OnePlus Nord N20 5G | Android Smart Phone | 6.43″ AMOLED Display| 6+128GB | U.S. Unlocked | 4500 mAh Battery | 33W Fast Charging | Blue Smoke

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  • 5G Enabled – The OnePlus Nord N20 is the perfect entry-level 5G phone, featuring premium specs and an affordable price. *5G compatible with T-mobile, Google Fi, Mint Mobile, Metro by TMO, Simple Mobile. 5G available in selected areas, please check with your carrier..Other camera description:Front.Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.1.
  • 6.43” Display – Immerse yourself into your favorite content with a large FHDplus AMOLED Display, delivering sharp detail and deep colors.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 – With 6GB of powerful RAM and a 5G Snapdragon processor, the N20 5G can handle anything from your favorite content to streaming online games.
  • Large 4500mAh Battery – Spend less time plugged in with an extra large battery.
  • 33W Fast Charging – Get a day’s power in half an hour with 33W Fast Charging.
  • 6GB RAM – Download your favorite games and apps and switch seamlessly between them.
  • 128GB Storage – Store photos and videos without worry with large expandable storage, up to 512GB.
  • Triple Camera System – Capture photos and videos with the 64MP primary sensor or stunning selfies with a 16MP front-facing camera.
  • In-Display Fingerprint – Secure your phone with an in-display fingerprint sensor.
  • Appealing Design – The N20 5G features a flat edge design and quality materials, delivering a premium look and feel. 4×4 MIMO, Supports up to DL Cat 15/UL Cat 18(800 Mbps /200 Mbps), depending on carrier support
Package Dimensions

7.01 x 3.66 x 2.2 inches

Item Weight

4.99 g

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

June 27, 2022



Memory Storage Capacity

128 GB

Standing screen display size

6.43 Inches

Ram Memory Installed Size

6 GB

Battery Capacity

4500 Milliamp Hours

9 reviews for OnePlus Nord N20 5G | Android Smart Phone | 6.43″ AMOLED Display| 6+128GB | U.S. Unlocked | 4500 mAh Battery | 33W Fast Charging | Blue Smoke

  1. Mark Hodgman

    At the time of writing the ad says Android 13, but this device will never get past 12. It’s also disappointingly laggy at times when it shouldn’t be, despite getting decent benchmark scores in my testing.


    Es rápido buenas opciones de fotografía y cumple con todo lo prometido 😉

  3. Lisa J.

    First off I would like to say I am really enjoying this phone. The upgrade to Android 12 came with some great features that my old “Android 12 Phone” didn’t have. The camera on this phone seems to get a bad rap in the reviews but it is prefectly adequate for day to day use. I’m not a professional and it certainly fills my needs and has a whole host of cool features you can toggle into and use. The display is crisp and the phone is fast and simply works well. The battery life is for every and will easily stand two days of use. I do not lock my phone so I can’t comment on the “facial recognition or finger print reader”. But the OS upgrade brought this great phone alive with some interesting features. The phone also has a magnetometer and accelerometer built in that I really love for a couple app’s I like.

    The only criticisim I would have for the phone is the ring tones and notification tones could be much louder. But for music or video the volumn is fine. I had called OnePlus about this and they said that I could download louder ring tones and I did this and it did make a difference but this is the very first phone that I didn’t have to modulate the ring tone and notification tones.

    But other then that tihs is a wonderful device.


    Je suis très satisfait du oneplus nord N20 5g. Le transfère de données de mon ancien téléphone vers le N20 c’est effectué facilement et rapidement. L’écran amoled est superbe, le téléphone est rapide et la mise à jour vers android 12 c’est effectué sans aucun problème , de plus la batterie dure très longtemps. Cela fait près d’une semaine que je l’utilise et je n’ai absolument rien à lui reproché. Je crois personnellement que ce téléphone se classe dans la catégorie des appareils tel que Samsung, Lg etc…….. , mais à un moindre coût. Si vous avez un budget restreint et vous cherchez un bon téléphone à un prix abodable, alors je vous le recommande.

  5. Ricky

    I have had a Moto Z Play on Republic Wireless for five years. In 2022, it was still supporting the basic stuff (calls, messages, music, navigation, videos, and browsing), and the battery was in good shape. But, they ended support for WiFi calling on this device. Now I am running the Nord N20 5G on Mint Mobile.
    It’s similar in size, has the same near-stock android interface, exceptional battery life, crisp AMOLED display, lag-free Snapdragon 6 Series Platform, adequate camera, and limited OS upgrade support. Obviously, the processor is faster (Geekbench score of 2000 vs 500), the screen is larger (6.4″ vs 5.5″) and slightly brighter (461-647 nits vs 371-526 nits), the camera is sharper (64 MP vs 16 MP), the connectivity is better (faster WiFi, more 4G bands, and even a few 5G bands), and the OS is more recent (android 11 and 12 vs android 7 and 8). It was also 35% less expensive than the old phone ($275 with tax vs $435). And the new MVNO carrier is less expensive.

