GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for (HERO8 Black/HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

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  • Enables high-quality audio capture when using a pro-level external mic.Mounting Type: Usd
  • USB-C power and data extension with 90° connector
  • Connects a wide range of external 3.5mm mics
  • Enables stereo mic and line input for external audio sources like an audio recorder or mixer
  • 106dB stereo analog-to-digital converter
Product Dimensions

0.34 x 5.58 x 1.46 inches

Item Weight

0.48 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

September 19, 2016


GoPro Camera

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13 reviews for GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter for (HERO8 Black/HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Arley Bradley

    This mic adapter does exactly what it is supposed to do. Sadly, it is quite pricy, but it gets the job done. It charges the gopro when plugged in, and it allows you to use just about any 3.5mm microphone.
    I personally use this with the gopro hero 8 on my motorcycle helmet and have not had any issues. The plastic is quite hard and rugged, so I assume it can take a decent impact and not just shatter instantly. The usb cord on it is stiff, but that’s what you want so it stays in place and isn’t wobbly. It doesn’t jiggle itself loose at 70mph.
    I’ve been using it for around 3 months and have had no issues. It worked right from the start. It’s simple plug and play.

  2. Mercedes

    Fast shipping – easy to use – works for me

  3. the daniel life

    The media could not be loaded.

     Es ist schon der zweite Adapter den ich mir für meine GoPro kaufe. Der erste ist mir nach drei Jahren kaputtgegangen.
    Bei der GoPro Hero 5, 6 und 7 müsst ihr im Menü, unter Einstellungen/Input, das Mikrofon auswählen. Ihr habt die Wahl zwischen Aktivmikofonen und Passivmikrofonen. Aktiv (mit Akku z.B. das RØDE VideoMic Pro oder Wireless GO) und Passiv (ohne Akku) z.B. das RØDE VideoMic Micro.
    Nachdem ihr das gemacht habt, bekommt ihr eine tolle Audioqualität. Je besser das Mikrofon, desto besser die Audioqualität.
    Der Preis ist halt das Contra-Argument. Mehr dazu in meinem Video.


  4. Ride Red Oh

    Great product. Reasonably priced. Would have shipped sooner with Storm Elliott delayed still made it in time for Christmas

  5. amitesh virdi

    – The build quality is good.
    – connects to the c-port of GoPro
    – has a separate charging point that can power your GoPro even while the mic is connected
    – thickness / size / length is a bit too much, considering GoPro specialises in compact products that deliver great end results. When I think of GoPro, i think of everything small size, sturdy and rugged. This adapter is big.
    – the adapter uses trs connection. If your mic, like mine, has trrs connection jack then you’ll need to buy another trrs to trs conversion adapter and then connect it to this adapter. Otherwise your recordings won’t have the audio. Hah! While this information is nowhere mentioned on the product or this page, I found that out after hours of struggling with the mic and GoPro settings. For a product specification of an adapter and at this price, trs and trrs connection should be provided or the trrs-trs adapter should be supplied along. AND mention this information on the box or setup sheet.

  6. Justin

    Since the Media Mod has issues making a good connection and overheats the GoPro Hero 10, this one works well along side a camera door with a flap cover for the USB-C port. It basically provides the same functions as the media mod, but costs a little less and actually makes a connection.

    Here are some negatives about this product:
    1. You’ll either need to run your camera without a side door or get a side door that has a pass-through port for the USB-C connection. So this will be an extra cost.
    2. The media mod would display a level indicator on the screen (one of the only ways to know if it’s actually connected). This unit does not display anything. That is a nice feature to know how much noise you are receiving along with the audio.
    3. This is more of a complaint about GoPro’s product strategy. Why do I need to spend so much money to attach an external microphone? It’s ridiculous. But I suppose that is a complaint about why this product needs to exist rather than the product itself.

    Overall, I’m happy with my purchase and will use it while trying to sell the media mod that it replaced.

