LG V50 ThinQ 5G 128GB LM-V450 5G Smartphone (Black, Verizon Locked) (Renewed)

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Product Dimensions

6.27 x 3 x 0.33 inches

Item Weight

11.3 ounces


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)



Connectivity technologies


Display technology


Other display features


Scanner Resolution

1440 x 3120

Other camera features

Rear, Front

Form Factor




Included Components

SIM Tray Ejector, Quick Reference Manual



Date First Available

May 24, 2021

8 reviews for LG V50 ThinQ 5G 128GB LM-V450 5G Smartphone (Black, Verizon Locked) (Renewed)

  1. Worthitall

    I bought this phone to replace my dinosaur that was on it’s last pixels. I have waited a while to review this phone because it takes me a long time to “learn” the ups-and-downs of a new device.

    This phone is a pretty “basic” smart phone. It seems to be good quality. I have used all of the features (I think). It only comes with the LG keyboard, which I hated because it doesn’t have a microphone to “Speak to Text”. I downloaded the Google keyboard from the app store, which solved that issue. I know Google is now listening to every word I text….oh well…

    Things I like:
    -Compact-ish size. It fits in my pocket and in my hand.
    -A few nice customizeable features for the screen. I’m not very fancy, but the phone has a variety of colors and patterns from which to choose. I think I am also able to set my own photograph if I want.
    -Good sound quality and volume

    Things I dislike:
    -Dorky assortment of ring tones. I found one that isn’t too objectionable, but the assortment is truly disappointing. I don’t see a way to download custom ones; but I’m also not inclined to work too hard at it.
    -“Auto-Focus” feature gets in my way. There is an auto-focus sensor near (in?) the camera that I am constantly covering with my finger when I use the phone. When I interfere with it, my whole screen goes blurry even when I’m NOT using the camera! So annoying!
    – I haven’t found a way to show text/email/missed call notifications on the “always on” screen. The always on feature is nice, because I was able to put a clock on it so I can always see the time. I wish I could also get notification icons on that screen so I don’t have to wake it up to see stuff.
    – MANY bloat-ware apps. The first thing I did upon receiving the phone is to uninstall and disable as much bloatware as I could. The phone did an update a couple of weeks ago (I’ve had it for several months), and it installed about a dozen new “apps” (twitter, facebook, tiktok, etc, that I NEVER use and won’t have spying on my phone). I immediately uninstalled them. Again, seriously annoying! This is probably a feature of Android, not necessarily the phone, but still…

    All-in-all, a pretty good device. My goal is to upgrade my OS to a Linux system to get out of the Android universe. I did alot of research, and this model of phone is compatible with a Linux distro, so that will be my next step.

  2. Vincent Brookins

    There’s only one problem with this phone, it’s not a true 5G phone capable of 5G service anywhere you find a 5G signal. It’s actually a 5GUW phone. I didn’t know the difference until I’d bought it. 5GUW is only available in very small areas. While the more readily available 5G Nationwide is inaccessible to this phone. It worked out anyway because the phone is worth $800 in trade-in credit to Verizon so I traded it in and am very happy with the end result.

  3. Just Another Shopper

    I really liked the LG V50 as an upgrade from the LG G5. My only gripe is that the thing is very slippery in your hand and on all non-level surfaces. Be sure to get a nice silicone skin to give it some staying power.

  4. Bored

    Had for a few months Having issues with the screen flashing and turning green.

    Fast shipping

  5. BlessedRmeek

    My wife is using this and has not complained about it. And paid in full so not paying extra to Verizon is a good thing. Also not locked into a 2 year contract.

  6. franz

    El equipo llegó en excelente estado. A los días de tenerlo con protección empezó a salir e la pintura de los bordes cosa que no debería pasar pero Amazon solucionó mi problema. Con un case no se aprecia esa falla. En sonido es muy buen equipo la batería dura buen tiempo para un uso intermedio en mi caso es para redes sociales y escuchar música, tiempo de pantalla 5 horas aproximadamente . Llevo usándolo un buen tiempo y la calidad de la pantalla y la calidad del sonido son excelentes. Y tiene buena cámara. Excelente compra calidad precio

  7. marsha cornett

    People rush out to get the newest model phone and I never understood that. Well this will be the 3rd phone purchased from Amazon Renewed sellers and every time the phoneis like a brand new one. I was reluctant to buy refurbished electronics but this is the only way too not spend all your $ on a new phone which is just a waste. Amazon renewed. 60 day guarantee. LG V50 for $250. Just as good as any new android. Save $ guys

  8. Krit138

    I always bought new, but LG (which I love) doesn’t make cell phones any more so I thought I would try a refurbished LG phone (albeit with some skepticism).
    Looks and works just like new! I don’t think I will ever buy new again. The only issue has been there seems to be some debris in the charging port (that I haven’t been able to remove) that sometimes prevents a good connection with the charger, but for the low price I paid, I can live with that!

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