Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

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  • Made with and for Pro Gamers: G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is the result of two years of work with professional esports gamers, combing advanced technologies in an ultra-lightweight design
  • Light-speed Wireless: Pro grade performance overcomes the traditional limitations of wireless latency, connectivity and power to deliver a rock solid, super-fast 1 millisecond report rate connection
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: Logitech’s most accurate sensor yet with up to 25,600 DPI and 10X the power efficiency of previous generation for the ultimate in wireless gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness. Microprocessor: 32-bit ARM
  • Ultra-lightweight: Innovative endoskeleton design creates a super-thin yet incredibly strong outer shell, enabling the body to weigh in at a remarkably light and maneuverable 80 grams.
  • Ergonomic ambidextrous design: Tournament ready mouse developed with Esports pros for maximum comfort, control and 50 million click durability. Four removable side buttons for supreme customization. Cable length: 1.80 meters
  • Note: Kindly refer user guide before use. Requirements-Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OS
  • 1 year hardware limited warranty

‎Logitech G


‎Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎Chrome OS, Windows 7

Item Weight

‎2.88 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎1.57 x 2.5 x 4.92 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎1.57 x 2.5 x 4.92 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered


‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)



Country of Origin


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

‎August 13, 2018

8 reviews for Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse with Esports Grade Performance

  1. Amazon Customer

    TLDR: Mouse failed, Logitech drained the clock on my warranty, stuck with repairing myself out of pocket.

    Ordered in Nov 2018 to replace my 9 year old Razer Mamba that was still fully operational aside from a tired battery.

    Shortly before the Logitech mouse warranty expired, I began having phantom clicks from one of the buttons on the side. Submitted a RMA request with Logitech and got a reply demanded proof of the defect before sending it in for servicing. It was an intermittent issue, so obviously a difficult thing to capture. Tried to explain my dilemma to the service tech, but honeslty I should have just talked to the cat outside my house. Logitech didn’t want me to ship my mouse in for inspection, so the warranty lapsed before the issue was resolved and I was stuck with having to disable the side button.

    My dialogue Logitech’s support team can be summarized as follows:

    1: Did you try using it plugged into a different USB port?
    2: Do you see this issue if used on a different computer?
    3: Does the issue occur if the wireless mouse is plugged into the USB port
    4: Do you see this problem with the software uninstalled?
    5: Reinstall the software, do you still have the issue?
    6: Firmware up to date?
    7: Assign a different key to the button, do you still see the issue?

    Answer ‘yes’ to all the above questions, Logitech will still ask me to monitor the situation.

    Now in the early months of 2021, the left click has also failed. This +$240 mouse has been outlived by some of my 90’s VXT terminal mice at work. The warranty is gone, so I will replace the switches myself out of pocket.

    Think I’ll avoid Logitech after this for a decade or so. Sad I sold my Mamba now.

  2. Nick

    I have had those little mice that are like $20 that you can find at any store before from Logitech and they have been OK and have served their purpose but when I came to gaming mice I always used wired mice specifically those from corsair. Getting this mouse has made my experience using my PC in both gaming and non-gaming applications significantly better.

    This mouse is extremely lightweight, holds a charge all day, and has durable sensors from my experience.

    It might be just a Windows 10 thing but I have noticed that if I turn off my computer and turn off my mouse at the end of the night windows will sometimes awake from sleep. My strategy to mitigate this has been to plug in the mouse, then tell my PC to go into sleep mode, and then while it is going into sleep mode I flip the mouse over and turn it off. Doing this has led to my computer not a waking from sleep in the middle of the night as it has done previously with other mice and my mouse is still able to charge.

    I charge this mouse every night when I go to sleep and I use the mouse pretty much from 8 AM to 10 PM most days of the week with maybe an hour in that timeframe where I am idle. It has never died on me during use.

    One drawback that I would say this mouse does have however are the stock feet which are not bad but I would recommend upgrading as you can get a decent pair of aftermarket feet for $20 or so with a noticeable difference in smoothness.

    Another one and probably the most problematic for all users who care about looks is the finish of the mouse. The mouse has a somewhat map finish which looks great until you touch it. The area where my thumb and pointer finger rest are permanently shiny. I realize that this mouse is made out of ABS plastic which is prone to shining overtime but these areas of my mouse shined faster than the ABS key caps that I use. It’s not that I ate some greasy food or anything just the oils in my hands have caused this thing to shine, despite trying to clean it after I observed the initial shining taking place. Personally, I don’t care that much about it as my hand is normally on top of it anyways but some people may be concerned with that.

