MAXCAM Aluminum Alloy Battery Cover Door for GoPro HERO11/HERO10/HERO9 Black

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  • The USB charging pass-through door with lid is specially designed for GoPro HERO11/HERO10/HERO9 Black, ensuring that the camera can be charged during long-term shooting.
  • While opening a hole at the interface to facilitate plugging and unplugging of the data cable, a closable warehouse door is added.
  • In daily storage and use, it can effectively prevent the intrusion of foreign objects from causing damage to the data interface.
  • Although this side cover can be closed, there is a slight gap in the closed part and cannot be waterproof. Do not use it for wading.
  • When using the data interface, there is no need to open the entire side cover, just open the closable door, and the inside of the body and the battery are not exposed.
Product Dimensions

1.93 x 0.67 x 0.39 inches

Item Weight

0.317 ounces

Date First Available

May 20, 2021



13 reviews for MAXCAM Aluminum Alloy Battery Cover Door for GoPro HERO11/HERO10/HERO9 Black

  1. Chris

    Fits the GoPro HERO 10 perfectly. I did’t need to push hard or alter anything. Mine seems to connect perfectly on the hinge and stays together well. My only gripe with this is the door on the USB cover. Why do they not make it rubber? The fact its metal and pops shut with 2 ballbearings means I have a rattling noise during some motion footage from the little door.

  2. Cy Davis

    The piece is very easy to add Makes for easier USB charging rather than having to leave the battery open & exposed. Plus it’s a less chance of breaking

  3. Alan Bell

    When I first tried to install this cover on my GoPro 9 Black – it didn’t fit. After a comparison to the OEM cover – I discovered that it was bent – or that it needed to be bent back in so it would clip into the bottom. Once I did that – it fit OK. But we all know that once you start bending metal parts – it gets weaker and is prone to breaking. But it works for now and I’ll keep it rather than go to the hassle of replacing it.

  4. Tim

    This is just what I was after to keep my GoPro charged while riding my motorcycle. Fits the new hero 11 black like a glove.

    Very satisfied.

  5. Terry

    It’s a good idea but once fitted it is not easy to open again to switch batteries I use a external power bank tripod now so I don’t use batteries in my gopro 10 no more plus no more over heating and shutting down after 20 mins of use.

  6. John Goulding

    Miles too tight to fit on the go pro 10 door bar so have requested a return. Pushed as hard as I could. So am not going to force on and off. If force it i may break something. Am not going to risk it. The design is OK, but the fit needs looked at. Be warned.

  7. pitabread

    I do a lot of Timelapse filming where I plug in a power bank and leave it to film for several hours, to do this I had to remove the battery cover door to gain access to the power socket.
    This covers the battery but allows me to plug in the power bank, i then put put a bit of blu tack around the plug to seal it, this allows me to leave it filming without any concerns of the batter opening being exposed.
    Really pleased with the purchase.

  8. Yev Z

    Although this pass through door is much more affordable than the GoPro door, I would still recommend getting the GoPro brand pass through door.
    Your needs may differ, but the MAXCAM door has little to no weather protection in it. They can probably easily add a larger weather seal like on the GoPro. Until they do, I would not recommed for those who use their GoPros in various elements outside.

    The GoPro door also has a rubber seal where the USB Type C plugs in. This helps somewhat with weather-resistance. Again, something I’d love to see on the MAXCAM.

  9. Ancron

    I use the power port quite a bit when driving so was a bit surprised when I finally upgraded from my Hero 5 to the Hero 10 that the door to access the power port is also the same door that accesses the battery and micro SD card.

    So if you have your GoPro plugged in (Like I used to with my hero 5, which had a separate door to access the power port) you need to remove the door which also holds the battery in place. The battery could fall out with to the door ajar.

    This door solves that problem completely.
    For me it w was a must buy At a good price point also, so I got another one (Different brand to see if there was a difference).

    Door is solid and we’ll built, impressed with the engineering of it, should have been a STOCK door included with the GoPro 10.

    But wasn’t a big deal getting a couple since they are inexpensive and work really well.

  10. theosus

    Replaced the covers on my GoPro 9 and 10 with these. Didn’t have a bit of a problem like some of the other reviews. They mentioned having to spread the jaws out or drill them out. I had to do neither of these things. I popped the old doors off and put these on, and they worked. I love the little power cord door. I don’t take my GoPro underwater but I DO leave them on the roof overnight to do astrophotography and night time lapses, and they sometimes get dew or rain on them overnight. This door provides enough protection for those circumstances.

  11. kelvin

    The media could not be loaded.

     This door snaps in place of the original just fine. I purchased it for log timelapses where I needed to keep it powered up over night. It isn’t waterproof but it does seem to give me a little reassurance fog won’t enter the camera. I haven’t had a problem with lite snow but I do think I might cut up a ziplock baggie to put over the camera as a tent next time just in case.

  12. David G

    I love GoPro cameras. But the inability to charge the battery without opening up the case is a major annoyance.

    This replacement battery door does the trick.

    It’s easy to install and works great.

  13. Vlad Cananau

    I bought this door in order to be able to use my GoPro as a webcam or for long timelapse shots, without having to keep the door ajar.
    It does it’s job well but does not have a “hinge” action like the original door – rather, it feels like it wedges against the top rail (the one the original door swings around) and closing it feels a bit unnerving, like it’s tensioning the wrong way. However, once it’s closed, it feels sturdy and qualitative.
    The USB door has a little detent that keeps it closed and is easy to manipulate. The cable compatibility can be a little hit&miss with some bulkier cables, but the original cable works fine and sits snug against the opening.

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