NEEWER 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessory Kit Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 GoPro Max GoPro Fusion Insta360 DJI Osmo Action Action 2…

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  • Ultimate Compatibility: Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8 GoPro Max GoPro Fusion, and its earlier models. Also compatible with DJI Osmo Action, Insta360 AKASO APEMAN Campark SJCAM, etc
  • Straps for Head, Chest & Helmet: Designed for all head sizes and body shapes, the straps secure the camera on your head and chest for taking breathtaking POV shots of surfing, skateboarding, parachuting, and bungy jumping. The helmet strap tightly fastens your camera on a helmet for road biking races, mountain bike trails, and BMX
  • Wrist Strap & Floating Handle Grip: The wrist strap with a 360° rotatable mount is easily adaptable to fit your wrist and arm for taking shots from different angles. The floating handle grip keeps your camera afloat in the water when swimming or snorkeling
  • Handlebar Mount & Suction Cup: Handlebar mount fits bars of 0.75”–1.4” (1.9–3.6cm) in diameter on your bike and motorbike and allows 180° tilt movement. Suction cup attaches your camera to the car for in car footage
  • Flexible Tripod & Selfie Stick: Flexible tripod can wrap around objects and stand stably on bumpy surfaces. The lightweight selfie stick is ideal for taking selfies and videos on the go
Product Dimensions

14.17 x 9.45 x 3.15 inches

Item Weight

2.64 pounds

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

July 8, 2015



13 reviews for NEEWER 50 in 1 Action Camera Accessory Kit Compatible with GoPro Hero 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 GoPro Max GoPro Fusion Insta360 DJI Osmo Action Action 2…

  1. Avatar of KHM


    Hier ist wirklich alles dabei was man braucht und mehr …

    – 1 * Saugnapf, 7cm-Durchmesser Sockel
    – 1 * Schwimmende Blinker mit Gurt und Schraube
    – 1 * 360-Grad-Rotations Klipp & Schraube
    – 1 * Versicherungs Leine Riemen
    – 1 * Handschlaufe
    – 1 * Ausziehbare Handgehaltene Einbeinstativ Stab
    – 1 * Fahrrad-Lenkstange / Sattelstütze mit dreifach verstellbaren Schwenkarm
    – 1 * Halterung für Brustgurt
    – 1 * Kopfband Montage
    – 1 * Kunststoff-Schrauben-Schlüssel zum festziehen oder zum lösen der Drehknopf Mutter Schraube, für GoPro Originalschrauben
    – 1 * 360-Grad-Rotations Handgelenk Montage mit Schraube
    – 1 * Schwarze Stativ Montageadapter
    – 1 * Tragbarer Koffer
    – 1 * Helm Auslegearm + Grund Schnalle + Gebogene Klebemontage + Aufkleber
    – 1 * Silber Ministativ
    – 1 * Belüftete Helm Gurt Montage
    – 2 * Schrauben
    – 2 * Schwarze Schnallen Grundmontage
    – 2 * Vertikale Fläche J-Haken-Wölbung
    – 2 * Flach & Gebogene Halterungen mit Klebepads
    – 12 * Anti-Nebel Einlagen

  2. Avatar of Amazon Customer

    Amazon Customer

    I purchased this product after carefully reading lots of reviews about this and other similar products and this one peeked my interest the most from the reviews. After making the purchase, the product arrived on time and in great condition. I want to say that I’m a QC manager and have been for many years so it’s in my nature to look at, test, move, tweak, twist and try every piece of everything I buy for proper operation and that it works as described/designed.

    First off, I read a few reviews that a parts list with a very brief description would be nice to accompany this product. I say the same thing. You’re getting 50 pieces and if you pull them out and count them, you probably aren’t going to know if you got all the right pieces or just a handful of the same thing tossed in to complete the package. I found two straps that I don’t know what they would be used for. I guess trial and error will have to work.

    The carrying case is made of good quality material with a foam insert, a webbed pouch on the inside, top and the zipper is sewn good. The items that have elastic work very well. The head piece has two adjusting buckles and a thin, non-slip surface on the inside that doesn’t hurt or catch your hair if not using a hat. The chest camera holder also has nice elastic with five adjustments on it. It’s easy to put on and make adjustments to the shoulder and midsection straps. The chest strap will move some, but that’s expected with the types of clothes you wear and your physical appearance. I’m not an athlete, but it works great and is very comfortable. The wrist camera holder is soft to the touch. Has a piece of velco on the inner strap to help get the wrist strap on and then there is a second strap that allows for the strap to tighten. The camera attachment swivels for any angle and has a button that will lock the camera in place. Nice feature. It came with a selfie stick that is about 36″+ long with a screw that would screw into the bottom of a regular camera. The package comes with the adaptor that attaches to your GoPro and the stick. There is a three leg tripod that works well and can be manipulated to wrap around items that aren’t flat, etc. It too has the attachment that would screw into a camera. There is also a threaded hole in the handle end of the selfie stick that it can screw onto the tripod to get height on the camera. There is an attachment that can be attached to handlebars or small diameter tubing. There are multiple adhesive pieces to attach brackets to hard surfaces.

