INPHIC Wireless Mouse, [Upgraded: Battery Level Visible] Large Ergonomic Rechargeable 2.4G Optical PC Laptop Cordless Mice with USB Nano Receiver, Black

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  • 【BROADER THUMB REST DESIGN】Upgraded much wider thumb rest area, designed for better feeling to give comfortable support to the whole palm and fingers, reduces the pressure and tension brought by long-time work to the hand, and improves the efficiency of work
  • 🔇 【BATTERY POWER DISPLAY AT A GLANCE】Upgraded visible battery indicator on the top of the mouse design, at a glance, you’ll know the remaining battery, as well as an indication of when it’s time to recharge. Say goodbye to power outage anxiety and give you a sense of security
  • 💯 2.4GHz USB Mouse: Stable connection up to 10-meter working distance and just simply insert the USB and play; 4 adjustable DPI (800/1000/1200/1600) for freely controlling mouse speed
  • 👏 6 High Efficient Buttons: There are not only clickless left and right buttons, but also a DPI adjusting button, scroll wheel and two side buttons. The function of the side buttons(not silent) is to help you to back or forward when you browse a website, a USB mouse with side buttons is more convenient for you surfing and working
  • 🤞 1-Year Warranty & Wide Compatibility: This wireless mouse is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP, Vista and Mac OS system and under the following warranty policy, 45-day unconditional refund and 12 months repairing warranty
Product Dimensions

4.33 x 3.15 x 0.04 inches

Item Weight

3.35 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

October 26, 2021



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13 reviews for INPHIC Wireless Mouse, [Upgraded: Battery Level Visible] Large Ergonomic Rechargeable 2.4G Optical PC Laptop Cordless Mice with USB Nano Receiver, Black

  1. Wendy Stockdale

    I wanted to build a lap desk for living room computing and was on the fence about getting a fancy expensive logitech for awhile but then decided to grab this because of the shape and style and figured for the price it was worth a try. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mouse. It looks great and feels great to use.

    The top buttons are nearly silent but still have plenty of tactile response. The side buttons are clicky and not as quiet but I don’t really consider it a fault, it is about the same noise level as my razer pro-click.

    The battery life has been great and I have not needed to charge it in yet in the couple weeks I’ve owned it.

    The wireless range is also very good. With my previous Logitech M187, the mouse would become unresponsive sometimes due to distance from pc and couch (about 10ft) but I have not had any issues with the Inphic.

    If you are looking for an inexpensive mouse and are worried about quality look no further. So far there have been no cons for this purchase.

  2. shrimp sandwich

    Worked out of the box on Linux, so regular HID driver I suppose (this is good, mostly)
    The mouse is very comfortable. It’s wide and not too tall – the hump isn’t as pronounced as a logitech gaming mouse, for example, which I like because it doesn’t make your wrist bend as much. Definitely helpful because i use it on my couch cushion so the angle of my wrist is already steeper than it would be on a desk.
    There is also a finger rest on the right for your ring finger (or pinkie, depending which finger you right-click with). It’s one of the most comfortable finger wrests I’ve encountered. And just low enough to allow you to use that finger to help grip the mouse. very hapy with the comfort in general.
    the mouse is lightweight. I like this, you judge for yourself.
    It does indeed continue to function while you’re charging. The input is still over wireless, so you will need the dongle plus the charging cable in this case, but that cable can be plugged into an AC adapter if you’re out of ports. The included cable is barely a foot long. It’s just enough to not be limiting if you need to use it while charging, but another 6″ would be nice. I have plenty laying around and I’m not bothering to swap them out. Just fyi.

    Something to note. i see the description says “breathing LED”. I don’t see any LED, except when it’s charging, and it does not breathe. I am actually really happy about that because I don’t need more LED indicators in my life. I missed that in the description and when i plugged it in with the cable I looked for a toggle for the light (there is none). I read the description and saw the “breathing” thing, so I unplugged the cable out of curiosity. To my elation the light just turned off. But, if you like a blue LEDs on all your devices because you’re a monster, you may not get what you think.

    The DPI toggle doesn’t seem to be doing anything. This may be a Linux thing, if I ever connect it to my Win PC and i remember i will confirm here. I don’t care because i use the sensitivity slider on my laptop and i don’t need on-the-fly DPI switching for this mouse.

    I find the Scroll speed to be insanely slow. Again, might be my system. Takes me 2 full wheel scrolls to move a single page. I’d like to adjust that. The Scroll is tactile, not free-spin. Bumpy sound not clicky.

    The button clicks are not silent. they’re just like any other mouse. I didn’t expect it to be quiet because that’s not a thing.

