OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice​, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026

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  • 5G – Upgrade to the next stage of mobile technology, OnePlus Nord N10 5G packs an ultra-fast punch. Stay connected and enjoy the digital world without the long load times
  • Warp Charge 30T – Delivering a day’s power in 30 minutes, Warp Charge 30T combined with a massive battery gives you more time with your phone and less time charging
  • 90Hz Display – Sporting a display that refreshes 50% faster than standard 60Hz displays, the N10 5G display is super responsive and smooth
  • Quad Camera – Unleash your inner photographer with the Nord N10 5G’s 64MP main camera, or capture other details with the ultra-wide, macro, or monochrome lens for additional options
  • Big Performance, Big Storage – Massive amounts of RAM allows you play and run the highest-end games and most demanding apps. 128GB of included storage allows for the downloading and installation of all your favorite films, TV shows, games, photos, and videos
Product Dimensions

6.46 x 2.95 x 0.35 inches

Other camera features

Rear, Quad Camera, 64+8+2+2 MP, Front, 16MP



Included Components

Phone, power adapter, cable, SIM card ejector, manual

Phone Standy Time with data

8.2 days

Phone Talk Time

24 Hours

Battery Power Rating



Midnight Ice

Form Factor


Audio Jack

3.5 mm

Device interface - primary

Touchscreen, Microphone

Item Weight

1.08 pounds

Other display features


Special Features

Warp Charge 30T, 64 MP high resolution camera, Dual speakers, 90 Hz display, Warp charging



Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, NFC


6 GB


Android 10.0


1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Item model number


Date First Available

January 8, 2021

7 reviews for OnePlus Nord N10 5G Unlocked Smartphone, Midnight Ice​, 90Hz Refresh Rate, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage, US Version, Model BE2026

  1. Flick

    Completely worth the asking price. It’s a solid device with great performance for $300. The battery life is respectable. My usage will get me about two and a half days out of a charge (mostly light gaming, reading, texting, and some music streaming).

    My last device was a pixel 3. In comparisons, the screen is good, but the colors are not as rich. The cameras performance is good, but not amazing. Full light photos are good with great detail and nice pixel saturation, possibly on par with my pixel 3. Low light situations are where it starts to fall off. Medium light is still workable with some tweaking of the settings and dialing in. Not too hard or consuming to do, honestly pretty easy. Low light, the pixel just wins. With some work, you can get passable photos with the N10, but not quite what the pixel can do. I dunno what wizardry Google does, but they kill it with their setup.

    Day to day usage, I’m happy with the performance of the N10. The Oxygen OS is smooth and easy to work with, actually not really that different from a clean base Android. I appreciate that OnePlus is always updating and improving it. The processor is ample and there is plenty of RAM to keep things running fluidly. I’m on Verizon, so I don’t have 5g to be able to comment. That wasn’t one of my requirements in the first place.

    The design and physical attributes are a mixed bag for me. It’s a pretty thin design for what it houses. It’s tall and narrow, but the aspect ratio works for it. The hole punch screen is interesting to me. I’m getting used to it and kinda like it. There is a setting that sets the margin of the screen to exclude it from the display area should you not like the appearance of it. I like the extra 4mm of display, personally. The physical buttons are responsive and give a good “click” feeling when pressed. My only complaint is how the volume keys are on the opposite side from the power button. I find myself taking accidental screen shots too often because of this. Again, it also shows that the buttons operate very nicely.

    All in all, I’m happy with the performance of the OnePlus Nord N10. It’s completely worth the asking price and has performance that would be worth a lot more in other brands flagships. To me, it’s positives far outweigh the class. No regrets in my purchase as I would buy the OnePlus Nord N10 again.

    *Update 4/15/21* Still pleased with the N10. It’s still a solid performer for the price. The only negative I have found is that sometimes the fingerprint sensor it a little twitchy. On occasion, it won’t pick up my fingers. A quick screen off and back on or just unlock with pin entry.

  2. Rich K.

    I had a OP1 and a OP5, both amazing phones. My 5 was getting aged, so I thought, time for a new one. I didn’t need more processing power, so I chose this as a sort of side grade, or so I thought.

    I had to do two factory resets on this phone just to get it functional. The list of bugs I’ve encountered is too long to name. The worst of which was after an update, I was suddenly unable to connect to mobile data. Customer support was not able to offer any advice other than to factory reset, which didn’t help. In the end I had to manually enter the APN data to get it working, after much head scratching. After every update it resets the APN to default and I need to go in and fix it.

    The selection of cases and screen covers is minimal.

    OnePlus used to be something special, but those days have long passed.

