Nulea M501 Wireless Trackball Mouse, Rechargeable Ergonomic, Easy Thumb Control, Precise & Smooth Tracking, 3 Device Connection (Bluetooth or USB), Compatible for PC, Laptop,…

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  • Ergonomic Design with Smooth Thumb Control: Move your cursor by the smooth trackball instead of moving your wrist and arm. Let the easy and smooth thumb control help you reduce your muscle stress. The optimal angle of the trackball mouse allows you to keep your palm in a natural position for all-day comfort.
  • Precise Tracking with Adjustable DPI: Nulea trackball mouse provides precise cursor movement for exceptional accuracy and control. With the smooth trackball, you can be more productive on the move on almost any surface, any workplace. Especially on the narrow space, such as the messy desktop, couch, bed, small writing board on a chair, etc.
  • True Wireless Freedom: Connect up to 3 devices by either bluetooth or USB dongle. Switch easily between them by the button on the bottom to improve your efficiency.[KINDLY REMINDER: The 2.4G USB receiver is stored at the bottom of the mouse.]
  • Rechargeable Battery: (For your best experience, please fully charge the mouse before your first use) The built-in rechargeable battery has a long battery life enables you to say goodbye to dry cell batteries. Please Note: 1. Please use our included charging cable to charge the mouse 2. Do not use a fast charger to charge the mouse. (Directly use the computer USB port or a 5V charger to charge the mouse).
  • 6 Button High Performance: Nulea trackball mouse bluetooth is designed with thoughtful ergonomic details and an elegant curved shape. Plus the back and forward button, you can operate easily with higher productivity as well as added comfort. Note: all the buttons are non-programmable.
Product Dimensions

5.35 x 4.05 x 1.97 inches

Item Weight

4.5 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 9, 2021



10 reviews for Nulea M501 Wireless Trackball Mouse, Rechargeable Ergonomic, Easy Thumb Control, Precise & Smooth Tracking, 3 Device Connection (Bluetooth or USB), Compatible for PC, Laptop,…

  1. Kevinkar

    I have been a longtime user of the Logitech Trackman series of thumb-operated trackballs since they came out in 1996 (the white ones) and have been using nothing else since. Sadly, they changed from the flatter white models to the more “humped” gray models which are not as comfortable but generally just as good.

    The problems with those gray ones is they are somewhat slippery and, as they are angled higher, your hand wants to slide off of them (solved by adding grip tape to the top) and the trackballs eventually get sticky and jittery leading to a jerky mouse movement no matter how well you clean the trackball or the bearings inside the housing and you have to buy a new one every few years.

    Instead of just buying another Logitech, I decided to try this Nulea model and I’m quite impressed with it. It too is quite slippery and could use some grip tape but it’s slightly flatter and more comfortable. The trackball is very smooth (at least it is now while new) and the buttons seem to be adequately stiff so you don’t accidentally activate them if you rest your fingers on the buttons.

    Like Logitech, the buttons are a bit narrow and my right ring finger sits more to the side of the right button rather than centered on top of it so sometimes I press and nothing happens since I’m not actually on the right button. That’s a muscle memory issue I have to get used to (or rotate the mouse slightly clockwise so my fingers are more centered over the buttons.)

    The DPI button is good for when you need fine control – just click it to get back to the minimum value and do what you need to then click it to get back to the higher value. A nice touch. The scroll wheel turns nicely and is not too clicky. The forward/back buttons are nicely positioned and work well.

    The description says it’s not compatible with FPS gaming but I tried it with some standard games such as Far Cry, Sniper Elite, etc. and it actually works totally fine. Using the DPI button as well as the built in mouse settings in Windows or a 3rd party tool like X-Mouse Button Control allows you to speed up or slow down the mouse to dial in what you need for aiming. I have no issues with it in gaming.

    So, brand new out of the box, I’m very impressed with the build quality and ergonomics of this trackball. It’s not perfect but nothing ever really is. For the price, this is a fantastic value. Hopefully it lasts as long as my Logitech models did.

