le-idea 12Pro Brushless Motor Drone, 4K Adjustable Camera Drone for Adults Max 40km/h Bottom Camera Optical Flow Positioning 5G WiFi FPV Quadcopter for Beginners 2 Batteries

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  • 4K HD & ESC Camera: IDEA 12 PRO Brushless Motor Drone with 2 Camera for Adults 4K. Providing you with high-resolution images, experience immersive landscapes through the drone. 135° electrically adjustable camera frees your hands, allowing you to switch to different orientations at any time and see the world from multiple angles.
  • 5GHz FPV Real-Time Transmission: The drone is equipped with the latest 5Ghz WIFI signals for clear and smooth transmission. Provides smooth and stable video even over long distances or in complex environments.IDEA 12 PRO Brushless Motor Drones with 2 Camera for Adults 4K.
  • Level 3 Wind Resistance + Brushless Motor: Level 3 wind resistance level makes the drone fly more stably, and it can also cope with the weather with breeze. Equipped with brushless motor with less noise, more power, higher power and longer life. Bring you a satisfying flight experience.
  • Multiple Flight Functions: Headless mode and altitude hold make the drone easier to operate and a breeze for beginners. In addition, the drone also has a variety of flight functions, trajectory flight, 360° flip, gravity control. Various ways to play make the flight more interesting.
  • Maximum Flight Speed: At maximum speed, the IDEA 12 PRO Brushless Motor Drones with 2 Camera for Adults 4K can reach 40 KM/h. The speed and agility of the flight bring the user a more exciting flying experience.
  • 2 Modular Batteries for Longer Flight Time: The removable modular batteries are safe and easy to carry. The two batteries provide a total of 30 minutes of flight experience, giving you unlimited fun.


Model Name


Age Range Description


Video Capture Resolution


Connectivity Technology


Skill Level


Battery Capacity

‎1600 Milliamp Hours

Control Type

‎Remote Control

Media Type


Wireless Communication Technology


Battery Cell Composition

‎Lithium Polymer

Are Batteries Included


Video Output Resolution

‎1920×1080 Pixels

Remote Control Included


Product Dimensions

‎6.2"L x 7.8"W x 1.9"H



Item Weight

‎1.26 pounds

Country of Origin



‎2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

13 reviews for le-idea 12Pro Brushless Motor Drone, 4K Adjustable Camera Drone for Adults Max 40km/h Bottom Camera Optical Flow Positioning 5G WiFi FPV Quadcopter for Beginners 2 Batteries

  1. Delphine Michoud

    Super drone goede accuduur duidelijke uitleg
    Makelijke instellingen
    Ben er erg tevreden mee

  2. Joanna Elena

    Ich war sehr aufgeregt, als das Paket endlich eintraf. Meine erste Drohne. In einem sehr schicken und robusten Case lag sie dann endlich vor mir. Schnell las ich die beigefügte Anleitung, die gut verständlich in sämtlichen Sprachen geschrieben war. Der QR Code verwies auf die entsprechende App im Apple Store oder Google Play Store. Es funktionierte auf dem iPhone auf Anhieb und so war die App schnell installiert und ich Drohne so gut wie nutzbar. Kurz einen Blick in die Anleitung und schon konnte die Reise losgehen. Ich suchte mir einen Ort, wo man die Drohne problemlos starten konnte. Die Drohne ist sehr leicht und die Flügel können eingefahren werden, was sie noch leichter zu verstauen macht. Die beiliegende Ferngesteuerung wurde beim ersten Einsatz aufgrund nicht vorhandener passenden Batterien nicht verwendet, aber dazu mehr.

    Die Drohne hatte eine gute Flughöhe erreicht, man konnte via App alles sehen und Fotos oder Videos währenddessen machen. Es war ein schon eher dunkles Licht, doch das Video war dennoch gut. Beim Flug bei besseren Lichtverhältnissen war die Video Qualität natürlich noch viel besser. Leider bin ich gegen einen Baum geflogen. Die Drohne ist auf den Boden gestürzt, doch es waren weder Kratzer vorhanden und sie funktionierte beim nächsten Flug einwandfrei. Also eine sehr gute Verarbeitung und Technik.

    Der nächste Flug mit der Fernsteuerung war dann noch besser, die Reichweite war größer und man konnte das Handy in eine Fassung integrieren, was den Flugspass noch weiter verbesserte. Alles im ganzen eine top Drohne für den Preis. Ich kann sie jedem empfehlen, der eine Einstiegsdrohne sucht.

  3. Roberto Núñez Rouanet

    The media could not be loaded.

     Sono un appassionato di droni, posseggo anche un esemplare di drone della famosissima e marca che tutti conoscono e mi piace parlare di droni e di qualita. Mio figlio di 14 anni voleva iniziare la sua carriera di pilota. Leggendo le recensioni e le caratteristiche ho deciso di prendergli questo per iniziare.
    Mi ha sorpreso per qualità, robustezza e dimensioni compatte.
    Come si vede dal filmato, la qualità CMOS è ottima.
    Il drone è super compatto e rimane stabile in assenza di vento o con pochi nodi. Batteria supera i 15 minuti di volo e non arriva a 29.
    Tutte le giunture sono robuste, non è un giocattolo, anzi è realizzato molto molto bene.
    Il ragazzo è più attirato dall’aspetto acrobatico, presto commetterà un errore e forse lo romperà ma va benissimo per iniziare. In ogni caso ne terrò uno così per uso svago

  4. awakened soul

    I got this drone for my son for Christmas. He was very excited to use it, so we went down to the riverfront park so he could fly it. I told him I would control it first to see if it was too windy. As soon as I pressed the lift off button, it banked hard right and kept going for about 30 feet until it not respond to the land button and went swimming.We didn’t change anything, and followed the instructions. Would you consider sending a replacement , or exchanging it? That was probably the most looked- forward to gift my son got this year and it wasn’t able to actually get used.