  3. Ginabell Andujar

    I imagine not all N10 units come with this problem, but the one I bought came with a firmware bug that basically filled up my whole storage space in about one week. Not my files nor apps or anything, but the phone system took up to 106 GB while slowly growing during my first week of usage. I contacted technical service, and they told me to do a restart, which didn’t work. After that I had the option to send it to them so they would fix it, but I preferred to just return it and get my money back. I looked it up afterwards and apparently this is something that has happened to many people before, but they seem to not have fixed it yet.

    The fingerprint reader is reaaaally bad too btw.

  4. Ramon Metsoulth

    This may not be applicable to 99.9% of other buyers, but I bought this phone new on and can’t OEM unlock the device without filling out a form on the OnePlus website to request an unlock token from T-Mobile (a US carrier). It seems absurd that a phone I bought brand new and full-price in Canada would be OEM locked to an American carrier. OnePlus’ website says that it’ll take 1-2 weeks to get an answer, and it seems like there’s no guarantee T-Mobile will accept the request. At this point, I’ll probably just return the device for a refund if I don’t get an unlock token within a week. Once again, this isn’t an issue that most customers will have, but I think it’s important to mention to anyone thinking of flashing a custom ROM onto this device.

  5. Bayview Caulking

    This phone is not functional aside from being a nice piece of hardware it struggles to consistently perform the basic functions of a phone.
    1. It often loses connection with my service provider, and the only was to remedy this is to turn the phone off and on again. This happens at any moment and often 1-3 times a week. At it’s worst this has happened several days in a row, and multiple times a day.
    2. During phone calls the phone often puts me on mute, once a call without doubt. This is very frustrating and results prematurely ended phone calls.
    3. Even with the screen settings locked the brightness of the screen constantly dims.

    Overall lacks basic abilities, unfortunately.

  6. 🌼Gypsy Dawn🌼

    Thing I like About the phone-

    -Good amount of storage space

    I really tried liking this phone. After several months of really research to find a phone that fit my needs I decided to get this one after lots of comparing to leading brands. First off the touch screen sensor isn’t always accurate. I find myself constantly repeatingly pressing the same keys just for it to register.
    I have to reboot the phone often through the day to get it to work properly to do simple tasks. Sometimes the phone drops cellular connections while I’m out and about and does the same while using wifi too. I have to disconnect and reconnect my wifi on the phone which is very annoying.
    Second- sometimes it’s hard to get Bluetooth to connect to my devices like my laptop and earbuds.
    3rd- it doesn’t load pages well like it should for it to have a high refresh rate 90hz. It’s not as smooth loading as advertised. Can get laggy!!
    4th- the camera just downright sucks which I knew wasn’t the best but man it’s worse than expected compared to my old cheap Walmart phone. It’s very fuzzy like an old Fashion tv that needs to use the bunny ear annetana to get an ok picture. If the lighting isn’t bright it takes bad photos.
    5th- The charger can overheat too and the device gets hot at times ….like really hot when just using it for games like candy crush or bingo games.
    And lastly……people have a hard time hearing me while using the phone both on speaker and just using it up to my ear. I have to repeat myself constantly.
    I’ve done a trouble shooting with Amazon but nothing changed. I did factory reset and still same results. For it to be $300 phone it shouldn’t have this many issues. My $100 Lg that I’ve been using for 4 years…its just a cheap Walmart phone and it blows this one out of the water in comparison. I feel very let down by this device since I really took 5 month of really hard looking, comparing and weighing out pros and cons for phones that I was really interested in. Amazon sent me some brand phone but other issues started up like freezing up, disconnecting from cellular connections and wifi,slow loading and bad fingerprint sensor. Believe me and other reviewers….this phone is definitely a step down from the PLUS ONE NORD 9 that I wish I got instead of this one but I’m on a budget and NORD 9 VERSION is a bit more that I can afford at the moment. I’ll be returning this phone and going back to finding my phone that suits me and my needs and functional


    With a large screen that is very accurate and touch sensitivity responsive; a battery that last sometimes two days!, and a 30 minute WARP charge to full (using the included cable and wall plug unit); with 128mb internal and possible 1/2 Terabite micro SD expansion capability, this phone at this price (less than half what the replacement to my previous phone (S9) equivalent, this phone is incredible. 64mb cameras with slow speed or ultra high speed photography do great pictures. The finger print reader is in a logical spot and responds VERY well. The only issue I had is that being in Canada we had only 2 options for 5G coverage. The service now up and running is lightning fast but not cheap (180 mo 2 phones with 60GB data- Telus. Being seen as a major competitor the One Plus brand is not carried by our carriers in Canada and they were not helpful in getting it set up; however, once I discovered One Plus’ customer blog/boards the solution was simple and just required an APN rewrite – that the phone company seemingly did not know about. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone wanting to pay less and still have a lot of high end features. The phone is very slim, and light, so I bought an armour/armor case for it, and a high tempered glass screen protector to best protect my new favourite gadget!

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