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  • Bluetooth Low Energy improves the battery life of both The Remote and the camera that it’s connected to while also improving pairing over previous GoPro remotes[1]
  • Large high-resolution screen makes it easy to check camera status
  • Large tactile buttons give you easy control of camera functions
  • Rugged design is wearable, mountable and waterproof to 16ft (5m)[2]
  • Range up to 196ft (60m) in optimal conditions
  • Controls up to 5 cameras at a time
  • Includes a convenient wrist strap that also lets you attach The Remote to grips, handle bars and gear
Product Dimensions

5.79 x 4.02 x 1.81 inches

Item Weight

3.53 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

Date First Available

January 8, 2021


GoPro Camera

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13 reviews for GoPro The Remote – Official GoPro Accessory

  1. Victor Guzman

    I find it a bit limiting that you can’t use the remote when you are using the phone preview. Sometimes you not only need to stop the phone app but also stop the bluetooth function on the phone as the GoPro can’t talk to more than one device via bluetooth at the same time.

  2. Alberto Caputo

    works well but very expensive

  3. Mark Williams

    Once synched the remote works fine. Getting it to sync first time a bit frustrating, do to the go pro app, not the remote.

  4. Carlos

    Es necesario si quieres hacer tomas sin tener que estar aprendo el boton de la gopro o el time. Viene con 4 botores para navegar, apagar y tomar las fotos y videos. se siente solido y de buenos materiales, creo que es contra salpicaduras pero no sumergible. viene con una correa y un cable usbA a tipo C

  5. Rivendell

    Works well with my GoPro Hero 10.

  6. csw

    When I first received the Remote it would keep losing the connection to my Hero 8 after a couple of minutes. After visiting the Go Pro community help site I followed the instructions to update The Remote (and my Hero 8) software. Seems to work fine now, four stars until longer term use proves all ok! Note also to turn the power to the camera off using the Remote, hold down the Mode button on the side of the remote.

  7. Solem

    I have the remote for GoPro Hero 7 & 8 which power Off/On the camera. I received the remote today, paired it with my GoPro Hero 9. Problem is when I powered off my remote, it does not power off the camera. Also when you power On the remote, it does not power On the camera right away, you have to press record button on the remote to power on the camera. Do not buy the remote until they fix this problem. I was so upset and disappointed with GoPro Hero 9 Remote. The smart remote is better.

  8. John L. Lafleur

    After 2 of the cheep remotes I got the GoPro remote… battery life is awesome and it works great… is I only got this one first and save some money

  9. Steve Rosemergy

    With this remote, you no longer have to fumble with the gopro to start and stop recording or switch modes. At a glance you know if you’re recording, how much memory you’ve used, and what mode you’re recording in.

  10. rkruz

    I was very unimpressed with the remote. Its not nearly as sophisticated at the $80 price tag suggests. GoPro continually dissapoints with their lack of attention to good engineering and especially human interfaces. Its as if they never tested this unit before releasing it. Read on for our impressions.

    The Bad:
    — EXPENSIVE: $80! You have to really want this remote as there are others at 60% of the cost that will turn on and off the camera remotely.
    — NO AUDIO FEEDBACK FOR PAIRING: When the units are powered up after initial pairing, there is no audio feedback beeps from the camera.
    — LOSES PAIRING: Apparently the remote will automatically turn off when not used for a while. When turned back on, it is no longer paired with the camera and a repair has to be performed. Our cameras is in a housing and the screen is not accessible making a re-paring every time the remote not viable. — TINY DISPLAY: I cannot read most of the display. Its either so small or the icons are next to the edge and in a shadow and difficult to see unless you put it under a bright light and then tilt and twist the remote and put your eyes close to it.
    — POOR RANGE: We were out recording a trip and set up the camera 25 ft away for an outside shot around a hairpin turn. Between the camera and the remote was a small 6 ft high hill, blocking the line of sight between remote and camera. The remote would not connect to the camera.
    — ORIENTED INCORRECTLY ON WRIST: When strapped on a write like a watch, but unlike a wristwach, you have to hold your arm are straight up to view the screen properly vs just angle your arm in front of your eyes, like a wristwatch. If they simply added another strap slot with a 90 degree orientation from the current strap slot, it would have solved this. Another example of GoPros innatention to proper human interfaces.
    — BAD GLARE: The display glass reflects like a mirror and you have to tilt it just right to see the display. A simple anti-glare coating would have been nice.
    — NO BACKLITE: The display has no backlit making it impossible to see in the dark.
    — NO DISPLAY READOUT INSTRUCTIONS: The manual states nothing about whats on the display. Is the battery indicator for the remote or the camera? There is a number shown when the camera is off….what does that mean. This info is as basic as it can be and GoPro failed to provide it in the ridiculously inadequate Users Manual.
    — BAND NOT FLEXIBLE: The provided wrist band is not flexible. You have to awkwardly using one hand to attach it rather then just a flexible band one can slip over the wrist as the aforementioned after market remote does.
    — BAND WONT TIGHTEN: For my wife’s smaller wrist, the strap when pulled tight does not does not extend the hook and loop far enough along the band so that it will grab hence the strap cannot be tightened.

    The Good:
    — PAIRED QUICKLY: The one thing described in the manual is how to pair and it paired quickly.
    — OPERATOR FEEDBACK: The remote for recording provides a display showing the time recorded and with a flashing red light. Only a single beep from the camera to record and 3 beeps to stop. I wish it was consistent the the beep patterns when using the camera manually but it is not.
    — LONG BATTERY LIFE: GoPro responded to a question about battery life stating it will operate for 50 hours. That would be great if it didn’t have all the problems stated above.

    Conclusion: Ive had better and more reliable success with a much cheaper aftermarket wrist mounted remote then this horribly expensive and ineffective GoPro remote.

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  11. Richard Galyen

    This remote works great! I have it setup to run more than one go pro at the click of a button. I wish I had known of this earlier.

  12. S. M. Shiell

    I didn’t want all the control for the GoPro, just to start recording and stop.

    The camera has to be in all the time, which kills the battery in the GoPro.

    The battery in the remote, almost useless.

    Very disappointed.

  13. Jaiiaki

    I’ve waited for this to come to Canada so I don’t have to pay extra $30usd for shipping. I was so excited Amazon had it and ordered right away. And I had one full day to try it with my gopro 8 black while camping for a day. It was already disconnected while heading to the campground. And it kept losing its connection about 2/3 of the day. It sometimes got fixed by restarting the remote only but sometimes both the remote and the gopro had to be restarted. And sometimes I had to re-pair them again and fail to pair many times. So far very disappointed and getting very close to the point of returning it even though I want gopro remote so badly… I’ll update this review if I find any way to improve the connectivity.

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