  7. tumba1977

    Tal cual dice en la publicacion, funciona correctamente

  8. Ricardo

    Le doy 2 estrellas por que me parece una burla que siendo un accesorio tan caro no te digan en ningún lado que solo funciona con micrófonos TRS. En palabras simples… si tu micrófono tiene 3 rayitas en el plug, NO VA A FUNCIONAR. Necesitas tener un micrófono de 2 rayitas en el plug (TRS) para que funcione o comprar un adaptador de 3 rayitas (TRRS) a 2 rayitas (TRS). Por fortuna, el paquete de microfonos que compré traía ese adaptador, pero para quien no lo tenga se va encontrar con esta sorpresa. Lo único bueno que puedo decir es que funciona. La calidad de audio dependerá de tu micrófono pero si mejora respecto al micrófono integrado de la GoPro.

  9. Brandon L. Stewart

    It works well. I don’t understand why it has to be so large and so expensive. Seems excessive just to be able to plug in a microphone to your camera.

  10. Street Level Photography

    Ho preso questo adattatore per collegare un microfono esterno alla mia GoPro Hero 5 black. Al momento è l’unica soluzione possibile per farlo, ma devo dire che non è il massimo della comodità e per altro non funziona nemmeno correttamente. Tanto per cominciare è ingombrante (non si sa dove posizionarlo) e non fa appieno il suo dovere. Infatti per poterlo far funzionare bisogna prima accendere la GoPro dal tasto laterale e poi avviare il video. Se si lancia direttamente il video dal tasto superiore a GoPro spenta, il video risulterà muto. Devo dire che col mio microfono e questo adattatore, l’audio è sensibilmente migliorato. In definitiva, non essendoci altre soluzioni, mi farò piacere questo prodotto ma ritengo che in questo caso GoPro ha toppato. Potevano fare qualcosa di più ergonomico, piccolo e pratico…ed il costo non è nemmeno troppo contenuto (come tutti i loro accessori). Spero che questa recensione possa essere utile

  11. falschnehmung

    … nicht nur wegen Preis und Formfaktor – sondern wegen Unzuverlässigkeit, der Notwendigkeit die Kamera nach ein paar Aufnahmen mit diesem Dödel neu starten zu müssen. Unfassbar schlecht – warum gibt es keine Alternativen am Markt. Warum können die chinesischen Cage-Fräser, die einen hochpäzisen passenden Aluminium-Block für ca. 20 Euro anbieten diesen Anschluß mit einem 1 Euro Chip nicht liefern und am besten gleich in den Cage integrieren … ? Beim nächsten Wutanfall baue ich das Teil auseinander … hinzu kommt, das GoPro nicht in der Lage ist, bei seinen Modellen Hero5 und Hero 6 eine Soundlevel-Anzeige anzubieten (- oder habe ich was verpasst …?. Ohne Monitor mit sound-Level-Anzeige läuft man trotz Tests immer Gefahr, seine Aufnahmen ohne Ton zu machen.

  12. MichaelSchmitt

    So I’ve had this Mic adapter for a few months now and it works fine and all.

    First I wish it wasn’t 50 bucks. I mean that’s not terrible but it feels like an after-market kick in the shin to me.

    As I’m editing a video I now see that this mic adapter was slightly unplugged from the gopro and i’ve lost all of my audio. Now that’s my fault I guess. Still terrible. Although I do find the plug in to be kind of loose. I’m talking a few thou off of a smooth satisfying fit. The connection wobbles and it just doesn’t feel good. There is no other option to convert audio without this device. Relating back to the 50 dollar kick in the shin.

    Go Pro. Guys if you’re listening I don’t care if you have to make the next go pro twice as large I would still buy it if I could just plug in a microphone without having to buy this adapter. I really hope the age of making devices smaller and smaller is over. I don’t care if its the size of a Gameboy color. I buy your cameras because they take more of a beating than my DSLR. That and I really like your passion for 60fps.. I think you are lacking in universal simplicity when it comes to this part. I reluctantly bought this. I didn’t jump to buy this.

    I gave you guys 5 stars because I still needed this thing. It works fine but I’m not very trustworthy of its craftsmanship when considering reliability and longevity. Of course I bought the case to hold this from dangling. Which makes me think I would have paid you for a whole package anyway. Why isn’t this adapter just a case in itself? Like something I can slap my go pro into and a mic port is all I have to worry about.
    It’s just an idea Go Pro. I’d rather you be built like an old gameboy or a nokia in some ways. I still love you but you don’t need to be so tiny. Throw a mic port in there. I don’t care if you get a little fat. I still gave you a good rating.

  13. Cristhian

    Calidad de sonido!!

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