    Those are really the only two complaints I have about this mouse and the pros vastly outweigh the cons. I purchased this mouse for around US$100 so if you can get it for that or less I would say it is worth the money.

  3. J4y_3l3cT

    Logitech has done an outstanding job manufacturing a wireless competitive gaming mouse. I personally will never be sold on the idea of a wireless mouse being better than a wired one just because of signal interference alone, this does not detract from the fact that this mouse is indeed a dam good mouse even for fast pace FPS shooters. I will try to go in order writing my review of this mouse from opening to playing with it.


    For a $150 mouse I expected more from the packaging however I do understand that maybe Logitech wanted to keep things simple. There is no wow factor here just a simple small box wrapped in plastic. Looking at it from the outside you wouldn’t be able to tell this thing costs$150.


    So once I got into the box that looks as though the contents of it didn’t cost $150, I was once again taken aback. Reason being that the mouse was just sitting there unwrapped. The reason this kinda surprised me was because I had to make sure that I didn’t accidentally order a used mouse. Nothing against used electronics but I generally stay away from them because they could potentially have unseen underlying issues, however Amazon and their generous return policy has restored some of my confidence in buying them but I did not want to go that route with this mouse at this price point. The mouse did have tape on the underside once I lifted it from its cradle but again I did double check to make sure that it wasn’t a used product. I removed the tape from the underside and checked the mouse skates for any signs of scratches and everything was cool.

    *Package Contents*

    The package contained what you’d expect. The mouse, a wireless dongle, and a cord all wrapped and in good condition. One thing that concerned me that I wasn’t sure about was whether or not the buttons on the right side of the mouse were preinstalled and to my relief they weren’t. The reason I say this is because I prefer not to disassemble my electronics if I don’t have to, if you have to then you gotta do what you gotta do but I work in maintenance and repeatedly taking something apart and putting it back together causes excessive wear and damage and I’d prefer keeping my $150 mouse in pristine condition other than normal wear and tear.

    *The Mouse*

    The mouse itself felt great, it felt solid and sound. The shell was sturdy I’m a heavy handed individual and I was comfortable applying normal pressures from my hands to the mouse with fear or it being damaged or broken. The mouse slides gracefully across the mouse pad out of the box so you won’t encounter issues there, I would’ve preferred they used the mouse skates Razer has been using on their largest mice but it is what it is I ordered some Hyperglides to replace them.


    So the mouse is plug & play, I already had G Hub installed and the software recognized the hardware no problem. I didn’t have to update any firmware or anything so that was cool I just plugged the dongle into the computer and turned the mouse on from the bottom and it was good to go.

    *The feels*

    So I have large hands and going into this I expected it to be small for my hands and I was correct. I use somewhat of a palm claw hybrid and I found that I had some empty space between my hand and the mouse itself which is kinda like a dead zone and could cause slop when making fast movements. Like I said I anticipated this going in so I can’t say I’m disappointed. The side buttons are nice as well as far as where they are positioned and how they feel when you press them, they’re very responsive. My only gripe would really be to move them back a little but I attribute that to the size of the mouse itself if the mouse was a little larger they’d naturally be further back. The button position in relation to the size of the mouse is fine and about where you’d expect them to be. The two main mouse buttons feel pretty good as well the clicks sound good and feel equally as good I had no double click issues or indications thereof. One thing to really look out for are people buying this product used from someone else who had the double click issue and sending it back then someone else buys the mouse again with the same problem and all of a sudden a lot of people end up sharing the same mouse with the same issue leaving the same review complaining about the same problem. I’ve encountered no double click issue so far. The weight of the mouse itself is great as well it feels really balanced not too light but not too heavy.


    So this is where the rubber meets the road, I wanted to test just how good this mouse is and if it’s as good as they say it is. I tried this thing out not in Microsoft word or nothing like that I went straight to Apex Legends and COD. I went into G Hub to check my configurations and much to my surprise I didn’t have to do anything another good thing about G Hub is that your settings apply universally to all Logitech mice so because I had profiles set up for one mouse they assumed it’d be the same for this one so that was a good surprise. The mouse tracked very well I have to admit I was impressed for a wireless mouse that didn’t fit my hands that well I performed amicably and even was champion a few games and I’m not one to argue with results. The mouse tracked even my most minute movements without skipping a beat.


