Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset for PC – 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones with Noise Cancelling Microphone- Memory Foam Ear Pads RGB Lights for Laptops

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  • [7.1 Virtual Surround Sound]: 50mm speaker unit neodymium magnets, built-in Usb audio sound card with 7.1 surround sound; all game sound effects & details will come to your ears to provide immersive gaming experience
  • [Noise Cancelling Mic]: The customized unidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality, to pick up your voice clearly and loudly. Retractable; easily to switch on/off, adjustable microphone volume.
  • [Multifunctional & Convenient Controller]: Gaming headphones with in-line controller: volume adjuster, mic volume adjuster, microphone on/off; There is a clip so that you can attach it onto your T-shirt for convenient controls.
  • [High Quality Building]: This pc gaming headset has sturdy construction, adjustable metal headband, flexible microphone, thick memory foam cushion pads, big & soft earmuff, tangle-free cord & decent package. Exclusively made for pro gamers, you can enjoy a long & comfortable gaming session.
  • [Compatibility]: Headset with USB plug, compatible with personal computers, laptop computers. Software is easy to download and install for 7.1 surround sound effect.
Product Dimensions

5.91 x 1.97 x 7.09 inches

Item Weight

6.4 ounces

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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Connectivity technologies


Special Features

Noise Cancellation, Microphone Included

Other display features


Audio Jack


Form Factor

On Ear



Included Components

Headphones, Cable


Jeecoo Digital Technology

Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 19, 2019

11 reviews for Jeecoo USB Pro Gaming Headset for PC – 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones with Noise Cancelling Microphone- Memory Foam Ear Pads RGB Lights for Laptops

  1. Alexia

    This is a great option if you’re looking for a headset at an affordable price. The sound quality is good (for its price, but if you’re looking for good bass, maybe not). It’s comfortable to wear but it may not be for those who have sensitive ears/larger-sized ears as it cancels noises due to the earphones pressing against your ears. It has cushion on both ears and at the top of the headset which makes it comfortable to wear. It attaches by USB and has a little remote attached that can mute, adjust volume and microphone volume easily. You can also choose whether you want to add lights on each ear or turn it off. Overall, great headset for anyone that is looking for a cheaper alternative or someone that is looking for a simple headset for sound & mic. Mic quality is okay but I can’t complain for the price. It’s not bad but also not the best.

  2. Laura H

    The sounds is good and works nicely with discord – friends said my mic was more clear than before. It feels a big big for my head but is very comfortable. For reference: This is my first relatively expensive headset and much better than the other cheep headsets I’ve had before and I have a rather small head thus it feels and looks a bit too big for me.

  3. JB

    I love this headset a friend had recommended to me and have been using it for PC gaming and Discord voice chat for 6 months. No complaints. This is easily the best low-budget headset I’ve ever had. It might not be comfy for 8-hour endeavours, if you need headphones for work or something. They’re adjustable, but it still squeezes your skull like most headphones do.

  4. Mel

    So according to my buy history, it’s been about a year and 7 months that this lasted me.
    The right ear piece got bent a few too many times… and it finally snapped. User not taking care of the headset well, no stars taken off there!
    Everything was working until the very end.

    My mic most of the times did pick up background noises. Not so great when I was on teams calls or just hanging with friends on discord.
    Once someone exclaimed to me that they could hear beyond my office doors of someone talking loudly, but they couldn’t hear me. I can’t say if the mic stopped canceling outside noise as much because I’ve put it through so much. I can be rather careless with my things. (The button bit had been slightly melted by a space heater once, woops.)

    Sounds quality is not going to be a once in a life time experience, but it does its job. No weird static, buzzing, humming, and what have yous.
    It doesn’t cancel noises around you by any means either.

    I’ve been shopping all of yesterday since my headset broke and today, and I might just get these again. I cannot justify paying more for other headphones when these seem to do just fine.

    Hopefully I’ll take better care of it this time and maybe the audio that people hear from my side will be better?

  5. Dooday

    I really like the design and all the features to it. However I have a couple of problems, first off the surround sound isn’t that great as in games you can sometimes hear enemies in the opposite direction than where they actually are (you may hear them in front, but they are behind you). Also, I used to own the Xiberia version of this which was really good, but it broke so I had to buy the new Jeecoo version. Now, the main problem with this is just how tight it is. You cannot wear it for long because it feels like its compressing your skull. Hoping they offer a fix.

