GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera for Adults, TSRC Q7 Foldable FPV RC Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, Smart Return Home, Follow Me, 60 Min Flight Time, Long Control Range, Includes…

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  • 4K UHD Camera with Image Stabilization: The optimized full HD Camera built with Shock Absorption holder ensures shooting 3840 x 2160 high resolution images and videos without camera vibration. 5GHz ultra-fluent FPV transmission and 90°adjustable lens delivers an even more engaging flying experience.
  • GPS Assisted Smarter Flight: Never lose the drone. It returns automatically whenever the battery is low, signal is lost or the auto-return button is pressed. Following you automatically, flying along a path you set, or fly around a path you plot makes everything smarter. Just create to your heart’s content and enjoy the flight!
  • Upgraded Configuration: The 2 enhanced batteries deliver a 60 minutes longer flight. The long-life Brushless Motors have lower power consumption and give you a quieter and stronger flight. The foldable design and well-fitted carrying case make it easier to take the drone outdoors.
  • Simple Operation: Multi Sensors ensure steady hovering and high quality pictures taken under different flying environments. Optical Flow Positioning makes a great effect when the GPS signal is lost or weak. Multiple functions such as Automatic Take-off/ Landing, Altitude Hold, Emergency Stop and Electric Fence, make everything on drone feel easy, for even beginners.
  • Considerate Design: With an advanced LED screen remote control, you can easily see the battery level and GPS signal on the LED screen. The control range of 2.4GHz transmitter reaches to 3000 feet high range; a button to turn on or off the drone light is added; 2 throttle modes are available. Crystal-clear and brilliance moments with ease!


Model Name


Age Range Description


Video Capture Resolution


Connectivity Technology


Battery Capacity

‎2000 Milliamp Hours

Control Type

‎Remote Control

Media Type


Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

‎Lithium Ion

Are Batteries Included


Remote Control Included


Product Dimensions

‎10.23"L x 7.87"W x 3.54"H



Item Weight

‎2.27 pounds


‎2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

5 reviews for GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera for Adults, TSRC Q7 Foldable FPV RC Quadcopter with Brushless Motor, Smart Return Home, Follow Me, 60 Min Flight Time, Long Control Range, Includes…

  1. Jeff

    The drone market is vast, and for those stepping into the world of aerial photography and exploration, finding the right balance of features and affordability can be a challenge. The TSRC Q7 is an excellent entry point, providing great value for your money and a plethora of features to get you started on your flying journey.


    1. Incredible Flight Stability: The stability in flight is nothing short of awesome. This drone holds its position with precision, making it a breeze to capture stunning footage and photos. It’s like having your own aerial tripod, ensuring smooth and professional results.

    2. Outstanding Video and Picture Quality: The quality of the videos and pictures is a major selling point. The Q7 doesn’t compromise on visual excellence, offering crystal-clear imagery that truly stands out. Whether you’re a hobbyist or aspiring pro, this drone delivers top-notch content.

    3. Dual Batteries for Extended Airtime: With two batteries, each lasting a solid 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy a generous amount of flight time. This feature is perfect for capturing those extended aerial adventures without the constant worry of battery life.

    4. Impressive Range: The Q7’s remarkable range is a game-changer. It can go the distance, allowing you to explore and capture breathtaking views that were once out of reach. Just remember to switch out of novice mode in the app for extended range – a minor adjustment for a major gain.

    5. Stability in Windy Conditions: This drone doesn’t shy away from a little wind. In 15mph gusts, it maintains its composure and keeps flying steadily. No more fearing that your drone will get carried away – the Q7 remains firmly in control

    6. Stunning 4K UHD Camera with 5G Transmission: The inclusion of a 4K UHD camera and 5G transmission is a real selling point. This setup allows for impressive video and image quality, ensuring your aerial shots capture every detail. Additionally, the built-in image stabilization helps maintain the clarity of your content.

