Motorola Edge + |2022| 4800mAh Battery | Unlocked | Made for US 8/512GB | 50MP Camera | Cosmos Blue

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  • Carrier compatibility: AT&T: 4G, VoLTE, Verizon: 5G Sub6 NSA, 5G mmWave NSA, VoLTE, WiFi Calling, Video Calling, T Mobile: 5G sub6 SA/NSA, VoLTE, WiFi Calling, Video Calling, Tracfone: GSM Does not support: Boost, U.S. Cellular, Google Fi, Republic Wireless, Tracfone (CDMA), Straight Talk Wireless (CDMA), Ting, Xfinity Wireless, Spectrum, Optimum Mobile. For all carrier compatibility details – please check the product images in detail.Form_factor : Smartphone.Display resolution maximum:2400×1080 pixels
  • Industry-leading Snapdragon 8 performance. Experience the fastest, most powerful mobile platform.
  • Instant all-pixel focus and HDR10+ recording. Get 32x more focusing pixels for faster, more accurate low light performance, plus HDR10+ recording for over a billion shades of color.
  • High-res 50MP ultra-wide and 60MP selfie cameras. Capture amazing detail in both normal and low light using Quad Pixel technology.
  • Ultra-smooth 144 Hz display + Dolby Atmos audio. Enjoy a 6.7″ OLED display with HDR10+ for a billion shades of color and listen with stereo speakers.
  • Incredible battery and wireless charging. Experience more than a full day of battery life and charge without the clutter of wires.
  • Unleash your phone with Ready For. Connect wirelessly to a TV to play mobile games, make video calls, and use your phone’s apps on a big screen.
  • Smart stylus for pinpoint precision. Jot notes, edit photos, and navigate effortlessly using the included motorola smart stylus.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot Ready: Motorola Edge+ offers Wi-fi hotspot connectivity in 2.4 GHz plus 5 GHz for the best experience.
  • In-box: Motorola Edge+, 30W rapid Charger, USB Type-C cable, Guides, SIM tool
Product Dimensions

163 x 76 x 9 inches

Other display features




Included Components

SIM Tray Ejector, Adapter, USB Cable

Battery Power Rating



Cosmos Blue

Form Factor


Other camera features

Rear, Front

Device interface - primary


Display technology


Item Weight

6.9 ounces

Special Features

Touchscreen, Bluetooth Enabled, Fast Charging Support, 8 GB RAM, IP52, Glonass, Dual Camera, LTEPP, Wireless Charging, Water Resistant, Video Calling, 4K Video Recording, Text/Messaging, AGPS, 512GB Internal Storage, Android 12, Camera, Galileo, Smartphone, Built-In GPS, Mobile Hotspot Capability



Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC

Wireless communication technologies

Cellular, Wi-Fi


8 GB


Android 12.0

Item model number


Date First Available

March 21, 2022

4 reviews for Motorola Edge + |2022| 4800mAh Battery | Unlocked | Made for US 8/512GB | 50MP Camera | Cosmos Blue

  1. Kevin

    This review comes from the perspective of a person who has never owned a Samsung or Apple device. If you’re reading this and it’s not on sale, and you don’t mind the big guys… Keep it moving. This phone isn’t worth the asking price on build quality alone. But if you see this anywhere under 8 hundos, and you’re ready to buy the optional 68 watt charger (moto made, and verified compatible) then read on my friend, and let tell you about this hidden gem.

    Build quality: Looks good, but can feel a bit cheap with the plastic frame. Buy a case and forget about it ( I got a Poetic case). The volume buttons are above the power button, you get used to it but still not the best configuration. The phone does heat up while gaming, charging the battery, and taking pictures. HOWEVER, after having done a throttle test, I can tell you that the heat management is very good, and the performance loss never dipped under 80% over half an hour, nor did temperatures pass 50c.

    Screen is accurate but not bright, with slightly cooler tones out of the box. There are limited adjustment options available in settings. Direct sunlight visibility is just OK, definitely functional. The auto frame rate adjust is great and saves battery… But that 144 frame rate is buttery smooth.

    Signal : I’m on At&t, and initially assumed that I would be stuck on 4g. First I installed the sim, then At&t sent an update a day later and after resetting the phone 5G was available!!! No dropped or missed calls at all.

    Speakers are loud but a bit tinny until adjusted. Dolby equaliser should be set to film (surround sound) and pick the treble boost Sub option. Bass boost sub options are available as well. If you leave Dolby on automatic, they focus more on voices than music, so it’s great for non music target.

    Battery life is pretty good on a heavy day, excellent for everyday use. Easily getting over 6 – 7 SoT, even with heavy use ( ex. hours of YouTube playback, Genshin Impact, taking pictures, and making calls) I haven’t dipped anywhere near the 5’s. The optional 68 watt charger has me topped off in a little less than an hour. Buy it, it makes the phone into a certified beast. This phone can also charge other devices when they are connected via USB c cable.

