JSAUX Docking Station Compatible with Steam Deck, 6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock with HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB-A 3.0 and Full Speed…

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  • 6-in-1 Docking Station for Steam Deck: Equipped with an HDMI 4K@60Hz output, a Gigabit Ethernet input, three USB-A 3.0 ports and a USB-C port for charging, letting you explore a new way to play with Steam Deck. NOT compatible with Protective Case with Kickstand, Please ensure that the thickness of your protective case is less than 2mm.
  • 4K@60Hz HDMI Output: The Steam Deck Dock comes with a 4K@60Hz HDMI 2.0 output. When you connect an external 4K monitor, it can provide you sharper and smoother visual experience, so you can enjoy the visual feast on your games.
  • Full Charging Speed for Steam Deck: JSAUX Steam Deck docking station supports 100W Max power delivery, which is sufficient to charge your Steam Deck at full speed when paired with the original charger. [Note: the MAX charging speed of Steam Deck is 45W]
  • A Perfect Combination: JSAUX all-in-1 Steam Deck docking station blends Hub and stand together perfectly. You don’t have to buy a regular hub and a stand base for your Steam Deck, which is not only easier for you to use, but also keeps your desktop neat and organized.
  • Compatibility: The Docking Station is designed for the Steam Deck, but it also compatible with iPads and Android phones with USB-C ports. 【NOTE】NOT compatible with AYA NEO console.
Product Dimensions

5.51 x 2.63 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

4.8 ounces

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Date First Available

July 25, 2022



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12 reviews for JSAUX Docking Station Compatible with Steam Deck, 6-in-1 Steam Deck Dock with HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz, Gigabit Ethernet, 3 USB-A 3.0 and Full Speed…

  1. Chuck

    After a week with this I can say it’s a pretty good alternative to the official dock that valve has released. I have tested both games and the desktop mode of the steam deck which I haven’t really had many issues aside from the Taskbar disappeared after the last update on the TV but I’m going to say that was an obvious software end problem but everything has been at the highest resolution each game can handle and desktop mode is at 4k . All the USB 3.0 ports are nice to have to plug in a keyboard and mouse especially in desktop mode all of which work great . And lastly the ethernet connection is a much needed addition to the dock as it helps speed up 60+ gig install downloads by a lot , it took me almost 4 hours over wifi to download Yakuza kiwami but with the wired connection it took only 20-30 minutes . The only gripe I have about it is the USB-C connector that connects to the steam deck itself it feels a little stiffer than the charge cable that came with the steam deck which at times makes me feel like I’m going to end up breaking the port on the steam deck. Other than that it is a great addition for your steam deck

  2. Matheus

    This accessory is just awesome. The most important point is: it’s much cheaper than Steam’s dock. My only complaint is that this product sometimes keeps cutting off my high-speed 4K cables’ HDMI signal, for some reason. This could end up being a software/firmware issue on Steam Deck; it’s hard to know, but I have never heard of the official Dock cutting off HDMI signal, so I chose to give this alternative 4 stars.

  3. SandoBamesXP

    This is a good dock for the steam deck, just enough ports for a mouse and keyboard and a extra port open, it does what it’s suppose to. But it’s not worth it unless your going to play indie or less demanding games. I don’t even want to try a 4k display, 1080p is okay ish . I tested it with halo infinite. On the steam deck (not the dock) I can get a steady 50 -60 by lowering the resolution scale to 96 percent. But with the dock, *1080p* (even lowering the resolution scale* I was getting maybe 20-30ish if I was lucky, keep in mind I lower all the graphic settings. Indie games play good *phasmophobia and games like that in that nature*. Don’t buy it for AAA games. Like elden ring or anything, just play it on the handheld.

  4. Jose Ruiz

    I got my dock just after my Deck, when I plugged it in the first time it had some issues with the output, it would suddenly loose signal, after moving the cable around and re-plugging the cable everything worked perfectly fine… for a while.
    When I came back from Christmas I found that my dock would no longer output video or charge the Deck (still had Ethernet), after trying every combination of rebooting with it plugged in, not plugged in, no ac adapter, with ac adapter, etc. nothing worked, so I asked for a replacement and it arrived very soon.
    I checked that the new dock would charge and it did, so I plugged everything in and connected my Deck and… nothing, it would charge and recognize that and output should be going out (screen turns off) but nothing would show on the display, after looking online I saw that a lot of people had a similar issue around the same time Oct to Dec 2022, so I assumed it must have been something with the Decks Firmware updating around that time, so I looked online and found that the JSAUX dock had received a Firmware update just before in September 2022 to improve compatibility, so I downloaded the Firmware for it and updated my dock and now it works perfectly fine.

    PS – I still had my old dock that I’m sending back so I tried to do the same, it did not work.