    I suggest you check every bolt, nut and attachment to make sure they all work. All the bolts that came with the product are well made and have the same amount of threads per bolt protruding from the black plastic handle. I noticed that the nuts that are molded into the different attachments are not all the same depth. This is going to cause the issue that I’m not happy with and will try to describe what I found because of this.

    The pieces that have the nuts molded in them and work with the camera and other attachment to get the camera in the angle and position to get the action movies and pictures you’re looking for are not all the same depth in the moldings. Is what happens is when the bolt is placed through the molded piece to screw into the nut, it goes through too far and only allows for 1/2 – 1 thread to secure the piece. There are two pieces that won’t allow for the bolt to catch the threads at all. This is very unacceptable.

    After working with every bolt and screwing it into every nut, I want to make a finding that will help you, if you purchase this and the company, if they decide to add a parts list and a few operating statements. I found six pieces that I couldn’t get the bolts to screw into. I tried different bolts and it felt as though the threads were crossed threaded. I finally tried turning the bolts to the left first (like you loosen bolts) until I felt a click. Then, I turned the bolt to tighten it and those six pieces could be tightened like the rest. I was thinking seriously about returning this product until I figured that out. Yes, it takes about 2 seconds longer to get the attachment tightened, but it works and I don’t think it warrants returning the item.

    The items that I do have an issue with and hope the manufacture responds to are the 5 items that will not allow for a secure attachment because the nuts aren’t in the molding far enough to catch the threads of the bolts.

    So, I think this is a good product. If the manufacturer can get the inconsistencies of the molded nuts fixed so there is a 100% operational satisfaction, I would definitely give this a 5 stars. Would I recommend this product for purchase, yes, because all the major components work as designed, it was only a few of the smaller pieces that had issues. There are enough extra pieces in this package that something can be used to get those fabulous pictures and movies you’re looking for.

  3. Avatar of JHass


    Worth it!! You get ALL the accessories for your GoPro in one little case. It’s easy to take around/travel with; easy to use; convenient to have.

  4. Avatar of Damián


    Útil y práctico
    Todavía no he visto si se puede poner en el casco de una moto, y habría que pensar como poner una herramienta que te permita grabar mientras nadas en aguas abiertas

  5. Avatar of julie


    I bought it for my boyfriend for his birthday and he felt in love with it perfect and for the price make it super perfect everything is great quality and the material of the case is super secure.

  6. Avatar of Fede


    Ho acquistato questo kit di accessori dopo aver girato un po’ ed essere stata per molto indecisa, ma la decisione alla fine è stata giusta. Contiene tutto il necessario di base per chi come me sta cominciando a sperimentare con la sua Gopro; appena arrivato tutto ho testato i prodotti per guardare che gli attacchi tenessero correttamente e non sono rimasta delusa! Se si cercano prodotti particolari ma non si vuole spendere troppo per il marchio è la scelta giusta!

  7. Avatar of David B.

    David B.

    Works great have yet to test everything out yet.

  8. Avatar of Jared G.

    Jared G.

    You get a lot of options for a little bit of money.

  9. Avatar of David J. Boczenowski

    David J. Boczenowski

    This is an incredible assortment of accessories for my GoPro Hero 9. The quality seems to be top notch; I have all kinds of attachments – some I probably won’t ever need! I can see how some people who reviewed this might think the chest strap is a little small, but then I’m not a big, hulking guy so it’s just fine for me. I can also agree that the head strap seems a little wonky as it goes diagonally across the head instead of straight back across the center, but again – it works fine.

    If you have a GoPro or similar camera I highly recommend this package – even if you only use 10% of the contents, you come out ahead!

  10. Avatar of Eduardo L.

    Eduardo L.

    Aquí les dejo mi lista de pros y contras de este producto, es lo que he podido apreciar en 2 días.

    – Son muchos accesorios útiles para la GoPro con una relación-precio balanceada.
    – La muñequera se ve genial y se siente muy bien.
    – El palo selfie fue lo que más me gustó, mide 1 metro, es ligero y se siente fijo.