  2. Charly

    I have been using this trackball since Jan 6, 2024, and so far this is the best trackball I have ever used. It seems to be a better build quality than Logitech, which I have always had. This is the first time I purchased a different brand and I could not be happier. You can adjust the movement with the push of a button on the top of the trackball, very nice. I connected mine via Bluetooth and it connected almost instantly when I turned it on for the first time. Very easy to connect and set up. It goes into sleep mode after about 15 minutes, but you simply touch one of the buttons and it is awake and ready to use in about 1 second, if not less. I liked it so much that I got one for my wife and after her first couple days of using it, she loves it as well. I cannot comment on longevity and I will update if anything further. At this time I would highly recommend this trackball.

  3. Bobby

    This Trackball is almost perfect. It functions really well, I love the multiple connection options (BT1, BT2, RF) it has a built-in rechargeable battery and is ergonomic. It is very comfortable in use.
    It would be 5 stars if not for the one thing, the button to switch between the 2 BT modes and RF. It is too tall and should be recessed. The button in question is located on the bottom of the trackball. When I first started using it the trackball would stop working and I would cycle the power SW and it would work again. I eventually figured out the reason it was doing this is because I use it on my leg at my desk and so I would inadvertently bump the switch to another mode (BT2 or RF). I was able to fix it by taking the trackball apart and removing the button insert (the button is soldered on the pc board so you can still switch modes with a small piece of plastic). It now functions perfectly and I love it.
    I would recommend the manufacturer make a recessed button insert to make their trackball perfect. I will probably file down the insert and reinstall to make it recessed and not so easy to inadvertently switch modes.
    Overall a great trackball otherwise and I highly recommended.

  4. Canadian1

    I have used a track ball for years (I prefer one to a mouse as they work better in a confined space being static) but my old wired Genius wired version was losing smoothness despite regular cleaning.

    After first looking at Logitech as one of the main brands I spotted this Nulea Trackball and after reading the reviews decided to get one after considering the cost, Bluetooth connectivity and that it is also rechargeable.

    So far I have not been disappointed! It is extremely smooth in operation and easily paired using Bluetooth (there are two Bluetooth version options – v3 & v5) as well as a 2.4ghz wireless dongle (stored on the underside of the case) as per typical wireless Trackballs and other peripheral UIDs. It can also be connected using the supplied USB USB ‘A’ to ‘C’ cable included in the box that is used for charging it – the USB ‘C’ port being located on the front of the Trackball.

    The required interface type can be selected with a ‘mode’ button on the underside of the unit next to the power on / off button. I was particularly looking for Bluetooth connectivity as it saves the need to use a wireless dongle which can easily be lost or broken. Having 3 connectivity options with this device makes it very versatile.

    The case has a non-slip rubberised feel to your hand is less likely to slip off it in use or when moving it about – especially if using it with multiple pieces of kit. There are the usual left and right buttons and scroll wheel / button in the centre as well as the page up / down buttons to the left of the left ‘mouse’ button. There is also a small DPI adjustment button below the scroll wheel that can be adjusted to preference.
    There is an LED below the DPI button which indicates the battery status when charging (Blue) or when the battery becomes low (Red).

    So far I am very impressed with this Trackball considering it’s a brand I’d never heard of. The only thing that concerns me is that I’ve owned numerous things that have been made with a similar non-slip coating (Sat Nav, Binoculars etc. etc.) and after a number of years the coating has perished and turned into a very sticky unusable condition. Only time will tell but I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality, wireless Trackball.

  5. NavyDude

    It takes a bit of getting used to. Some people didn’t like using my computer because they can’t use the mouse (which is an advantage in my eyes). It works great, easy setup, connects great, amazing battery life, super functional. I have it on my adjustable stand up desk

  6. Killingjoker

    Mit dem Nulea Trackball habe ich endlich das gefunden, wonach ich gesucht habe.

    Die erste Sache, die mir an diesem Trackball auffiel, war sein ergonomisches Design. Die Form passt perfekt zu meiner Hand und ermöglicht stundenlanges Arbeiten ohne jegliche Ermüdungserscheinungen. Die Oberfläche ist angenehm griffig und verleiht dem Trackball eine hochwertige Haptik.

    Doch nicht nur das Äußere überzeugt, auch die Leistung des Nulea Trackballs ist herausragend. Die präzise Steuerung ermöglicht es mir, meine Mausbewegungen mit höchster Genauigkeit auszuführen, was besonders beim Bearbeiten von Grafiken und beim Navigieren durch große Dokumente von Vorteil ist. Zudem ist die Konnektivität des Trackballs nahtlos und ermöglicht eine einfache Verbindung mit verschiedenen Geräten.