  5. James

    When I first opened the box, the dock looks extremely small compared to the picture. It has a bit of weight to it but not overly heavy. I used it to run cyberpunk and used my PS4 controller and the immediate night and day of using it docked vs handheld was incredible! This definitely does what it says. One more feature I wanna try is sending files over using the USB port in the back between the flash drive and the Steam Deck. But this is definitely worth the buy 💯😁😁😁

  6. Kozzy

    I have had my Steam Deck for about 3.5 months and have loved it. I wanted to get a Dock for it though and didn’t want to pay for the official one from Valve so I got this one and so far it has been great. I have used it to hook my Steam Deck up to a 4k tv and it works (just get a high quality 4k hdmi cable), used it with ethernet plugged in, used it to add another Micro SD for when i have it docked and lastly I also use it to plug in a memory stick to transfer files from my PC to the steamdeck.

    The thing works great and I have not had any issues with the power plug in like some have mentioned. So far its great, the material could be a tad more sturdy and stronger but overall its a 9/10 and a great value for those looking for a cheaper option for a dock for the Steam Deck.

  7. J. Higgins

    I recently purchased the JSAUX Docking Station for the Steam Deck and overall, I am pleased with its performance. It allows me to turn my Steam Deck basically into a console system and keeps the cabling organized. However, I did experience an issue with the dock and my Apple TV. The dock caused problems with the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) feature on my Vizio TV, causing the Apple TV to no longer be able to send control messages to the TV to turn on. The dock would also cause the TV to always switch back to that input. Using the Steam Deck with another adapter it didn’t have that issue. To fix this, I had to purchase a CEC blocking HDMI adapter. Overall, the dock is great, but just be aware that you may need to purchase an additional adapter to avoid issues with if you use other devices that make use of CEC.

  8. Wesley Kerfoot

    I can see why some people had trouble with the usb-c port. Just be careful plugging it in, don’t use force and make sure it’s lined up, or I can easily see damage being caused.

    It did not brick my steam deck. I’m pretty sure that was a firmware issue with some older iterations of the steam deck’s charging firmware where some chargers would put it into a difficult to recover from state.

    It does the job though, and the hdmi output works which is all I really needed.

  9. Abhijit Kar

    I’m using the JSAux dock for both, my Steam Deck, and my Laptop (Macbook Air/Pro) to connect to a Dell Ultrawide monitor.

    Everything works flawlessly – power delivery pass-through charges all devices properly and the Steam Deck can output in the full resolution (in desktop mode) without a problem.

    Only wish the cable was not as stiff because it would make it easier to connect to the computer which obviously won’t fit on the dock. Other than that, I’m totally happy with it (it’s advertised as a Steam Deck dock so the cable flex is not a deal breaker)

  10. J.T. Selman

    When I first received the product, the Ethernet port worked just fine. The other features such as displaying to a TV/Monitor and charging worked fine as well. About two weeks ago, I didn’t touch it and left it there. Booted up my Steam Deck today and the Ethernet wasn’t working at all. I tried what was listed on the product page as well as going through the few articles online that existed of people having the same problem to no avail. Unfortunately, with Ethernet being one of the bigger reason for me purchasing this dock, I’m going to have to rate it low. If this issue gets resolved in the future, I’ll fix this review to reflect it.

    Edit- I was able to find the solution to the dock. It works fine now.

  11. Luong

    If you bought this deck to install SteamOS Recovery Image to fix it, or for dual-booting Windows OS, this product is a failure. When you turn on the Steam Deck with the USB-C cable connect to the Steam Deck, the Steam Deck will be stuck on the Steam Deck Logo screen and will fail booting any OS or bootable USB flash drive.

    If you want to have the Steam Deck boot up Steam OS or Windows, you must disconnect the JSAUX Dock from the Steam Deck. This is a problem when trying to boot the USB flashdrive.

    If you somehow made it pass the Steal Deck Logo when booting up from the USB flash drive (,by constantly powering the device on and off), sometimes the my keyboard with detachable USB-C cable does not work during Windows OS installations. It’s a hit or miss.

    Once the Steam Deck has finish starting up SteamOS or Windows, you can finally connect the JSAUX Dock to the Steam Deck to use it. Once you connect the dock to a monitor, the Steam Deck will flicker off and on for a while, trying to connect to the monitor through HDMI. Once it finally connect, it works great. Once in a while, if the cable is moved for some reason, it will disconnect from the monitor but rarely so it’s not a huge deal.

    As a charging dock, it is fantastic.

    In short, if you connect the JSAUX Dock after the Steam Deck boot up, it’s great. If you connect the JSAUX Dock prior to the Steam Deck booting up Steam OS or Windows, it is horrible.

  12. JC

    My deck is huge. It weighs well over a pound, and is more than 10″ wide. Other devices have failed to adequately support my Deck and causes it to droop. This dock is the sauce. It’s exactly what I needed. I have never enjoyed playing with my Deck this much. Owning this dock has me playing with my Deck more than ever.

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