the whole camera is trash. So this is super cool.

  11. Brant Shalek

    – great wide view with very minimal fisheye effect
    – enables you to film in hypersmooth boost mode with horizon lock on (can spin camera in full 360 and always maintains flat & stable horizon – extremely stable footy in worst conditions imaginable)
    – still waterproof
    – great quality

    – very hard to put on/remove the first time or two – get a friend with strong hands to put it on if you struggle *DON’T USE TOOLS!
    – cannot film in 4K/5K – limited to 2.7K max (I get around this by shooting in 2.7K with 16:9 aspect ratio, then I upscale the footage to 4K with a 16:9 ratio – this allows you to upload to YouTube in 4K and is super easy to do with any film software – I post videos on Instagram in 16:9 as well so my videos aren’t cropped)
    – no ND filtering capabilities – I wish they sold two versions of the same mod so that I could have one with ND filtering to provide a cinematic distortion effect to the outer portions of the road/trail when I’m riding my motorcycle/dirt bike.
    – expensive, but worth it for shooting in bumpy/fast conditions

    No regrets on the purchase. Even doubled down to get a second one for my other Hero 9 that I shoot with while riding.

  12. Ann

    Yes. I used a huge a$$ wrench to put this on. Was able to do it without even scuffing the rubber case though. Had the same mounting issue that everybody seems to be having. I did some research on the issue and all the sourced insisted: Force It. Went against every instinct but I did. I had to work it back and forth a bit. Took it off a couple times and hit it with my air compressor just in case there were any metal shavings. After some play it will go in easily by hand. Some people also recommended a very small amount of lubricant. I was super reluctant to force this thing on my Brand NEW HER9 so I totally get it if the thought of forcing it that hard makes you cringe. You feel that metal grind and it scrapes your soul. But I do feel like it is undamaged and affixed as intended. I soothed my anxiety by remembering that the new GoPros are built crazy tuff, and the waterproof seal is inside the ring that I was just concerned about scraping (score), and of course… The fact that I have a GoPro subscription “neener neener”. Apparently I get 2 “no questions asked” camera replacements per year. I was already planning on recording the inside of a fire in about 350 days “really wanna test that policy”. But I MUST be good if it were to get damaged by attaching their own product. But yeah, I had that to fall back on… Happy Filming!

  13. The Biking Viking

    Expensive, makes for some very interesting video angles though and great quality glass.

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