    The phone comes with a 33 watt charger and a USB-A to USB-C connector. It does not includes a case or screen protector. There is a tiny bit of bloatware, but it’s easy to remove. The OxygenOS is easy to setup so that it feels like stock android. The finger print sensor and face unlock work very well. My only grip is that the WiFi sometimes connects to my slower 2.4 GHz channels instead of my 5 GHz channels. I actually have three 2.4 GHz channels and four 5 GHz channels in my house, and they all have the same SSID. Unlike my other phones, the OnePlus seems to only show a preference for the strongest signal. I may have to rename my 2.4 GHz SSIDs to prevent this.

    The most stressful thing I did on this phone was to install Google Home and cast the screen to a Chromecast connected to my computer monitor. The Chromecast is hard wired to my network and my phone was connected to a 5 GHz WiFi channel with a bandwidth of about 300 Mbs. The phone performed very well. While playing a youtube video via the Chrome browser, the video and audio were in sync on the monitor. While scrolling through my Google feed, there was hardly any lag on either the phone or monitor.

    I have been testing this phone, on and off, for over 12 hours with about 4 hours of screen on time. The battery is at 67%. This is consistent with a battery endurance rating of 129 hrs on gsmarena, which is better than all of the iPhones and Galaxy S Series phones. For reference, the iPhone 13 max pro is rated for 121 hrs, and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G comes in at 114 hrs. Of course those phone are twice as fast, have a brighter 120Hz display, and much nicer cameras. But they also cost four times as much, and are running a bunch of extra processes that support all kinds of extraordinary features.

    If you want a mid-range phone, I would highly recommend this phone over the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G or Google Pixel 6a, both of which are about 30% more expensive. The A53 has descent battery life and better cameras, but is laggy and loaded with bloatware. The Pixel 6a has better cameras and a faster processor, but has poor battery life, is buggy, and even overheats. These other two phones will get more android upgrades, but these upgrades will most likely result in future issues with the phones. The only alternative that I would recommend to this phone is the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, but only if you can get it new for $400.

  6. Grant R.

    5g does not work on any Canadian providers
    Been through 3 companies and will not get 5g internet ,, and the 4g bands you will get aren’t the best either

  7. Ricky

    I have always been another brand fan (Xiaomi), this is my first OnePLUS phone, I am very fluent with android phones and also like to get my bang for the buck, I do not like overpaying for a phone that just is pricey because it has some name on it.. no way… Also, I hate being locked in contracts, so my current T-mobile plan is month to month basis and cheap!

    Pros: 5G, clear vivid screen, large display ( but not too large where your wrist gets tired holding it before bed while you read or browse social sites) , fast processing, no lagging, WiFi calling ( my house is in the bad reception area and now finally I get all calls through), call quality is superb, clear, pictures are fast and high quality, Amoled display and (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 3.5 mm headphone jack!!!!

    Cons: none.

    I have downloaded about 18 different apps on my phone and all of them operate without any hiccups. So I am very upset my husband just got another brand for $$$ from best buy and wish he’d waited for this one. Overall: I am now official fan of ONE PLUS.

  8. diego a.

    Really good quality phone, takes pretty good pictures, and has lots of storage. It does have a bit of a bug right now; it won’t download any MMS messages. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in the next update, but it looks like it’s not a totally uncommon bug based on what I’ve seen online. A bit disappointed in that, but otherwise it’s a really good deal for what you get.

  9. jaclyn wiles

    I recently purchased this phone because I was tired of my Iphone SE’s battery life. Everything on this phone outmatched my iphone despite costing 200 dollars less. This phone has everything that I was looking for: excellent face recognition, a reliable fingerprint reader, a high-quality camera, and a stunning screen. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new device.

    First and foremost, the face recognition technology on this phone is top-notch. It is incredibly accurate and fast, making it easy to unlock my phone with just a quick glance. I never have to worry about typing in a password or fumbling with my fingers to unlock my phone.

    The screen on this phone is crazy good for the price. It has a large, high-resolution display that is perfect for gaming and videos. The colors are vibrant and the screen is incredibly responsive to touch.

    Overall, I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and would highly recommend this Android phone to anyone looking for a device with excellent face recognition, a reliable fingerprint reader, a high-quality camera, and a stunning screen.

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