    7. Follow Me and Capture Beautiful Moments: The “Follow Me” function adds a layer of creativity to your videos, making it easier to capture stunning moments and epic adventures. Although it may take a little practice to perfect, the results are worth it.

    8. Point of Interest and Tap to Fly: These features add versatility to your drone flying experience. The “Point of Interest” and “Tap to Fly” functions can help you create cinematic shots and navigate your drone with ease.

    9. GPS Auto Return for Peace of Mind: The GPS auto return feature is a crucial addition, reducing the chances of losing your drone. This feature provides peace of mind, ensuring that even if you lose control or the drone’s battery is running low, it will safely return home.

    10. Dual Batteries for Extended Flight Time: Two batteries provide nearly an hour of flight time, making this drone competitive with others in its price range. While you might not quite hit that full hour, it’s a reliable runtime for capturing your aerial adventures.

    11. Easy Learning Curve: If you’re a beginner, you’ll appreciate the easy learning curve. With some practice, you can easily maneuver the drone, and it won’t be long before you’re capturing impressive footage.


    Missing 3-Axis Gimbal: The notable absence of a 3-axis gimbal is a disappointment. A 3-axis gimbal would significantly improve video and image stability, resulting in even better quality content.

  2. Carl Z.

    It was surprising how many great features are packed into this reasonably priced drone. The drone arrived quickly and in good condition with an included waterproof case that many other companies would charge extra for. The three batteries and the remote control came with charger cables making it easy to charge them quickly to all green full power. When I first powered up the drone after learning the FAA regulations and watching the included video it worked perfectly. It’s an easy drone to learn on as the controls are intuitive and easy to understand. Connecting to my Android phone was easy and the connection between phone, control, and drone was very stable. The first few flights I was definitely impressed with the drone’s range and how well the camera controls worked. Also it was easy to get in touch with customer service and they are very responsive to my questions. I’m looking forward to many more flights and sunset pictures with my versatile and fun to fly Q8 drone.

  3. SJ

    This drone came well packaged with a very nice case which has foam for padding and cutouts for all the components. It has two batteries, each of which can power the drone for a long time (almost an hour each!)

    I mainly got this for making videos of flyovers of events, and this does an excellent job. It is easy to control and delivers excellent videos. The detail is amazing and the color and resolution are perfect. It honestly looks similar to professional units I have seen.

    I am a newbie to drones, and this was very simple to set up and get connected to the phone app. Flying took a bit of practice, but soon becomes second nature. I can now weave the drone in and out of areas, to get amazing shots. This drone is an amazing value for the price!

  4. Carl Z.

    Never had a drone so I test drove the Q8. I love it and works great. Easy to set up and easy to fly. Pic and video quality is pretty good. Only downside is the batteries….which is a problem with a lot of drones.
    Only downside is the lack of available batteries. Looked em up and found nothing. Great and fun little drone.

  5. SJ

    I bought the Q5 a while back and gave it to my sister. Then I saw the Q7 was out and said I must try it. All around, I have to say the Q7 is a huge leap from the Q5.

    Let’s start with the controller. I love the external antennas, the signal is stronger and I didn’t have to spend as much time connecting and reconnecting. This made the experience so much better. It was seamless to connect my phone with the remote and the drone. I wasn’t quite sure how to start up the drone as it is a little different from the Q5. The video manual that is within the app is amazing. It quickly shows how to take off and sync the drone. It was so easy to quickly get off the ground and move around. Once lifted off, I was easily able to maneuver. One thing I have noticed with the q7 is that it is so much easier to keep the drone steady. I was easily able to have the q7 hover and it’s response is pretty quick. I was going fairly fast and almost crashed into the shed but was able to quickly turn to avoid a crash.
    The picture from the backyard was taken with the drone and I have to say that it is very clear. I half expected the quality of the picture to be eh, but I was very impressed that the quality was very clear.
    Overall, I have to say that the Q7 is a leap from the Q5. Between the picture and video quality, great battery life, and ease of use, it is an all around great drone. I am looking forward to taking this drone on my next video shoot.

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