igloohome New Smart Padlock 2 (SP2), The Toughest Smart Padlock – Generate Access from Anywhere with The Mobile app (iOS/Android) – No WiFi Needed, Waterproof & Rechargeable

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  • GRANT ACCESS ANYWHERE, ANYTIME – You can send PIN codes and Bluetooth keys from wherever you are with the igloohome app. Our unique algoPIN technology makes this possible through secure encryption and synchronization. Remote Control & Real-Time Notifications are availble with the Bridge (purchased separately).
  • WEATHERPROOF & WATERPROOF (IP67) – Proven to survive through extreme environmental conditions with Operational Temperature Range of -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C). Perfect for outdoor use under rain, snow or sun. The shackle is rust-resistant and the lock body is corrosion-resistant.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY – Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with battery life of up to 9 months with 1 hour of Type-C charging. Up to 8000 unlocks in 1 full charge. Type-C emergency power with a power-bank, laptop or tablet if your battery runs out.
  • ALWAYS IN THE LOOP – With the mobile app (iOS/Andriod), you can keep track of who has accessed your Padlock with activity logs. Activity logs for unlocks via Bluetooth are updated in real-time. PIN code logs are updated when the lock is synced with the app in Bluetooth range.
  • HEAVY DUTY SMART PADLOCK – The SP2 went through 7 military-level tests for rain, temperature, impact, salinity, & humidity and passed with flying colors. The lock shackle can withstand 15kN cutting force, 5kN pulling force and 100Nm twisting force, meaning it’s tamper-proof and pick-proof.


Special Feature


Lock Type

‎Key Lock

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎2.17 x 1.5 x 3.07 inches





Number of Pieces


Finish Type


Controller Type

‎iOS, Android



Item Weight

‎1.1 pounds

Control Method


Connectivity Protocol




Product Dimensions

‎2.17 x 1.5 x 3.07 inches

Item model number



‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)




‎3.7 Volts


‎1 hp

Item Package Quantity


Special Features


Batteries Included


Batteries Required


Battery Cell Type

‎Lithium Ion

4 reviews for igloohome New Smart Padlock 2 (SP2), The Toughest Smart Padlock – Generate Access from Anywhere with The Mobile app (iOS/Android) – No WiFi Needed, Waterproof & Rechargeable

  1. MikeR

    I needed an outdoor smart padlock that I can set specific PIN codes for specific vendors to enter the gate at specific times, specifically weekdays from 8am-5pm. Unfortunately, the lock and app do not allow this type of flexibility. You can only create access codes that are either good for one-time use, weekly use, a specific time duration, or permanent access. In my case, I want the codes to allow access during weekdays from 8am till 5pm but no other times. (I want to keep people from accessing the area at night and on weekends.) This cannot be done with this lock or the app, yet it would be simple for the company to provide this type of PIN code setting. I confirmed this with the company’s tech support team. They said they have had multiple people request this and they plan on adding it in future firmware and app upgrades. In the meantime, there is no easy or practical workaround.

    The only work-around I see is to set a different PIN code for each day of the week for each vendor, which is not ideal. (You can’t use the same PIN code for more than one setting.) The only other option I have is to delete the access PIN every day after 5pm and re-create it every weekday morning before 8am. That is not convenient.

    Another bug is I cannot get it to work with Siri. When I issue the correct unlock command, Siri says it the lock didn’t respond or timed out. And the app itself is quite poorly designed. For instance, once you set your time zone, you cannot change it without deleting the lock with all its settings from the app and starting over.

    I may keep the lock in hopes that Igloohome’s engineers will release a firmware and app update that will make this lock more practical for my needs. Otherwise, it is not much better than the manual combination lock I’ve been using, only it is a lot more expensive.

  2. Taylor

    This padlock is crazy expensive, so I was expecting the absolute best. The padlock itself is nice, but the app is awful. If I can’t control the padlock correctly from my phone then what’s the point of spending so much money on a smart padlock. I mainly got it so I could make duration codes, but this doesn’t work correctly in the app (the times are completely off by as much as 12hrs). Very disappointed.

  3. MikeR

    I had a couple of the first generation igloo padlocks and I really really wanted to love them. I hated the old style padlocks and how codes were set as I was always forgetting them, so when the gen 1 igloo padlock came out I was excited. The were a number of issues that made it beyond frustrating.

    Gen 1 Padlock issues:
    1. The shackle was to short. I used it on an outdoor gate and it was a struggle to close it. If I was on the other side of the gate and wanted to enter in the code, I basically had to enter it upside down with the back to me. Not a pleasant experience for me, wife, or any service folks that needed to get in. Supposedly you could by a longer shackle but I never did because of the following problems.

    2. Battery life – horrendous x 1000. I tried all sort of batteries include the energizer lithium and they didn’t last a month (and that’s being generous) – with no activity at the lock. I suspect the gen 1 had a firmware bug causing the bluetooth radio to stay on longer than it should. This was pretty much the nail in the coffin for this product. No way am I changing batteries on a padlock monthly.

    3. Weather proof. The gen 1 padlock wasn’t weather resistant – at all. A plastic covering was made available to protect it from water. Which kinda helped, but made seeing the buttons difficult as the cover was white and the buttons where faintly labeled. Cold temps I believe also drained the battery much quicker.

    4. Range – For the app on your phone to work, you had to be on top of the lock, just a few feet away, my phone couldn’t see the lock – even with line of site.

