GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard in White Hot (HERO7 Black/HERO7 Silver/HERO7 White/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

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  • ​Adjustable lanyard keeps your GoPro handy-wear it or attach it to your gear
  • ​Premium Silicone sleeve fits Snugly without adding extra bulk 
  • ​Thin, flexible material Makes it easy to insert and remove your GoPro   ​​
  • ​Allows you to access the camera buttons and rear LCD for full functionality
  • ​Comes in a variety of colors to personalize your GoPro
Product Dimensions

2.56 x 1.16 x 1.87 inches

Item Weight

0.952 ounces

Item model number



1 Unknown batteries required.

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 7, 2018


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13 reviews for GoPro Sleeve + Lanyard in White Hot (HERO7 Black/HERO7 Silver/HERO7 White/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black) – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Stef

    Nicely made cover but quite expensive. I would have liked a lense cover to go with it but it feels very tactile and will protect the body. It looks good when on but is not particularly easy to get on and off. The lanyard that comes with it is also good quality but has one of those built in weak point clips that means it will disconnect if it gets caught on something when you are wearing it round your neck.

  2. Amazon Customer

    I was looking for a protective skin for my GoPro 7 black, along with a way to attach a strap, and this is the perfect set to meet my needs! Skin fits snuggly and the strap is long enough to be able to wear a GoPro around your neck, making it easier for me to juggle taking casual photos & videos with my 35mm camera, Smart phone & GoPro when I’m on the go.

  3. Craig M.

    Heated up my Go Pro significantly – Returned it.

  4. Michael


  5. C

    The fit and finish is excellent. Gives a premium and fun look to the camera. Leaves enough room for a lens cover if you have one. Only potential downside is that the front LCD display is covered. Shouldn’t generally be an issue as when I am using it with the sleeve I am taking hand-held shots, not using a mount.

  6. Aman H.

    I love the material, it is very very sticky, which means chances of slipping your gopro while this is on are very, very slim. Unfortunately, mine came in ripped a bit from the side. Check thoroughly before putting it on.

    EDIT: I requested a replacement via Amazon website and they not only shipped a new one within 2 days but also no questions asked plus they let me keep the broken one. Not that it is useful, but it’ll save me the hassle of going to a store to drop it off.

    As in my original comment, I love the material, totally worth it.

  7. Cliente de Amazon

    Excelente calidad.

  8. fltengi

    Helps me keep track of the camera.

  9. Edward W

    I’ve been using GoPros for a number of years, and have most of their official accessories such as the telescopic sticks, tripod mount, gimbal, etc.

    But with each new iteration, the built-in stabilisation has continued to improve, and it’s now (with the 7 series) reached the point where even handheld footage from a rough rollercoaster comes out incredibly stable. Which is why this sleeve is pretty much the only accessory I now take with me.

    It’s made from thick, tight-fitting rubber, putting it over the GoPro is almost like it donning a diving suit. It’s not difficult to take off when you need to access the charging port, but once it’s on there is no way it’s going to fall out of it no matter how much you shake or swing it around. The cord is also reassuring thick, doesn’t chafe your neck. It’s run through a rubber latch on the body to connect the two parts together, and it’s super study, you could swing this thing around your head for days and there is no way the cord will snap or detach from the body.

    The materials are lightweight, so it doesn’t add much bulk or weight to the device at all. And being able to just wear your gopro around your head and forget about it until you need it is so much better than having to keep it in a rucksack.

  10. Joe

    The material is great, nice colour, smooth to touch and stretchy so it’s easy to put on and remove. The lanyard is strong and has a sliding locking clasp, with a detatchable neck link.

    The sleeve has holes where the speakers and microphones are, and offers protection to the screen due to the proudness of the edging of the sleeve should it be placed screen down on a surface.

    The only improvements I would suggest to GoPro for a new version would be, a cut out for the front screen of the black edition, and a small hole so the red LED can be seen from on the front of the camera (as the material is too thick for it to show through). But great job GoPro, another accessory that is practical for those moments where you can have the camera ready to start recording instantly.

  11. Icarus Rising

    I don’t use the GoPro for filming ‘Action Stuff’ like slow motion 360 jumps over ski ramps. It’s a family camera that’s great for days out and water parks on holidays. I use it mostly on a tripod but this lanyard is great for walks out where you can just stick it around your neck and have it to hand when needed. It’s as good as it needs to be and the lanyard is thick and comfortable – although the go pro feels heavier than you think if not warn over a jumper. It feels like it should be half the price but… it’s a genuine go pro and they aren’t cheep.

  12. Xenia Singleton

    I am happy I purchased a silicone case but I may be a little upset right now since I got white, it will get dirty quickly. I thought the white would look the best since my GoPro is gray. One thing you should know when you have the silicone case on the go Pro you cannot put it in any other housing at a silicone case is for wearing it around your neck or recording with the GoPro in your hand.

    If you want to put the GoPro in another housing or put it on a selfie stick you have to take the silicone case off

  13. Andy

    Fits well, and keeps protected my GoPro.

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