    I was on the fence about even picking up a wireless mouse because I wasn’t sure if the technology was really ready for competitive gaming but it has come a long way. My only real issue with wireless is the batteries, no matter how good the battery may be eventually it will wear out and turn your wireless mouse back into a wired one Logitech could circumvent this by making the battery removable but they’d sell less mice in doing so. Which leads me to the reason I chose Logitech over Razer because I’ve had to trash a wireless mouse once already in the past granted the technology back then isn’t what it was today. I’ll hold on to the mouse because I like it and it performs it will be the one in the arsenal. I’ve attached some photos of the mouse alongside some more other popular mice in the game for size comparison. Enjoy.

  4. A. Lai

    The ugly is that I found this mice to be too small and not tall enough for even a medium-sized palm. The fact that it has a short height means I cannot rest my palm on the mouse and it is up to my wrist to support my hand to suspend over the mouse. My wrist is already tired after some browsing. Let alone gaming. It is designed for both left hand and right hand so it symmetrical and that simply made it not ergonomic for either group. Furthermore, the mouse wheel cannot be switched to free-scroll mode (no click while scrolling).

    The upside is that it is very light… (or maybe too light). The wireless and the sensor are both great.

    My verdict is that might be good for very small hands. (I guess having small hands is an advantage for E-sport pros?)

  5. Amazon Customer

    the mouse is amazing, everything about it is perfect. light, battery life and shape.
    However, the double click issue plagues it like other logitech wireless mice. you press the left click once but it registers it as two clicks on so many occasions. and when you try to click and hold, it starts bugging….

    Not sure how logitech has yet to solve this bug on their wireless mice.

    I had to revert to my wired G Pro, going to try and return my g pro wireless now

  6. Bobby

    First thing I have to say is that this is by far the best mouse I’ve ever used. The tracking and battery life of this thing is phenomenal. It’s just as good as wired mice and as far as I can see, there’s no detectable latency.

    Now why the 2 stars?

    Because this mouse has a problem with double clicking, where one mouse click triggers multiple mouse clicks.

    My first Pro Wireless lasted just over a week before it started double clicking when the left mouse button is held down and pressure is slowly released. I’m pretty sure it had been happening before that because I’ve noticed myself sometimes clicking on things I didn’t want to.

    Amazon was kind enough to immediately send a replacement and the replacement started to double click after just 3 days.

    That’s why despite the Pro Wireless being by far the best mouse I’ve ever used, I’m giving it 2 stars and I cannot recommend this mouse to anyone unless they want to gamble with returns and hope they get one that doesn’t double click.

    If Logitech ever reads this, know that again, this is by far the best mouse I’ve ever used, and if you would acknowledge and fix the issue in either a re-design/next model, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  7. AluminumHaste

    Updated review.
    Was playing Quakelive tonight, when I noticed I would press the right mouse button to zoom in and while holding the button down, the zoom would go in and out, over and over again. Looks like the button is already worn out, I have to press it a lot harder than normal to keep it zoomed in.
    I do want to say the battery life on this is amazing. I got the mouse on May 15th, I left it plugged in over night to charge, and I have been on wifi ever since.
    It’s now over a month later on 17th of June, and the Logitech software says I’m at 24% with 15 hours remaining estimated. Holy crap!

    I was very hesitant to spend this kind of money on a no frills, basic gaming mouse, but my god! I’m so glad I did!

    I went from a G Pro, already an amazing mouse, to this one and my aim improved in almost all categories. Not having a cord randomly give a slight tug of resistance is liberating.

    And it’s so light, I feel like I’m just moving my bare hand on the desk sometimes.

  8. Levon

    If you have ANY hair on your mousepad, it will get stuck in the laser sensor, which will cause your mouse to glitch around. You need some tweezers to pick em off the sensor, just don’t scratch it… Kinda disappointing in this sense.
    In addition, the Logitec program that you install to control the mouse kind of sucks, because when you plug the mouse in to charge, you gotta restart the logitec program, because if you don’t, the mouse will glitch around sometimes and not move for a second.

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