  6. baloneyjustice

    Ok.. so they list these headphones at 48 dollars but I got them for 22 dollars without shipping… (which was 8 bucks with a xbox 1 controller I also got..) so at that price… they just have to last a few months and not be total crap to be worth 5 stars to me… I would be nitpicking alot harder if I payed more for this.. and probably just outright returned them. but at 22 bucks

    Over all they are ok and have good sound.. I’m not noticing anything that sounds crackling… or the sound cutting out as some uses have complained about.. I have owned these now about a week now.. and I would say, It’s consistent and sounds good, and for someone with really good hearing like me, that in itself really says alot about the ear phones… I can clearly hear most things played though them.. and people I talked to have no complaint about how I sound… the only thing I have not tested is how good are they for survival games, but with the sound I heard so far.. it could be good… So if that is a thing for you I cannot help you out with that…

    I suspect all the reason I have for this is the USB cable means the sound never has to deal with the computer case like a 3.5 jack does.. for whatever reason the 3.5 inch jack to my computer has issues with the case resonating sound from the fans though the audio… So its just a better option in my case to use a USB headphone instead of a 3.5 set.

    One thing I noticed they no sound insulation in these head phones. I can still hear the cat sleeping in the box next to my desk… People walking around the house are vary easy to hear. And boy can I still vary clearly hear my computer humming when the sound is off. The sound from the space heater… Nothing is stopped just because you put these ear muffs on.. there is no sound insulation in these things at all… So they are not vary well sound proofed.. suspect this is why the sound is not amazing… But I personally like how that means I don’t have to yank these off to let someone talk to me. I just need to stop the sound… but If you just want to cancel out noises around you while you work… your going to need to resort to actually playing music with them..

    The build quality over all looks good. I suspect I will get a year of use out of these easily provided I don’t do something stupid like walk away from the computer wearing them. I really like how the cord has braiding over it and it comes with a velcro cable tie. The cushioning is nice and thick with some fairly soft vinyl fabric that might be unpleasant in summer to have pressed to my head. It’s cool enough right now where I don’t see it as a issue but I have found this plastic to become annoying to use in summer time when it gets hot out. The only other issue with the Cushioning is if comes loose, I probably will have to throw out the headphones then… but to the credit of the makers… it looks like they are well enough made that I won’t have to worry about that..

    That is some nice details I love about these things. Since its just me using these things and maybe the cat to mess with them.. (and No, she does not eat cables..) I don’t see these ever being damaged outside of me brain farting or dropping them. The thing I would worry most about is the thin metal band with plastic around it method of construction is far from perfect, and there is a reason why you seen these only on Under 50 dollar headphones. So try to be careful with these if you get them…

    Next these things… are comfortable… enough… I personally find them a little heavy.. which is a surprise considering how easily you can hear other sounds that exist from outside of them.. The cushion on them is really good but they still clamp onto my head crushing my glasses into the side of my head making them kinda uncomfortable to use for over a 2 hours if I’m not fully into my gaming experience.

    (If you wear glasses you will probably not like these.. but then again you will hate just about every headphone like this on the market then. they all crush glasses arms into the side of your head. That’s just a given with headphones. I suspect if I did not wear glasses I would find them alot more comfortable otherwise.. )

    I tried to combat this some by make the loop for them bigger and then wearing them at a angle.. so the band is pointed forward and resting on the front top of my head while the rest is on my ears… this helps some since the band is not exerting as much pressure on my glasses arms… but its not perfectly comfortable either… your tolerance for discomfort will vary… and this is part of the reason why I think its a 3 star product..

    Aside from being poor comfort for me, (someone that has to deal with this on all headphones because of glasses… I hate is the stupid control box on the cord. Everything else at this price was surprisingly good, or tolerable… but This stupid oversize box is why I’m reviewing these headphones.. Why is this thing so big and so annoying to have on the cord!? Its like having a battery box that rubs on your arm, and snuggle its jacked shape into your armpit when your trying to play game.. I really don’t see why this thing could not be integrated into the actual headphone part, or just come with a control box that not the size of a small animal. I ended up putting the cord around the headphones and then clipping it to headphones themselves to resolve the issue making headphones just slightly less annoying.. This is not perfect.. but it beats having the box try to slide into my armpit while playing games..

    As for anything else… I like the led lights on the side.. Its gimmicky… but for though that stupid huge button to turn them on and off is why the cord dongle has to be so big and annoying.. they could not of had the button and just let the color strip be a feature to let me know I have them plugged in. That would of been great.. but now.. stupid huge button for the gimmick feature.. 3 stars

    So I would not buy these earphones again.. but I do feel like most people at this price point of 20-25 dollars would find this to be excellent value.. I personally just find them not comfortable enough to recommend them.. but also know a big issue for me is the fact I wear glasses… So its going to be hard for me to find anything that works as long as there is a big ear cushion around the edge… but the thing the makers could do…. is not make a huge control box that rides up into my armpit.. that is just intolerable.

    Edit 001: in my previous review around March 25, 2020, I gave this product a 3 stars and though it was kinda Meh…. but now It has now been about a month that I ordered these headphones and actually I am find them far more comfortable now looped some of cord from the headphone to the control box, in the belt loop on the control box. This brings the control box that was up to my shoulder, and keeps it out of my armpit. As for the issue with headphone pressing on my glasses arms, I finding that I gotten used to it over time and now am far more comfortable to wear over long periods of time. With these two big issues resolved I think this a set of headphones I would purchase again provided they last a year or two. But one bad thing I am noticing is I wish the mic would shut itself off if you pushed up and out of the way instead of having to switch off a tiny switch on the controller box.

