NUBWO G06 Wireless Gaming Headset with Microphone for PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, 3-in-1 Gamer Headphones with Mic, 2.4GHz Wireless for Playstation Console,…

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  • Ultimate In-game Sounds – Wireless gaming headset for PS5, PS4 get immersed in stereo audio experience provided by 50mm driver and 2 double chamber drivers. Hear every sound all over the game.
  • 2.4GHz wireless connectivity – lossless wireless connectivity via USB dongle for consoles (PS5, PS4, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5) and PCs.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Low latency Bluetooth mode for switches and mobile devices (phones, pads). Watch videos and listen to music in a flow. (With the headset on, quickly press the power button 3 times to enter Bluetooth mode)
  • Wired connection – connects to PS5 controllers, PS4 controllers, Xbox Series X controllers, Xbox One controllers, Switch and mobile devices via 3.5mm cable. Xbox wired adapter for Windows may be required (not included)
  • Extremely long usage time – NUBWO gaming headset can last 30-47 hours on a full charge. A low battery tone will prompt you to recharge when the battery level falls below 3%. A full charge takes only 4 hours.
Product Dimensions

7.8 x 4.21 x 8.07 inches

Item Weight

1.04 pounds

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 19, 2021





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13 reviews for NUBWO G06 Wireless Gaming Headset with Microphone for PS5, PS4, PC, Mac, 3-in-1 Gamer Headphones with Mic, 2.4GHz Wireless for Playstation Console,…

  1. Chase

    i bought this as a cheap bluetooth headset to get me by for a while. keeping the price in mind, the product does deliver quite well. however, every now and again, the audio will drop out for a sec and then come back. doesnt matter if you’re gaming or watching a movie. happens randomly and happens on either bluetooth or 2.4 wireless. they work great on the wired part but i bought them because it had all 3 options and i hate cables. sound quality for the price is great, deep bass and good treble. headphones work 98% of the time without issue. i will give credit to the range, on bluetooth, i can walk away with them on and they will stay connected going to the other side of my house from my pc at the front to my kitchen at the back. audio will cut out sometimes but it will stay connected. the power on and connected voice you hear is a little weird, but again for the price, it works as intended with minor hiccups which is why it gets 4 stars in my book. would recommend if you need a cheap wireless headset to get you by for a while

  2. Michael Olsen

    Pretty decent for the price. Range is terrible. That’s my only complaint. Get about 20 feet away and it disconnects.

  3. David

    Bottom line: These are pretty great. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours and the sound quality is great for music, voice comms and gaming. The mic picks up background noise if you’re in a loud environment, but the voice quality is very good. The range is also excellent; I can hear and speak clearly at any location in my 1600 square-foot (~149 square-meter if I converted correctly) house. I did notice an annoying glitchy sound occasionally coming from the headphones, but that may have been due to a shaky USB port on my computer.

    Something to note: There are (as far as I’m aware) two versions of this headset: The G06 and the G06-BT. The model number is printed on the underside of the headband near the left ear cup as shown in my photos. The two versions look identical, but the G06-BT gives a vocal “power on/off,” “microphone on/off” to indicate power on/off and mic on/off, while the G06 emits differently-pitched beeps to indicate power/mic toggles. The main issue is (1) All other audio is muted while the headset gives those indications, and (2) There’s no way to tell which version of the headset you’re going to get. I docked one star because none of this information is provided by Nubwo and I had to discover it myself. Nubwo should provide this information and allow the consumer to select which one they want.

    The USB dongle that came with my first G06 stopped working after about a year (which may be due to my two-year-old daughter frequently pushing my computer back and jamming everything plugged into it against the wall), so I ordered the dongle Nubwo linked in the Q&A section of this page. It did not work either, because it turned out that headset was a G06 and the replacement dongle only works with the G06-BT. I ordered another headset and the second one is a G06-BT so I now have a spare dongle.

    Additional note regarding notifications of the two models: The G06 emits a pattern of (slightly too loud) low-pitched beeps to indicate low battery. I haven’t run down the batteries in my G06-BT so I don’t know what it does to indicate low battery. I assume it gives a vocal notification. Between the two models, I prefer the beeps of the G06 over the vocal notifications of the G06-BT, but again, there’s no way to know which you’re going to get.

  4. Julio Cesar

    Tienen una muy buena calidad de sonido, son bastante cómodos y no necesitas instalar nada en la pc para usarlos, pero no son completamente compatibles con Nintendo Switch.