    I like the 3min sleep thing. I’m not sure how i feel about having to click to wake it as opposed to just moving it. it’s optical not laser so that’s probably the reason. I think it’s just a matter of training my brain.

    We’ll see how it survives being tossed in a laptop bag. Again, due to being ergo but without a big hump, it’s not too large to throw in a bag.

    Overall, I’m ok with what i spent on what I got. It’s a well-functioning mouse for a low price. No mouse is 100% perfect, each has something different wrong with them. As i write this review I’m realizing that the particular quirks on this one are the least problematic compared to some I’ve had on portable non-gaming mice, so I’m giving it an extra star because it basically does what it says and some issues may be on my end. The scroll speed may kill me slowly, we’ll see how that goes.

  3. Fmo

    Ratón inalámbrico para sustituir al de mi pack Microsoft teclado + ratón (MS wireless laser 5000) que llevaba conmigo más de 10 años (el teclado sigue funcionando).
    Las calidades del ratón exteriormente son buenas pero al levantarlo se ve un plástico sencillo y apenas tiene peso.
    Funcionamiento: PERFECTO!. Silencioso, preciso, cómodo de usar al ser anatómico y la duración en uso de teletrabajo que le doy yo es muy larga.
    El ratón no tiene ninguna indicación que indique la carga aunque sí que dispone de una luz azulada durante la carga de manera que la luz se apaga cuando ya está en la máxima carga.

    En cuanto al precio, 13,25€ en el momento de esta valoración, que es un gran precio para las prestaciones que ofrece. (al nivel del que ya tenía de microsoft)

  4. Greg

    O produto foi comprado devido a necessidade de um mouse maior, mais ergonômico. Para minha grata surpresa, as expectativas foram atendidas.

    A qualidade do produto em si é boa. O clique dos botões superiores é muito silencioso. Os laterais são menos, porém nada gritante.

    Não consegui zerar a bateria dele, ainda. Como não é possível ver o nível da bateria, estou testando carregá-lo em intervalos de tempo diferentes. Até o momento, consegui validar somente que dura, ao menos, um mês de uso diário superior a 8hrs.

    Após 3 meses de uso, posso afirmar que recomendo o produto. Não identifiquei nenhum ponto negativo até o momento.

  5. Jared Emerson

    I originally purchased one of these to replace my work mouse as it was starting to malfunction. After getting this mouse, I enjoyed it enough to buy a second one for home use too! Mostly true to the description, the left and right click are quieter than any other mouse I’ve ever owned. Note that the buttons on the side are noticably louder, but that was a major selling point for me anyways as they are rarely used. Mouse wheel works great as expected. I find it to be very ergonomic for my hand size personally. Overall, I would highly recommend!

  6. Wilfredo

    Good quality, good size for my hands. The most I like is that’s rechargeable so no need for battery replacement and click silenced!

  7. Diana M

    Came with a wire to charge which i really appreciate it. Sleek design, nice packaging. The battery fully charged in about 2 hours and has remained at 3 bars ever since (i got the option with the battery LED indicators).

    I have pretty big/wider hands, so the shape is really comfortable. I like the two buttons on the side, i find myself using them a lot for programming macros at work or while gaming. Overall, great pick. Would recommend for yourself or as a gift.

  8. Ayrton Silva Pimenta

    I recently got a remote job and needed a mous. I haven’t used a mous in years, they have come a long way! This one is wonderful, fits my hand well, is smooth to work with, and when charged it lasts a long time. the clicks are quiet indeed. would recommend.

  9. Jay Valencia

    This mouse has great value for the price. Fit great in hand, very comfortable, don’t need a mouse pad to use, clicking is very satisfying, and rechargeable with usb-c. I have 2 $75-$100 Logitech mouses that are just as nice as this one in terms of feel. I wouldn’t recommend for gaming but for general use/work it’s great!

  10. Jay Valencia

    Overall I liked this mouse, it’s responsive, is a good size and worked well. However, I’ve had it less than a year and it stopped working out of the blue. Also, when traveling with it, the left and right click buttons get caught on things and pop up because they stick out from the front of the mouse.

  11. susan harper

    Lo adquirí a un excelente precio, pensando que sería un Mouse cualquiera, y no fue así. La duración de la batería es casi interminable, la precisión y comodidad es buena y los materiales de construcción así como su diseño me pareció muy bueno. 10/10

  12. Tianay Lewis

    It’s a wireless optical mouse for about ten bucks, and that’s about what you can expect to get. I use this for a spare Chromebook that I fire up once a week or so, and I feel like the battery on the mouse is dead every time. Functionally, it’s just become a wired mouse for me since I have to charge it constantly, but it still works.

  13. Martin Delgado

    Me gusto el producto ya que es muy útil y práctico no hace ruido

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