  5. ronald bigers jr

    I have had four different drones and so far this is the best model yet. For a beginner this is perfect as it is easily controllable which makes it less likely to crash. Unlike the other drones I’ve tried this one holds it’s altitude and does not drift like the others. It’s very convenient as it folds and it comes with it’s own case for drone, batteries and accessories. Another great quality is this drone is very quiet and it also takes great photos and videos. This drone is very easy to operate and I would highly recommend this drone for beginners and pros.

  6. Yan Zhou

    Es un dron espectacular…para el precio que tiene es una pasada… la calidad de la imagen y videono está nada mal … súper fácil de manejar… mi hijo tiene 7 años y lo controla genial 😁 pero realmente es para más mayores…calidad precio un 10 …recomiendo 100%

  7. Mark Stringer

    Très bon produit, facile d’utilisation avec très bonne stabilité de vol. De plus, possède une excellente autonomie. Je recommande vivement ce produit. De plus, fourni avec divers éléments de rechange.

  8. Jim Fowler

    Amazing product and fast shipping

  9. Jim Fowler

    08DEC2023 upgraded from 2 to 4 stars!: OK, I cracked up the other one so I bought a new one (I will modify the phone holder to improve the poor design of it!). This has been an inexpensive way to test my interest in drones and learn without breaking the bank. I will use this second one to each my six year-old grandson to fly it and again, it is cheap enough to be disposable. I will be upgrading to a GPS stabilized drone with a stabilized swiveling gimbal camera since my interest is in videography more than the drone itself.

    27NOV2023. This is my first drone to “test the water”. I am 62 and am a technology buff, since the days of developing my own film (color and B&W) to Betamax, VHS, Commodore 64, 286 computers, DOS, to my beast of a home sever today with milti-track video editing and layers photo editing at pixel level, repaired night vision and thermo-electo-optical equipment in The Army, to the latest Nikon DLSR cameras, currently working in IT for the DoD, so I know technology.

    The phone holder is poorly designed. It is too shallow to hold a phone in a case (I’ve owned smartphones since the Nokia flip phone through Blackberry, through my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra days and never cracked a screen due to always using cases. Also there is no channel to secure the phone. Both edges of the “clamp” are smooth with no edges to secure the phone, but there are rubber pads (not enough grip.). The phone fell out the first time I used it (luckily it was on grass). I have secured the camera with a rubber band. I will be gluing a piece of plastic at the top edge of each clamp to overlap the screen slightly to fix what the design engineer team fixed (as I often end up doing with consumer grade products). This remote makes my phone the most exposed to damage of any configuration (car, plane, etc.) for which I have used my smartphones. I doubt the manufacturer can be held responsible for screen damage despite the poor design of the remote. User beware.

    The manual did include a QR code to get the Fly App.

    Be sure to read the instructions regarding calibration, a function which must be performed each time the drone is used. Power up the drone, turn on the remote, connect Wi-Fi, the turning on the remote and perform the calibration.

    Recommend testing outside to get used to trimming the balance (front, back, left, right) any drifting when hovering.

    The video quality is decent for my use which will be as a Christmas gift from Santa to my six year old grandson and I, so he knows we are to use it together.

    This was an inexpensive way to see if I like drones and I can see myself upgrading to much more expensive models.

  10. Yan Zhou

    It works as intended, at least flying related. I live in a really windy area and the drone cannot handle winds above 15km steadily.

    Battery duration is above 7 minutes each. and it does bring 2 batteries. Both batteries have a micro usb slot, so you can charge them both at the same time with the use of two common micro usb charging cables.

    Camera is a weakness for this drone. Recordings looks like a vga camera at 8fps but I think is how the app handles the wireless connection. I would have prefered that it had a micro sd slot in the drone rather than recording from the wifi stream on my phone.

    Price isn’t it’s fortitude either. I’ve seen similar drones 50% cheaper, but won’t vouch for them as I haven’t tried them out.

    The bottomline is that this is indeed a really good drone for beginers, who will use it on their backyard and are using drones for the first time. You can buy this knowing it will work with the limitations I’ve indicated before.

  11. Dennis

    The media could not be loaded.

     It took a bit to figure out how to connect to the phone through the app. When I pushed the one touch takeoff button it was really moving to the right , glad there was a tree there to stop it. After I figured the hover mode out ,I turned on the camera and the picture is upside down ,I couldn’t get it to flip camera right side up. It doesn’t record outside of Wifi but good to practice fly. My last flight the wind got up to 4 mph and I lost it. It will not fly at level 3 winds (up to 12 mph). However I have ordered another one because I’m not going to let this thing whoop me. And before I buy a more expensive one I figure I need to know what to do. So it’s a good trainer and your not losing $300 to $1000.
    I recieved my second drone the difference is night and day. Everything is great now. Picture is right side up. My 1st one is still in the woods, but now I’m good to go.

  12. ronald bigers jr

    I found this item very difficult to operate compared to other units I’ve tried. Difficult to pair Cannot get unit to work in headless mode Plus constantly will lose any control of Drone This is either a defective drone or very poor quality I CANNOT FLY THIS DRONE!!! Very little to no control

  13. Craig K.

    This is a gift for my son, he has always wanted it very much, he likes it very much, the quality is good, and the first test flight was not successful because he has not operated it, but it takes time to get familiar with it.

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