    – Incluye muy pocos tornillos para la cantidad de accesorios que requieren uno, lo cual nos lleva a estar instalando y desintalándolos constantemente.
    – La rosca universal del trípode (gorillapod) se ha vencido/barrido porque ésta es de plástico y la montadura de la cámara es de metal. Debería ser metal con metal o plástico con plástico. Asimismo el trípode es muy pequeño, esperaba algo más grande.
    – El olor de todas las piezas es muy fuerte y desagradable.
    – El molde para acomodar la cámara y sus accesorios en el estuche es muy endeble y poco confiable, pudieron haber utilizado un material más sólido.

    Espero que esta información haya sido de utilidad ¡Gracias por leer!

  11. Avatar of Mr Farwest

    Mr Farwest

    The media could not be loaded.

     Vi dico subito che l’ho acquistato per sfruttare maggiormente la mia GoPro Hero 2018, infatti prima di utilizzare questi accessori non facevo altro che tenerla in mano e girare video come fosse una fotocamera.
    Da quando ho acquistato questo kit, invece, ci sto facendo di tutto, e la sto utilizzando in molte più’ occasioni, addirittura andando in monopattino.
    Nel leggere questa recensione (e vedere la video-recensione allegata) dovete comunque considerare che si sta parlando di un acquisto di 19 euro, quindi la votazione alta e’ data per il buonissimo rapporto qualità’ (anzi forse sarebbe meglio dire quantità’) / prezzo.
    Il pacco e’ arrivato, come sempre, entro i tempi previsti ed in condizioni eccellenti.
    La valigetta sembra di buona fattura, rigida e molto resistente
    Cosa contiene:
    1x Ventosa da Macchina
    1x Impugnatura Galleggiante
    1x Cinturino
    1x Clip a ruotazione 360°
    1x Clip di sicurezza
    1x Supporto da polso, per tenere la GoPro tipo orologio
    1x Monopiede
    1x Supporto per Manubrio
    1x Tracolla (Pettorina)
    1x Fissaggio di cinghia testa
    1x Chiave
    1x Fissaggio Polso con Vite
    1x Adattatore Treppiede
    1x Borsa
    1x Braccio allungabile di casco
    1x Fissaggio di cintura per casco
    1x Mini treppiede
    2x Supporto di scambio
    2x J-Hook
    3x Fissaggio di base
    3x Fissaggio Piatto
    2x Fissaggio Curvo
    4x Viti
    5x Adesivi
    12x Anti-fog
    All’arrivo tutti i pezzi sono confezionati in bustine trasparenti richiudibili.
    Gli accessori calzano alla perfezione nella mia Hero 2018 ed i materiali sono discreti, a questo prezzo non vi aspettate la qualità della Manfrotto, naturalmente… e nemmeno la qualità dei materiali originali GoPro.

    *** IMPORTANTE ***
    Ricordate che per Xiaomi Yi e altre fotocamere sportive dovrete montare un adattatore per utilizzare questi accessori, e dovrete acquistare questo adattatore a parte perché nel kit non e’ presente.

    Trovo questo kit davvero completo e consiglio vivamente l’acquisto, specie x coloro che vogliono sperimentare la propria action cam in diverse situazioni senza dover spendere un capitale, poi magari, una volta capito che si ha bisogno di un accessorio specifico da utilizzare in più’ occasioni, allora quello si potrà’ acquistare di una qualità’ superiore.
    Carino che dentro ci sia anche una bustina per riporre quello di cui abbiamo bisogno mentre siamo in giro.
    Ho subito provato la pettorina durante un giro in monopattino e posso dire che sia la piastra di fissaggio che gli elastici sono davvero buoni, solo gli agganci in plastica mi sembrano fatti icon una plastica un po troppo economica.
    Ragazzi parliamo di 19 euro ed utilizzerete la vostra GoPro in ogni situazione, raddoppiando (se non triplicando) il divertimento.
    Provare per credere!

  12. Avatar of Misty D. Marcum

    Misty D. Marcum

    Great value for the price. Lots of pieces

  13. Avatar of Amazing Lady

    Amazing Lady

    Not used this yet as needed for holiday in January. Good speedy delivery very very quick! Case is really good, so many gadgets so need to try and sort out what’s bits I can use for certain situations but wanted the sucker one to video my flight, also the one to use underwater. Like someone said before it has a chest strap which is nearly the cost of this on its own, so providing nothing breaks this is definately a very cost effective way of getting all the gadgets you may need for the go pro. Only negative is it’s a shame no literature to show what and how to use these items but just trial and error should do it.

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