Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Chirpy Bird

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  • Sold as 1 Each.
  • Colorful mouse gives you a vibrant look to create your personal desk setup. Lightweight, portable design with built-in USB storage ensures easy travel to meetings and comfortable on-the-go use.
  • 33′ of effective operating wireless range (2.4GHz) give you total freedom and a tidy desk with no wires. Soft rubber side grips add extra comfort.
  • High-precision optical mouse allows you to have complete control over cursor movement. Unify up to six compatible devices, such as keyboards or extra mouse, on one included USB receiver for a perfect wire-free desk setup.
  • Efficient power-saving technology gives 12 months of battery life on a single, pre-installed AA battery. 1-year manufacturer limited warranty.
Item Weight

4.2 ounces


1 AA batteries required.

Date First Available

July 19, 2021



13 reviews for Logitech – Design Collection Limited Edition Wireless Compact Mouse with Colorful Designs – Chirpy Bird

  1. Santos

    Great mouse however the right click keeps sticking so annoying. Otherwise it’s smooth glides easy and very responsive

  2. Laura D.

    My son broke my old mouse so I was on the hunt for a new one. This design caught my eye. It’s a great value and I love the feel of it. I was developing some index finger issues from using the mouse on my laptop while looking for this. So glad I tried it because this little gem did the trick! Finger is back to normal. I do forget to turn it off so appreciate the sleep mode to save battery life. I can’t say how well it works for gaming because I won’t let my son touch this one! 😉

  3. Seashell

    I’ve bought four of these patterned mice over about two years. Two for my use (work and home) and two for gifts. Everyone loves them and they are great value for the prices I’ve paid (depending on sales and vendor between about $10-$25). Just large enough to be functional but small enough to carry around if you want. The floral/vine patterns are attractive and wear really well. The one I have at work has been through the ringer but is still holding strong–just a little shinier on the black part. I wish they would make more versatile patterns and prints. I’d get one for everyone I know. No lag issues, battery issues or other problems. There is an audible clicking sound and the button press is on the firm side (how I prefer) if that matters. The mouse is entirely symmetrical, which is a plus for me because I switch between left- and right-handed use. I’m writing this review on the page where I got the fourth one. Seems authentic and exactly the same as the other three.

  4. Andrea Urgo

    I am a Samsung user so I need the USB C to USB adapter (shown in photo but not included in purchase – sold separately). Prior to this mouse I had the M325c which I still use and love. The battery lasts a year with a lot of use. Great product. Would be even better if it came with a USB C because there is no where to store the USB adapter and it can be lost easily.

  5. retro

    I purchased this mouse (from Jerco Micro) because the stock photo on the listing shows the packaging with a Unifying Receiver and the (incomplete) product description says “UNIFYING RECEIVER Six compatible devices, one USB receiver.” However, the Unifying Receiver is only supplied in the “Design Collection – Limited Edition Wireless Mouse” as illustrated. What was received was an almost identical “M317C Collection – Wireless Mouse” with a sticker over the barcode, purporting to be the Design Collection.

    Support is handled by Logitech, and their help system is virtually useless. Looking online, the mouse only seems to be sold in Brazil (and the Brazilian site is the only place you’ll find information, but not much) but the support agent said it’s an Amazon exclusive. They told me the M317C is not Unifying compatible… but they also asked me if they could help me find a Unifying mouse and asked if I want wired or wireless, so I wouldn’t trust their advice! It appears to be the same mouse, just without a Unifying Receiver included. If you have a Unifying Receiver, it should probably work. I assume the M317C is the same as the M317.

    If all you’re after is a wireless mouse that looks like the picture with the Positive Vibes design, you’ll probably be happy. I use M185 mice (which are cheaper) and they’re great little mice. And yes, they’re small – about 10cm (4 inches) long, so much shorter than a standard mouse (see photo) – but great for throwing in a laptop bag and using on the move or if you have limited desk space.

    As Amazon have not altered the description or removed the misleading photo after a week, I rated this 1 star… the product probably works but I opted to leave it sealed for return as it was not as described.

  6. Micky Romeo

    Small and compact.. nice feeling 😜

  7. Jennifer

    I never knew how much a needed a wireless mouse for my laptop until I got this bad boy!!
    I got logitch webcam wireless keyboard and speakers…. this has made my work so much easier!! Logi Life!!

  8. Joyce

    Plug the dongle into your laptop and off you go. Only one Double A battery required and it was included.

  9. Caroline S.

    cute, but it is smaller than my m310, and thus making my hand cramp (and why i am returning it) but other than that i love it.

  10. S

    Listing is not for the product pictured.

  11. Mysty

    Feel cheated and conned as item does not work and is cheaply made and flimsy, unfortunately I have only just opened it, so too late to send back! Do not buy this item! I think it is a fake!

  12. SuzyQuzy

    They changed the top of it from the last model. It’s the same mouse (supposed to be) but nope! it’s different! I keep clicking and my finger slides over from the left to the right button way too easily. You know how you get used to a mouse and you enjoy that right? Nothing like an uncomfortable mouse when you have work to do! So I’m mad. Stronger words have been said. It’s a good mouse, it’s just gonna take me weeks to get used to it! When you’re on the computer as much as I am, it DOES make a BIG difference!

  13. Martika McCallister

    I’m a woman with pretty large hands so this mouse is definitely a starter for me lol. I love the design, it matches my aesthetics of my personal style. Sleep mode is a nice feature but for battery conserving reasons I turn it off after use. Moves around on my mousepad great and is easy to use when using multiple screens and windows. I use it at work and at my home office but mostly at home so I don’t lose it lol.

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