    Al momento de conectarlos a la switch por medio del USB los puedes usar únicamente para escuchar los juegos, pero cuando quieres usar el micrófono para un juego con chat de voz no funciona y el juego puede llegar a cerrarse. Al conectarlos por cable son 100% compatibles pero te resta un poco de comodidad.

  5. Robert Dishman

    This was a terrible product i got mine it would not even connect to my ps4 and I did exactly what the instructions told me to do and when you contact the support you don’t hear nothing back from them to help do I wasted my time and money on this thanks

  6. Allen Kirkland

    Bought this for my son to play on his switch with and it works just as it said it would. The description said that it will not work wireless with the Nintendo Switch but it works perfectly. Glad I bought this.

  7. Alexis

    Just got it and after charging it I was excited to try it. I was horrified when it didn’t work and was trying to think of how to fix it when I tried the most obvious; restarting my Playstation.

    After turning the headset on and giving it a second I heard “Connected” and voila, sound.

    I literally just got it so my review might change in the future but so far:


    Well, it works.

    Sound is good



    It sounded tinny at first and I’m not sure if I just got used to it or it equalized but now it is just another headset.

    According to my friends the mic picks up on the popping of certain letters and my breathing. I lowered the mic sensitivity and moved it away from my mouth and that seemed to fix it but I might get some foam to go over the mic anyway.

    With the USB plugged in my Playstation never quite stops using it as the default audio even when turned off. I’ve read about the USB essentially wearing out so I’ve decided to just mess with the settings and set it to Chat Only audio when I’m not using the headset.

    There was some pain in my left ear yesterday and I’m not sure why, I’m testing the headset again today to see if the culprit is my glasses or headset and will update my review after I figure it out.

    But so far, so good

  8. Gio

    -Padding is not memory foam as advertised
    -Microphone is mono channel and I’ve received multiple complaints from callers about my audio quality.
    -Annoying Chinese voice notifications for muting and power on and off

    -Good battery life
    -Good range
    -USB Type C charging

  9. Radiya

    It fits snugly, clear sounds and is truly wireless not Bluetooth.
    I use it for my office communication on MS Team to video call with my Team members. It works like a charm, even when I step out of the room I stay connected. Great Head piece 5 stars. It can handle 2 or more videos sounds at the same time; remarkable

  10. Oscar Carrillo

    Qué tal ya había subido una reseña sobre este producto pero no sé si llegó a las manos del vendedor como tal este vendedor es un tercero no es vendido exclusivamente por Amazon México sin embargo aquí les dejo otra breve reseña del producto resulta que si suele ser cómodo cumple con calidad del producto precio mas sin embargo no fue de mi satisfacción debido a que sólo lo pude empatar o conectar con una PlayStation cuatro para el Xbox series X no lo pude conectar obviamente inalámbrica mente todo esto inclusive me metí a las configuraciones de la Xbox para tratar de conectarlo y no me fue posible a pesar de qué el Xbox tiene conexiones para audífonos inalámbricos solamente lo puede probar en una consola de Xbox es decir no lo pude probar para Xbox One y todas las anteriores consolas Y con la PlayStation cuatro solamente fue conectar un solo adaptador que viene con el producto y automáticamente fue detectado

  11. Brandon Medina

    Most people expect an off brand head set to kind of be mediocre. As did I, but this was way better than I could expect. Comparable than our turtle beaches but for a fraction of the price. Aft I bought mine. Got my wife and friend on too. Will continue to use.

  12. Mr. Breeze

    Its a good headset. Sound is good but not quite as spatial as my previous Skullcandy set that unofortuantely in no longer made but it connects well and the fidelity is there. My only gripe would be the mute/unmute audible indicator. As one other review stated. It would be better if it was simply tone versus and some sort of red led light on the tip of the boom mic itself. A verbal phrase cuts communication for a few seconds causing you to possibly miss valuable communication. Especially in competitive game play.

  13. Jeremy

    Overall it’s an ok headset. It works as it should, volume is ok, no complaints on the microphone. I keep forgetting to recharge it, and still don’t run out of batteries.

    There’s just some slightly annoying details. Not enough to bother with returning it.

    – Powering it off requires you to hold the button for 5 seconds. Not the end of the world, but still annoying.
    – The mute button makes a “MICROPHONE OFF” announcement, which cuts audio for about 2 seconds. It you wanted to quickly say something in a meeting, you just lost part of the conversation.
    – The microphone boom does rotate up and down, but takes quite a bit of force. You can’t do it with a single finger like most other headsets.

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