    Zusammenfassend kann ich sagen, dass der Trackball meine Erwartungen übertroffen hat.Ich kann ihn uneingeschränkt empfehlen.

  7. Daniela Kapp

    5 stelle, Amazon davvero impeccabile nella consegna. Il prodotto è di ottima fattura e si presenta anche molto bello da vedere, nero opaco e con una superficie satinata. Un mouse davvero ergonomico che permette alla mano di assumere una posizione naturale e senza torsioni tendinee particolari. Sono tanti i tasti funzione necessari e tutti a portata di dita. Il trackball si rivela estremamente scorrevole e preciso con la possibilità di calibrare lo scorrimento della freccia di selezione sullo schermo. Il mouse è dotato di una batteria ricaricabile con cavetto Tipe C a 5V, compreso nella confezione che rende il prodotto moderno e senza necessità di acquistare pile 1,5V che rappresentano una spesa ulteriore. Nella confezione è compreso anche un comodo cuscinetto per appoggiare il polso. Ci ho lavorato solo 9 ore ma l’indolenzimento al polso che normalmente si presentava oggi non c’è. Consiglio a tutti di comprare questo prodotto perché la cura costruttiva, nei particolari e nell’assistenza di vendita merita davvero 5 stelle.

  8. Amazon Customer

    As a long-time user of the old wired Logitech Trackman Wheel models, I was hesitant about trying this.

    I had bad experiences with TWO of Logitech’s newer M570 models wearing out their buttons in less than 6 months time. I even bought used Trackman Wheel models online after they became discontinued, and those lasted a lot longer than the newer M570s.

    I’ve had this Nulea for 3 months now and use it daily, and can safely recommend it for anyone looking for an alternative. It has been reliable and works very well for someone used to the Logitech models.

    The position for your hands is ever-so-slightly different than the old Trackman Wheel’s slope/angle, and it does take a few days to adjust if you’re so used to another model. But it’s very slight and not anything that feels drastically different. Once you’ve acclimated, it feels very natural and comfortable, even for all-day use.

    Just like with the Logitech models, it successfully keeps my wrists and hands pain-free, where with a normal mouse (which I gave up decades ago for this reason) I’d have bad hand cramps and wrist pain from the repetitive movements involved.

    Other reviewers have mentioned Nulea has great customer service, but so far I haven’t had any need to confirm that myself. Everything is working great for me. I chose to use it via the wireless adapter rather than bluetooth, simply because my bluetooth connection is a bit spotty at times for my liking (with other devices too, not just this trackball) but it has been a great experience using the wireless USB adapter.

    For anyone who happens to use Linux, it works flawlessly on Linux Mint for me. The sleep mode is handy for those times when I forget to turn it off overnight, or just in general for idle periods to help conserve battery power. When it enters its sleep mode, all you do is click the left button once to wake it back up, and then you can move the mouse and use it like normal again.

    After the initial charging period when I first got the device, I’ve only had to charge it I think once or maybe twice, in a 3 month period, so the battery lasts for a long time on a charge.

    The DPI button is really helpful to have too, and I like to set it to the max amount. I was sorely missing this feature when I briefly went back to using my spare old Logitech Trackman Wheel on another device for a time. I’ll probably order a second one of these Nulea models for that device at some point honestly, now that I know they are reliable and great to use.

    It might seem like a small thing too, but I also love that you can pick different color trackballs. I’ve got the gold model and really like how it looks with the dark grey.

    The only odd thing I have noticed so far is that the scroll wheel sometimes has a bit of a squeak or “chirp” to it after a while of using it (I thought it was a bird outside my window the first few times I heard it, until I realized) but it doesn’t seem to impair functionality any, and most of the time it isn’t an issue.

    Right now as I type this and scroll the wheel it’s not making any such noises at all, for example. Even when it does squeak a bit, it’s nothing that feels like it’s faulty or in any danger of breaking. So far it is definitely not a problem, and my experience overall with this trackball continues to be a very positive one.

  9. Bipeman

    Works perfectly, install was fully automated. No more running out of batteries as this is USB chargeable. Half the price of the Logi M75 I broke twice, and better!

  10. Charly

    Bonito y práctico hasta el momento, recargable y bluetooth. Excelente opción por el precio

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