Mkeke Magnetic Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear with Magsafe [Military Grade Drop Protection] [Not Yellowing] Shockproof Phone Case for Apple…

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  • [Strong Magnetic]:Let’s enjoy Stronger, Safer and Faster charging. The Magnetic is same like for original apple, MagPrime array and strong N52SH magnets make this iPhone 14 Pro Case be No.1 magnetic, its magnetic attraction reaches 2600 gf, which is almost 7X stronger than ordinary. Magnets make for iPhone 14 Pro Case be No.1 magnetic.
  • [Crystal Clear & Not Yellowing]: Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro released in 2022, Crystal transparency shows off the brilliant colored finish for iPhone 14 pro, precise cut-out holes allow all the functional ports easily accessible.
  • [Military Grade Drop Protection]:There are camera lens protective lips raised 3.53mm on the back that prevent the screen and camera from drops & scratches and provide extra careful protection
  • [Slim Design & Comfort Grip] :The 14 Pro Cover minimal bulkiness for max protection designed for iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 Inch fits into your pockets effortlessly and makes using one hand easy. The processed TPU bumper provides a secure non-slip grip designed for texting, gaming, and taking selfies.
  • [Easy to Install]:It is very easy to install and remove and can be done in a few seconds.
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Shenzhen Make Technology Company Limited

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October 8, 2022

8 reviews for Mkeke Magnetic Designed for iPhone 14 Pro Case Clear with Magsafe [Military Grade Drop Protection] [Not Yellowing] Shockproof Phone Case for Apple…

  1. Zeta Angel

    I received the case and it’s super clear providing full view of the purple on my phone. It’s definitely sturdy and has decent grip to avoid dropping it. The beveled edges keep the front screen from touching surfaces when faced down.

    I also have to commend them on customer service. The first case I received had a costumer of defect. Everything was perfect except the white circle looked like the glue was coming off. I took a picture and they replaced it the same week. Now it’s absolute perfection.

    Will update if anything comes up but from what I can tell it’s a solid case for anyone who prefers a clear case.

  2. q smith

    . . . the Mkeke case looks like it has better corner bumper guards. The Mkeke case also has slightly thicker edges. My wife has an iPhone 13 Pro Max, her Apple case is all banged up and has a crack in the corner. Apparently, it was good enough protection, although it probably at least twice as much. Now my wife want’s a new one like mine. Anyway, I’m happy so far, just so it doesn’t yellow. If you’re trying to save money, don’t show this case to your spouse.

  3. Paul Gaydos

    I love this iPhone case for my iPhone 14 Pro. It fits the iPhone 14 Pro perfectly and provides excellent protection to the phone. I already dropped my phone with the case on a couple of times no worries of the phone getting damaged or even the case. The case is made high quality materials and feels strong. The case supports wireless charging and works great on the three wireless chargers I have tried it with. The MagSafe feature is great and the case allows me to use the magnetic dock in my car so I can keep my iPhone at eye level while driving. I have driven over many potholes and rough roads with the phone/case on the magnetic dock with no issues or it dropping like has happened with other cases I have used in the past. Best of all, the case is very affordable and they have great customer service if something was to happen down the road and I have an issue with the case. 5 stars, great buy.

  4. NicsT

    This case is exactly what I was looking for. I had purchased the clear Apple case but I did not feel like the bottom of my phone was protected. With this Mkeke case, I feel like my phone is complete protected. I have had no issues charging my phone with the case on and my finger loop snaps on/off with ease. I would definitely purchase again.

  5. Sue from Franklin TN

    I haven’t ever used a Mag-safe charger or case before, so I wasn’t really sure how it worked. In the past I charged with the fire wire and had a case with an ugly black rectangular magnet on the back so I could use my magnetic mount in my car. This crystal clear case (supposed to be non-yellowing—-I’ll get back to you on that) has a simple circle on it that allows my phone to charge on a stand THROUGH THE CASE!, and, it also sticks to my magnetic car mount. Who knew?!!! I did buy a pretty ring with a finger holder/stand to cover the circle, and I do have to remove that for charging and driving. I love it!

  6. Budd W

    My wife and I both got a new iPhone 14 for Christmas. We tried a number of cases to see which provided the best protection and looked the best. Most of the cases provided very little protection for the three big cameras lens on the back of the phone. All of the cases we tried had a raised lip around the lens, but the lip was almost level with the lens which means very little protection if the phone is dropped by accident. This case has a much higher lip around the lens which means better protection. And the cases look’s great! Some cases were very slippery and easy to slide out of your hand and this case is much better in that regard. The price is almost too good to be true. Well worth the money.

  7. suzqppl

    After looking quite a while for a clear case for my IPhone 14 pro, I decided on this one. I’m glad I did, because it’s sturdy, the magnetic ring is set in the inside part of the case well, fits my phone well, and is a good price. I like the fact that it’s thin and realize, it won’t be as much protection as the ones that are thicker and bulkier. It does give the protection I expected when I purchased it. The only thing I can’t speak on, is whether or not it will yellow, like most clear cases do. It’s advertised as non yellowing, so I guess time will tell.

  8. Amazon Customer

    We just purchased 2 Apple 14 pro phones and wanted to ensure they were protected . Rest assure my husband did a lot of research before settling on this case. We purchased the cLear and the transparent black.

    They seem very sturdy, the magnetic ring is set in the inside part of the case well, fits our phones well, and is a good price. I like that it is thin and easy to hold without being slippery.

    We are able to charge the phone using a 3~1 Magnetic charger and a wireless charger.

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