Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse – Peach – with comfortable Ergonomic design, thumb rest, up to 15months battery life. Works with Bluetooth enabled PCs/Laptops…

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  • Comfortable ergonomic design, with soft easy-to-grip thumb rest, promotes natural hand and wrist position.
  • Teflon base with precise tracking sensor glides smoothly over a variety of surfaces[4].
  • Machined aluminum scroll wheel for precise navigation.
  • Light, durable design with seamless finishes, in premium materials.
  • 3 customizable buttons to add app-specific functions to be more productive[2].
Average Battery Life in hours

‎15 months



Item model number


Hardware Platform


Operating System

‎Windows 10

Item Weight

‎7.8 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎3 x 4.65 x 1.6 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎3 x 4.65 x 1.6 inches



Power Source

‎Battery Powered



Date First Available

‎September 9, 2020

10 reviews for Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse – Peach – with comfortable Ergonomic design, thumb rest, up to 15months battery life. Works with Bluetooth enabled PCs/Laptops…

  1. Ella

    Haven’t had any issues with this mouse, love the colour

  2. A Guy

    I’ve had a Microsoft Surface ergonomic mouse on my desk for years now. I love it. It’s my favorite mouse.
    After trying to go cheap on the bluetooth mouse I keep in my laptop bag and having it fail before the first set of batteries needed replaced (less than a year), I decided to go back to a recognizable brand and was surprised to see a non-Surface Microsoft bluetooth mouse that looked almost identical to the mouse on my desk, and for a good price. I bought it, and I’m glad I found it. It costs about twice what my previous cheap Chinese mouse cost, but this one is far more comfortable and should last several years, ultimately making it a better deal than those questionable unknown-brands that are practically disposable.

    The only differences that I can tell so far between this and my Surface ergonomic mouse are the lack of scroll function button (switches between smooth and detent), less premium materials (still plenty good!), and no rechargeable battery. Oh, also, this one can be paired with three different devices and switched between them with a button on the bottom of the mouse.. I think my Surface mouse is limited to two devices.
    Truthfully, if my Surface mouse failed today, I’d happily replace it with one of these. I don’t like smooth scroll wheels, I am satisfied with the materials on this mouse, and I actually prefer replaceable batteries.

    For a very fair price, this is a no-brainer. Just get this one. Don’t bother with those cheap unknown-brands–they’ll cost you more in the long run by having to be replaced so often.

  3. Tran Cyril

    This mouse is very comfortable during use, and the energy consumption is not bad. After a year and a half using it, still on the first battery installed, using it everyday.
    Ergonomics are good and feeling on the skin is too. The mouse is lighter than a similar priced Logitech mouse.
    This is not a mouse designed for gaming but can do the job for most games.
    Only downside is that the scrolling is only incremental, and I really like a free spin scrolling.

  4. Ann

    This is the best mouse I have ever had. Bluetooth is so much better than USB. All of the buttons are fully user programmable and can work on up to three different computers, with the click of a button. The wheel is silent, and it is ergonomic, it is the perfect hand size with a thumb rest. I am still using the first three that I bought in 2021, one for home, one for work and one for my husband’s laptop. I like them so much that I bought two more as back-ups. I haven’t needed them yet, but I want to make sure that if they are discontinued, I have replacements.
    The batteries last about 6 months for me and I never “shut them off” because my mouse pad that I have was dragging on the switch and turning it off, I just put a piece of scotch tape over the switch to prevent my mouse pad from shutting it off inadvertently. I have the light blue, peach and black colors and the light blue one does stain, but it is less noticeable on the black and peach colors. Not a deal breaker, I can easily live with that.

  5. McKenna

    Bluetooth capabilities are easy to use and very convenient with the ability to switch between three devices. I have found it very ergonomic and comfortable for my wrist. I like the thumb rest on the side and the scroll wheel has a nice feel to it. It’s aesthetically pleasing and goes nicely with my white desk set up. I like the feel of the clicks as well. The quality is good and it functions great. Nothing really mind blowing but it is a solid, reliable bluetooth mouse.

  6. Darius Wolf

    I’ve been in the market for years to get a good Bluetooth Mouse, primarily because of the setup I have in such a small room that I can’t afford to have wires. The other is portability, but as everyone who has ever used a wireless mouse or keyboard, you know that stuff dies at the worst possible time. Typically depending on workload and such, but usually for the amount of work I do it dies between 1-4 months, unexpectingly at that and no rhythm to when the batteries die, not to mention them being much smaller and not built for larger handed people. I can say with confidence as I bought of these mice, that it’s exactly what I was looking for with the a couple of bonuses. This mouse is full sized and is very comfortable, has its own 1st party program from Microsoft to adjust the DPI, tells you the battery level and the battery life on it is absolutely insane. The first mouse I bought was back in late October 2022 at Best Buy and it lasted until Early March 2023, with the first set of batteries it came with, including me forgetting to turn it off. Half a year it lasted, by mostly staying on and my second one has been going for 3 months as my travel mouse, so I actually remember to turn it off and the differences for remembering is there since the battery only has moved 10%. It was definitely worth the money and I am warning people now, that if you’re looking to play games with it, don’t use it for FPS games. There is weird contrast between the sensitivities that it makes it extremely finicky or even just doesn’t match the exact DPI you’re looking in the sensitivity department. Other than that, main mouse travel mouse, get in the new condition as is and you’re all set.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Fits my hand well, so easy to pair with laptop, it has a great feel and the pretty blue colour is perfect!

  8. Clem Fandoux

    I have a small hand and it fits well! Very light and bluetooth works nicely

  9. brooklynarchitect

    Microsoft makes solid products for productivity/office. I have a Logitech MX Master and this isn’t quite as premium feeling and missing some additional buttons but it’s a great 2nd or budget mouse particularly if you don’t need all the extra buttons and 2nd scroll wheel. For example, the main scroll wheel is less solid feeling than the MX Master at 2x to 3x the price. A big plus is the Peach color which is Pantone’s 2024 Color of the Year so you can keep being a slave to fashion. Highly recommended for value if you don’t need top of the line accessories and the functionality of multiple programable buttons. This full-size mouse has good ergonomics but again compared to the much more expansive MX Master, I wish the thumb rest was a little larger. No complaints from a functionality standpoint, very smooth minimalist design, and does feel solid for the price.

  10. Christine.

    This mouse is comfortable and a cheaper alternative for its form compare to Logitech. I find the clicking mechanism to be a bit hard and it’s quite loud. You have to press down harder which I didn’t know I could be so conscious of doing until now. I do wish the click would be more silent and less harsh.

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