Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers: The producer’s guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid.

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The producer’s guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid.
As an online and university class, Dr. Allen has had over 50,000 students use this ground-breaking curriculum to learn music theory. Students and Producers who have wanted to learn music theory to improve their own music, but have been intimidated by traditional approaches, music notation, and abstract concepts will find this book to be the answer they have been looking for.
From the Author: “How music theory is usually taught is unfair. It starts with the assumption that you can read music and understand the language of classical music. My book leaves all of that behind – focusing only on the MIDI grid that producers are already familiar with to learn all the key concepts of music theory, and ultimately, make better music.”
This book covers all the fundamentals of music theory but is written using the language of the DJ and Producer – the MIDI Grid. It includes “analysis” projects that look at the harmonic and melodic ideas in songs by popular producers including Zedd, Boards of Canada, Daft Punk, Deadmau5, Bonobo, Richie Hawtin, Moby, Skrillex, and Aphex Twin.
Praise for Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers:

“Aspiring electronic musicians have choices to make when it concerns their own education and training. This text makes one choice much easier: start here and get learning, quickly. Grounded and easygoing, the book uses real-world examples to help you make sense of music’s inner workings while steering clear of dense theories.”
– Michael J. Ethen, PhD
“This book knocks the oftentimes alienating world of music theory completely onto it’s side. Difficult to explain concepts are perfectly demonstrated for the aspiring electronic music producer who might have no formal music training. A must-have for all aspiring producers.”
– James Patrick (DJ, Producer, Educator)
Slam Academy, Dubspot, IPR, Ableton Certified Trainer
“With Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers, Dr. Allen has produced a remarkable resource: an extensive tour of musical theory that leverages some of our favorite modern tools – the virtual studio and it’s piano roll note display. By introducing us to the “why” as well as the “what” of music theory, this book helps us to understand what makes music tick and how to improve our own work. In addition to offering a sound theoretical foundation, the deep dives into analyzing tracks by Skrillex, Aphex Twin, and Deadmau5 keeps our attention focused on real-world production. MTEMP will definitely go on the top of my recommendation list for anyone that needs a fresh view of musical concepts.”
– Darwin Grosse
Director of Education, Cycling ’74

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13 reviews for Music Theory for Electronic Music Producers: The producer’s guide to harmony, chord progressions, and song structure in the MIDI grid.

  1. August Hinds

    This is an excellent introduction to music theory covering all the typical topics but using the MIDI grid rather than traditional music notation. Highly recommended, but it does have a large number of typos which should have been caught before it went to print.

  2. Amazon Customer

    Perfect for what is needed

  3. Sandro Puhmeister

    Covers music theory in the practical setting of a DAW. Very clear with examples.

  4. Will

    It is a easy read and the topics are well explained. I have a much better understanding of music theory having read this book.

  5. Elisa Gonzalez Russo

    The media could not be loaded.

     Aprende a través de imágenes y texto creo que es la combinación perfecta

  6. Andres & La Electeoband


  7. Julio César

    I was expecting a fairly dry set of rules and tips, and instead found a book that actually helped me to understand music theory better than any teacher I’ve yet had. Great use of examples to drive home the concepts.

  8. AJ

    Es un repaso a la teoría básica que se necesita para empezar a crear musica. Hay ejemplos de como analizar las canciones y esa pienso yo es la !será correcta de empezar un proyecto.

  9. Buyer

    Interesante pero básico

  10. Elisa Gonzalez Russo

    As an electronic music production hobbyist and prior high school musician I had a low level concept of music theory. Ive purchased several other music theory books to up my knowledge but this one clicks the best. Seeing the theory displayed in a DAW piano roll vs treble/bass clef helps me retain the concepts so much better. Dr. Allen’s teaching style is excellent in helping to understand & retain the concepts.

  11. Mark G. Scheuern

    This is the one that I found to be the most helpful.

  12. Krishna

    I create music with Propellerheadds Reason software for more than 15 years now, without any knowledge of music theory and this book practically describes just how I roll my sounds. I let my ears do the work for me. It’s a lovely addition to my self trained knowledge.

  13. Rene A.

    There is no doubt on book. It’s absolutely amazing for EMP. I am giving three rating just because of the book which I have received. As there is no description about book color wether it’s colour or b&w. I thought it’s coloured but I have received b&w. And some of the point which is mention In book that you will understand in coloured only.

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