    5. Recovery from battery drain. If the lock went dead, and it did very quickly, open the lock was a PITA. You had to use a 9V battery to jump start it. The connector for the 9V wasn’t a good fit so it was difficult to make proper contact. You had to hold it just right to make contact. The battery polarity is NOT on the contacts and it doesn’t have the standard 9V connector type for + and -. Very frustrating if you’re sitting there in the dark, trying to up this thing. Several times I just gave up and had to come back during the day time. Even then it took 10-15 minutes to get it to unlock.

    Okay so those are all the issues with the gen 1.

    The Padlock 2 appears to be a different story! I just about gave up on Igloo and then I saw the ad for the new Padlock 2 and it looks like they addressed ALL the above issues in this version. It’s sold out on their web-site and was happy to see them here on Amazon. I quickly scooped on one to test it out. Literally got it today (5/20/23) so not much time, but I can say it looks promising.

    First the Padlock 2 is built like a tank. The feel of it is incredible and looks like it could with stand a bullet. The first gen 1 in fairness was solid, but the padlock 2 takes it many steps further. The tech sheet says military grade and it definitely feels that way.

    The shackle is much longer. It’s much easier to twist/turn the lock if on the other side of a gate to enter in the code.

    The bluetooth range seems MUCH better. I can stand 30 yds are so away and it makes a connection every time. I probably can go further but hadn’t tested yet. This is very convenient as where my locks are I have line of site from my deck and I can just stand from my deck and connect to the lock – no need to go down on top of it. I bought a igloo wifi bridge (a failed attempt to improve range on the first gen) and will actually try it again to see if I can also control it over wifi.

    OMG It’s a rechargeable battery! This is huge. No fiddling with disposable batteries *and* to charge it is a USB-C. Also if it’s dead, you can plug in a portable usb-c power bank for power. Why wasn’t this done in the first gen? I assume the rechargeable battery is sized to give the 9 months of battery life the tech sheet proclaims. Obviously I am on day one so we will see. I’m going to see if it can at least make a month (the other one couldn’t) if it does that, I will remain optimistic.

    It has an IPX7 *waterproof* rating. This is about at high a weather proof rating you can go. No need for a sheath or other covering. Supposedly it can take extreme heat and cold temps. Again, I will be monitoring closely as we are going into the summer time in GA.

    So all in all, I am optimistic. Time will tell – the big factors are battery life and standing up to the elements. Right now, I will give the lock 5 stars, and will update this review over time as I have more soak time with it.

    Impressions after one week of ownership is still very good. It’s rained considerably in my area (Atlanta, GA, USA) and the lock has held up. Weather was a problem with the gen 1 version. After 1 week I checked the battery level and it lost 3% (at 97%). If I were to forecast that out, this would get me about 8.33 mo of battery life. Not bad but I was hoping for a year (although it’s inline with the tech specs of 9 months). However a million times better than the better life of the gen 1 unit. I have another gen 2 lock that I’m charging up and going to stick in freezer for a week and test out the battery life and see what that’s like.

    It’s now early July 6 and my first lock (I’ve since bought another, which I will talk about in a moment) This lock has been the major torrential downpours, the massive heat and humid hear in the Atlanta area and it’s been flawless. None of the gen 1 issues have manifested itself. As of now, the battery is 80%, so approximately 48.5 days since I brought this lock online. The battery burn rate is about .41%/day, which should yield about 244 days of actual use. Igloohome says about 9 months max on this and it’s not to far off (244 days is approximately 35 weeks, about 1 week shy). I think I may get the full 9 months or greater. Here’s why.

    My second Igloohome gen 2 lock, I bought and put online on 5/31/23. I specifically wanted to do a cold weather test so I dumped it in the freezer, which is obviously below freezing temperatures. I left it there for well over a week and it was still about 100%. So the battery drain *seems* to be slower in colder temperatures than warmer ones. While in the freezer I was able to sync, lock, unlock, and all that without an issue. See pic of the lock with frost on it, and all lights working and totally functional.

    So right now this locks remains a 5 star product and Igloohome nailed it on gen 2. It *almost* makes the massive frustration and waste of money on the gen 1 worth (I have 2 gen 1s and will put them on indoor stuff).

    One recommendation I’d like to see Igloohome put in is the ability to tweak the BLE radio power. Where my locks are I’d love to be able to stand on the edge corner of my deck and sync. Most of the time it works but often enough it doesn’t and I have to get a little closer. If I could boost the power (knowing I am going to trade off battery life) that would be advantageous to me. Conversely if you want to reduce it because you know you will pretty much be on top of the lock when syncing or using it, you can eek out more battery life.

    I have a bridge and will be testing that out next to see if I can get the remote status and lock/unlock features working.

  4. Jeffrey Brant

    Appears to be high quality! And it should be for the money. It’s smart! I use it on a lockers that both my wife and I have access to. I like that after you sync it with your phone you’re able to view who accessed it, what time as well as the auto locks. You can receive audible alerts as well as set the volume.

    I normally use fingerprint sensor locks, but my wife struggles with those. Also, it’s tough to find high quality padlocks with good fingerprint sensors. This is the answer for both issues. No fingerprint sensor (good for her), but we’re still able to open it rather quickly through the app, directly with the key pad or automatically upon arrival.

    We’ve had this lock for 5 days (typically unlocked 7 to 10 times a day) and battery level is still at 100%. That’s a good sign. Definitely appears to be one of the most sturdy locks I’ve used. It’ll take work to tamper with or break. And it is heavy! Probably why it feels so solid. It’s their 2nd iteration and I believe they nailed it this time! We especially like the usb-c charging (and Rechargeable Lithium Battery) instead of old 9 volt battery emergency charging method. I also believe that the padlock1 lock ran on replaceable batteries. This is much better. We haven’t used it outdoors so can’t comment on that. Otherwise yes, I’d purchase another.

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