    Camera : physically very cool design, motorala’s photo app is not so cool. Strange colour science they chose to roll with for photos. It is the phone’s greatest weakness. Xda forums has a working version of Gcam alongside the. Xml config file. It changes everything! All of a sudden, you’re in the big boy camera game too. And you can even change Gcam to the default camera for your moto gestures!

    gcam-for-edge-x30-edge-30-pro-edge-plus-2022-working-night-mode-face-retouch-config-file.4391919/#post-86297887….. This is a clue how you get there. Research how to use the xml file and where to put it. Good luck.

    Software :
    Its stock android with moto mods mixed in. The unlocked version doesn’t come with a lot of useless apps. If you’re obsessed with security updates then you won’t like it. You can use whichever launcher you want, but I think stock does a pretty good job.
    The software excitement comes with Ready For (aka Motorola Dex) Trust me guys n gals, it’s legitimate and not a gimmick. I’ve played emulators on big screens, checked my emails with portable monitors, and basically made my laptop obsolete. It’s that dang good. Plus it can recognise the display output of the device it’s connected to and adjust. Get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard, a Usbc to hdmi cable, and a Bluetooth video game remote. The all in one experience is finally here, there, and anywhere a compatible device can be connected or cast to.

    Pro tips: Apt-X is a Bluetooth audio codec, and it makes compatible headphones sound truly amazing. I’ve found that Apt-X Adaptable can be a bit laggy on this phone, and honestly didn’t change much more than normal Apt-X. Trust me, if you don’t know anything about Bluetooth codecs and wonder if it’s worth the hassle, just try it once for comparison and thank me later.
    The Motorola Edge+2022 has less available resources under this name as compared to Motorola Edge 30 pro. They’re the same phone and can share the same resources. This will double the amount of advice and information you can find.
    Even though it looks like the sim tray can accept two cards… It can’t. I tried.

    Developer mode . Change the animation speed to x.5, change the default Bluetooth codec, change the World. Don’t play around too much or you’ll brick your phone. Every time you connect a new device you’ll have to check the Bluetooth codec option to change it. The phone should do it automatically after the first time.

    If you’ve made it this far.. Thank you for taking the time. If you do decide to buy this phone, I’d like to welcome you to a very small and exclusive group of people. We found our diamond in the rough, and with any luck it’s going to carry us (with 2 major updates and 3 years of security support) into a whole new world of productivity and awesome. Hello 👋 Moto… LET’S GO!!!

  2. DMA

    Long time Amazon customer who never wrote a review until now. The Edge + in stardust white is an outstanding phone in every capacity. I have owned several Motorola phones over the years and this one is very high tech, premium, super fast and truly a flagship piece. I’m a female, small business owner and this phone checked every box off my list of needs.

    1. Perfect size, not too big or small or heavy or light, just right. Large overall which I like.
    2. Gorgeous hardware, camera in stardust white color with shimmery pearlized finish that looks magical in the sunlight.
    3. Fantastic user interface with bright, sharp colors and graphics that look great indoors and outdoors.
    4. SUPER fast response time when navigating through apps, scrolling and navigating on the net.
    5. Incredible, crisp Dolby sound when listening to movies and videos.
    6. Very little bloatware on this Android which I love about Motorola phones.
    7. The battery does not drain easily and the rapid charger it comes with charges fast.
    8. The camera is great, I’m very pleased. The colors, sharpness and detail in pictures is premium.
    9. Love the back button, home button and screenshot button at the bottom. Very handy.
    10. Android 12 out of the box works perfect with no issues or app compatibility bugs.
    11. I can shut off 5g and just set it to 4g and wifi.
    12. Both the wifi signal in my home and the carrier signal are great. Total powerhouse phone.
    13. The half price deal on Amazon is a gift honestly. In retrospect, I would have paid full price for this phone. It’s totally worth it! Wish I would have bought it months ago.

  3. Daryl Pitts

    So far it has been a good reliable phone. I found it to be very easy to put down. It’s not one of the flagship phones with the interesting features and bells and whistles that makes it hard to put down when you first get it. Make a call and back in the pocket it goes. It is replacing a LG V60 that was one of the best that I’ve owned. I haven’t used the “Ready For” app yet. Maybe that will be more inspiring.

  4. Steven Anthony

    My personal opinion is that this phone is perfect for everything I need and I still haven’t done all the special features like Ready For so hopefully more great things to come. I will say that I’m getting this phone after having a moto Z3 for the longest time so this is a big jump and with that being said I love the fact that all the Moto gestures stay the same along with additional new ones like swipe to split. My personal favorite the chop light I’ve been using for years and even to this day friends/family are still amazed that a phone can do that just by my hand gesture when I have to use it in front of them. Battery life is great and again my personal opinion lasts a full day with 144 Hz however note I’m not a gamer so that’s probably why it lasts that long but my God 144 Hz makes the screen so smooth I don’t want to go back. I also got this phone for $499 from that special Amazon had and got the 512 gb which is infinite storage for me coming from a 65 GB phone. I personally don’t have any complaints about the camera and being a kid from the 90s just happy that we can take pictures with our phones. My opinion cameras are always going to beat camera phones so if I want the best of the best when it comes to pictures I’ll just buy a high end DSLR camera. All in all I’m very satisfied although I do want to note I did extensive research in what I wanted to get for a phone so if you’re reading this I highly recommend looking at different phone vlogs and different articles on this or any phone before you make a decision.

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