    Aside from this.. they still sound great and if you can get them for 22 dollars they are worth the purchase. But I suspect not what they are sold out that they might go for a premium since the reviews for this have gotten pretty glowing and they are a #1 best seller at the time of this edit, on April 23, 2020.

  7. Naomi Sutton

    They have very good sound quality for both input and output, although it was hard to adjust the microphone so that I was audible but not constantly Darth Vader-ing. After 16 months of moderate usage, the screw-on rigid plastic mounting component on the microphone/left side broke. I’m still using them, held together with electrical tape, because it seems wasteful to dispose of the entire headset when the only thing broken is this tiny piece of plastic that doesn’t affect the sound. But next time I’m going to look for something that’s built to last.

  8. Zach Z

    Get the cons out of the way 1 really and 2 if you wanna be picky. First one they do feel tight but over time I think they will get loose. You can also use the adjusting to fix the tight feeling. Also 2nd the chord is sorta small. Like you got room from your desk to your chair. You will notice it tho the more you use it. The volume switcher can get in the way at times. Like I said thats just a personal issue I have with it. You do have to mess around with the audio software to get the perfect sound you want. Default the headphones sound average. Using the software off the website they sound great and the mic does work but still can pick up stuff once in awhile. Overall still a great pair of headphones even if you need back up ones. The software does work I am not sure about 7.1 if that works or not probably does work. you just need to adjust it and so on. The other settings do work you can tell the difference. Like I said even as a back up pair get these if you want.

  9. Geoff Rezewski

    I was fooled by the amount of reviews.. as you were probably too..

    These headphones are garbage. There is no “7.1 virtualization” or “built in sound card” all there is is a clunky remote that turns off the “RGB” on or off..

    Their “sound drivers” are comprised of a sketchy download that may or may not work, which only turns the volume up or down..

    Now when you listen to them there is no bass. LIKE AT ALL.. usually cheap headphones are full of bass but they are missing everything on that side of thr scale.

    The cord is somewhat nice but on the shorter end for running to a tower PC..

    the mic sounds half decent most of the time and is clearer than the stock headphones of a iPhone SE.

  10. Bostgrenn

    I just unboxed the headset. I loved the little details the lights added but most importantly, the sound quality. I prefer a little more bass but that’s probably a software adjustment. The software that is downloaded is simple to use. Listened to some music and games reviews. I love the sound. It really does cancel the surrounding area sounds by the way. I’m impressed.

  11. Elfblood

    1. Beschreibung genau lesen. Hab ich nicht ^^ Es handelt sich nicht um noise canceling Kopfhörer, sondern um ein noise canceling Mikrofon am Headset. Mehr nicht.

    2. Noise canceling: Das Mikro filtert wirklich sehr gut die Hintergrundgeräusche raus. Für Homeoffice sehr nützlich.

    3. Lärmdämpfung: Die Kopfhörer gehen über die kompletten Ohren und wirken wie ein Lärmschutz. Von der Außenwelt bekommt man wirklich wenig mit, selbst Bässe von Hintergrundmusik verschwinden merklich.

    4. Soundqualität: Sprache Top, alles andere Flop. Das Soundspektrum scheint sehr auf Sprache optimiert, Musik sollte man mit den Teilen nicht hören. Der Ton ist zwar wunderbar klar, aber leider fehlen hier und da einfach Frequenzen.

    5. Mikroqualität: Scheint ok, bisher war das Feedback der Zuhörer positiv.

    6. Sitz: Sie sind GROSS. Sie sitzen sehr fest, aber nicht störend straff. Es fühlt sich ein wenig an als hat man einen Helm auf, aber auf eine angenehme Art. Auch für längere Sessions geeignet.

    7. Verarbeitung: Recht billig. Während die Kopfhörer selbst noch relativ solide wirken, wird es spätestens bei den völlig überflüssigen LEDs albern. Die Kontroller Box am Kabel ist zwar leich aber massiv zu groß.

    Am schlimmsten ist aber imho das nicht entkoppelte Kabel. Man hört jeden Kratzer der Kleidung o.ä. am Kabel immens laut im Kopfhörer. Streichelt man das Kabel mit den Fingern kann man fast ein kleines Konzert erzeugen…also ehrlich das ist schwach !

    Sonstiges: Kabel ist relativ flexibel und ausreichend lang. Das Mikrofon ist in einem Winkel justierbar und leicht! biegbar, könnte aber etwas mehr Justage-Spielraum vertragen.

    Installation klappt sehr einfach, bei Win10 aufwärts ohne manuelles Treiber laden.

    Fazit: Für den Preis ok, ich würde das nächste mal aber definitiv mehr ausgeben.

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